North(east) by Northwest

ELEMENTS WORKSHOPS are going fast:
In Manhattan
#57 Mon/Wed @ 8:30pm, starts June 1 (2 slots left just 1 slot left!)
#58 Tue/Thur @ 7am SOLD OUT!
#59 Mon/Wed @ 7:30pm, starts June 8 (3 slots left)
#60 Tue/Thur @ 8:30pm, starts June 16 (5 slots left 4 slots left 3 slots left!)
NEW! #61 Mon/Wed @ 8:30pm, starts June 22
NEW! #62 Tue/Thur @ 7am, starts June 23

In Brooklyn
NEW! #9 Wed/Mon @ 7pm, starts June 17
Z-Health Seminar with Court Wing (Saturday, June 13th)
CFE Running Seminar (Saturday, June 20th)
Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Brian DeGennaro (Saturday June 27th)
Wednesday 090527

Black Box Rest Day WOD:

Northwest Qualifier WOD
5 rounds for time:
3 muscles-ups MEN / 2 muscles-ups WOMEN
30 wall ball: 20 lb medicine ball MEN / 14 lb medicine ball WOMEN
6 sumo deadlift high-pull: 60kg MEN / 40kg WOMEN
There is a 20-minute time limit.

6, 7, 8am; 12:30pm: Instructors’ Choice
6:45am CFE WOD (meets at Black Box)
5:30pm No WOD Class (Rest Day)
6pm Black Box WOD
6:30pm CrossFit Total
7pm Black Box WOD
8pm “Barbara”
Jacinto on what it was like to compete at the Northeast Qualifiers this past weekend and come in first place amongst 69-year-olds:

Jacinto Bonilla from CrossFit NYC on Vimeo.

Fitness misconceptions for women


Feast and fast: the dichotomy of insulin and human growth hormone

The pharmaceutical downfall of the greatest quarterback who never was
Business cards printed on meat
Meeting, then eating, the goat
The benefits of distraction and overstimulation


  • Kirk

    Nice video, Papa! I’m not sure there are that many “strong old dudes” out there, but you are setting one serious example! Keep it up!
    Full meal deal this morning at the Box:
    Came in early for the 6AM to do the Total with Jacinto. Ended up working on my squat form extensively with Jacinto’s guidance and focused on that instead of lifting heavy. Could barely make my stupid shoulder/arm work, so did many, many light presses trying to get a lot of blood into the area (based on a recommendation for dealing with muscle damage from Rip via Keith).
    I wish I knew what this rear deltoid/ tricep problem is…
    Deadlift form tomorrow.
    Then did CFE with Brian – excellent as always. After theory, warm-up and drills we ran 4×400 at Madison Square Park. I was trying to maintain my tempo, so I had a 3 seconds up or down limit on times – anything beyond that and I was penalized with a 2 min. bottom squat hold… Happily, these were my times: 1:26, 1:23, 1:23, 1:24
    Thanks to Jacinto and Brian for the (as always) excellent coaching.

  • Kirk

    Hey Allison!
    I’m guessing that the link for “Well-rounded” and the one for “The benefits of distraction and overstimulation” should not be the same…?

  • All fixed, Kirk. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Kirk

    Thanks, Allison!
    Can’t start my day right without going through your excellent links.

  • juan

    5k run

  • Josh Rosenfield

    I like the article on slaughter houses, I also would prefer to see my dinner alive and moving rather than wrapped in cellophane. Any places like this in Manhattan?
    On a similar note, last night I was trying to shop in the Gristedes on my block and became so depressed with the offerings there that I decided it was time to go on a scavenger hunt for real food. Like any resourceful person, this meant going back to my apartment and cranking up the internet. I found a store nearby called Elm Health, sounded good.
    Upon entry to the store, I immediately found almond meal and flax seed meal, off to a great start! Finally I could try to make some paleo pizza (plus dairy of course). I walked straight to their dairy section, and it took me all of 30 seconds to lose my enthusiasm for the store. The egg crates screamed “Organic!” “100% vegetarian grain fed!” “Cage Free! Huge Barn Floors!” “Chickens watch MTV all day!”
    I asked the stock boy if they had any pasteurized eggs,
    “ummm, I’m not sure. We have organic, isn’t that like the same thing?”
    “Are you sure?”
    “Yes. Pasteurized means the chickens get to roam around a field and eat bugs, worms and other good sh*t. These chickens are fed soy beans and whole grains.”
    “So isn’t that pretty healthy?”
    “When did you ever see an animal harvesting soy and wheat?”
    “uhhh, I dunno.”
    So I gave up on the eggs. I saw some organic whole milk that gave no indication what the cows were fed, whatever I’ll give it a whirl. By this point I was giving up already. Before checking out, I had one more question for Mr. Health.
    “Do you have any animal fat or lard here?”
    “Oh definitely not.”
    “How about coconut oil or butter”
    “ummm, I don’t think so.”
    “It’s actually healthier to cook with these rather than olive oil because olive oil will oxidize when you cook it under high heat and…. nevermind.”
    So my trip to the “health” store ended with grounded up almonds and flax seeds and “organic” milk, oh and some over priced cod liver oil pills that only god knows what’s actually in them.
    Who wants to open up a CF affiliate in Vietnam? I think I should be able to get some real food there.

  • kj

    It took me about an hour to get through, due to my pavlov-like response to flashing titlebars that indicate new emails and instant messages on top of my tendency to catch my fingers refreshing my iphone email without so much as an intentional thought, but I really wound up enjoying the benefits of distraction article.

  • Rory

    Josh ‚Äì The stock boy’s confusion might have started with the fact that you were looking for pastured‚Äînot pasteurized‚Äîeggs. Please do post here, though, if you end up finding a food store in manhattan that’s worth a damn. I’ve had no luck so far.

  • juan

    most eggs are mislabeled making it hard to find good eggs.
    organic, free range, cage free, pastured, vegetarian fed, wtf.
    I currently eat egg-lands best cage free, just out of convenience.
    (cage free, probably meaning crap since the USDA is too lenient and lets these companies label eggs this way as long as they adhere to minimal standards.)
    best bet for pastured is probably the farmers markets.
    how to decode egg cartons

  • Josh Rosenfield

    Pasteurized pastured, tomato potato, same thing.

  • Mike

    I’ve found cocunut oil at whole foods, and grass fed unhomogenized milk at both whole foods and surprisingly food emporium. The taste difference in that milk is so much better also.
    Still haven’t found pastured eggs in a store yet… probably need to hit up a farmers market for them.

  • Brett_nyc
    online calculator for easy adding and subtracting base 60 number systems, ie clock time. I used it figure out yesterday’s splits.

  • michelle foxman

    Jacinto you are my hero-great to see you this am.
    some work with tyler-not interesting to anyone for a post except the good news is that i am increasing my weights so all is moving in the right direction. any day now i will get off that purple band …..tyler u r the best!

  • Carlo

    On monday I did 3 miles, 23:35
    I tried my best POSE. I’m assuming I did something wrong because my calves are killing me. It’s like I didn’t run and did 24 minutes of calf raises. Any ideas?

  • Mike

    The same thing happened to me right after I was first introduced to POSE. In my case I was landing on my toes and pushing off quickly with my forefoot rather than letting my heel lightly touch the ground and pulling my leg up with the hamstring.

  • Carlo

    That sounds about right. I was wondering why my hams and quads felt so fresh 🙂
    Back to the drawing board.

  • Adam M

    Are there still beginner’s classes?

  • Adam M., yes, of course there are still free beginners’ classes.
    Click on the “How Do I Join?” link in the left sidebar of this blog for more details. Why do you ask? Is it for a friend, since you’re already a member?

  • juan

    Pastured = grass fed
    Pasteurized = heating process that reduces microbes in food.
    not same.

  • Rory

    Carlo – I did the same thing on my first attempt at POSE running and could barely walk for 4 days. What Mike said is right, check out this article for more info:
    Did “Barbara Lite” (10/20/30/40) today:
    7:30 => 34:14 total work time
    Kipping pullups, fairly strict pushups, unanchored situps for 3 rounds then anchored. Situps and pushups were slow and difficult, pullups and squats made me want to puke.

  • juan

    went to the pool and spent a 45 min doing a couple of laps
    for random distances.
    Jeff showed up a little later, without Sarah because apparently she is a slacker.

  • Gabe K

    Josh R-
    Luke in Brooklyn (which last name is he?) is really up on some great food. He has a hookup for raw milk, and I believe that same group does cheese and other dairy/eggs that are all raw.
    Surprised he hasn’t chimed in yet…

  • Davi

    Good to be back!
    And I must extol the virtues of the CFE active recovery (I watched a video on the CFE site). No stiffness or soreness of any kind after 100 miles the first day, 60 the second, 60 on the way home.
    Today’s WOD – NW Qualifier, modified as follows:
    5 rounds for time of:
    4 X standing/jumping muscle-ups (thanks to last week’s coaching session with Torch I think I am closer to doing full muscle-ups)
    30 X wallballs (14# ball)
    6 X ~40 kg (88#) sumo deadlift highpulls
    great work, lunch time crew!

  • Davi

    I know some CFNYC members who are part of the raw milk cult. I can put y’all in touch. Ask Allison.
    I buy my eggs from the following folks at the farmer’s market:
    1) Knoll Crest Farms
    2) Tello’s Green Farm
    3) the older gentleman whose name escapes me (John something?) who sells his eggs at the Wednesday midtown market along with awesome mushrooms, herbs, and some other stuff. He’s super friendly and he occasionally has green eggs!

  • Aaron

    Here are two good resources for fresh, local food. I haven’t looked into getting raw milk or pasture fed chicken eggs but I suppose it is possible.

  • Sara

    Juan: I decided it was better to stay home today since pools don’t usually take too kindly to people vomiting in them… I have food poisoning. Can’t wait to kick your ass swimming next week! 🙂

  • Davi

    Getting pasture-fed chicken eggs is a piece o’ piss. Greenmarkets! Yay!
    Also, strawberry season is ON! holy yumminess.

  • Lisa

    Today’s WOD – NW qualifier
    squeaked in just under the limit in 19:50 BUT majorly modified –
    5 rounds of:
    4 X kneeling muscle-ups
    30 X wallballs (14# ball)
    6 X 22kg (50#) sumo deadlift highpulls
    It was a great lunchtime group and Elizabeth, thanks for the wallball countdown encouragement.

  • juan

    davi where in midtown is the Wednesday farmer’s market
    someone should start crossfit farms already.

  • Davi

    midtown market on Wednesdays is 2nd ave between 47th and 46th, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
    Did anyone find my hair product in the bathroom on the left (I believe)? I rushed out and forgotten hair product is better than forgotten sweaty undies (I suppose).

  • Davi

    Never mind – found the hair goop!

  • rob

    Rest day row…5000 meters. 19mins 32 seconds.

  • Tony T

    5k run at East 6th Street/FDR Track
    PR – 22:25 – 7:14/min/mile pace
    (Did a 5k with Jim at an NYRR race in February and my time was 22:53)

  • george

    josh et al,
    i am not sure where grapeseed oil fits on your scale of “real food” but it is great for cooking at high temps.
    actualy, i would be interested to hear any opinions on grapeseed oil as i cook with it fairly often.

  • Davi

    Re grapeseed oil – Cordain has critical things to say about it. It’s on the paleo no-no/last resort list, though I can’t recall precisely why.

  • Josh Rosenfield

    George, I keep referring back to the article Allison posted about a month ago, Fats for cooking, fats for eating.
    The basic idea of the article is that while all fats are a combination of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, when cooking at high temperatures, it is best to use ones that are highest in saturated fats. The reason is that saturated fat will not oxidize at high temperatures (oxidized fat = bad, still figuring out the exact result of consuming oxidized fat).
    Oils and butters tend to fall under the category of not great for cooking in high heat. Not sure what exactly is categorized as high heat, but I’m assuming sauteing, pan frying and every other way I make my food is included.

  • Mike

    Qualifier WOD: 13:48 rx’d
    Should’ve been faster, but wasted a lot of energy on wallballs I caught too far out in front of me.

  • Lt Gabe

    Qualifier WOD 12:35 rx’d
    My MUs looked like shit during rounds 2-3. I had a few failed attempts but gutted through it. I cleaned it up by round 4 though. My biceps finally stopped being sore from the stupid SDHP sub Court prescribed for Twins (last Thursday). I finally regained the ability to straighten my arms fully this morning.

  • Rory

    To answer the question of what constitutes “high heat,” the short answer is that if the oil is smoking than it is too hot. The temperature at which this occurs for different fats is known as the smoke point. Here’s a handy list for oils:
    It doesn’t list animal fats, but this link suggests a smoke point of 420 for beef tallow:
    A little more googling will probably turn up info for other animal fats, but I’ve got work to do.

  • Hari

    25:19 (3:57, 4:00, 4:53, 5:58, 6:31)
    (68,54), (31,24)