Bring your own stopwatch if you’ve got one…

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Tuesday 090526 (68) (41)
Five rounds, each for time of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats
Rest precisely three minutes between each round.
Compare to 090303.

CFE tonight 6:30pm meet @ Columbus Circle near the news paper/snack stand on the west side of the entrance & Wednesday morning 6:45am @ the Black Box.
The real truth about “healthy whole grains”
Want more fruit? Get out the blender!

What are the odds? Randomness, happiness, etc.

Lunchtime WOD class action:


  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit Brand X forums:
    Big Dawgs:
    As Rxd
    “Barbara lite”
    Five rounds, each for time of:
    10 Pull-ups
    20 Push-ups
    30 Sit-ups
    40 Squats
    Rest precisely three minutes between each round. Post time for each of five rounds to comments
    Five rounds, each for time of:
    5 Pull-ups
    10 Push-ups
    15 Sit-ups
    20 Squats
    Rest precisely three minutes between each round. Post time for each of five rounds to comments
    Puppies if you cannot do pull ups do beginner pull ups.

  • Hari

    It is easy (and preferable) to time yourself for this WOD. You only need a normal watch with a second hand (you can refer to the wall clock, if your vision is good enough to read the seconds), a paper, and pen:
    Write down the time you intend to start (e.g., 8:17:00); do the first round; write down the time you finish the first round (e.g., 8:22:30); write down that time plus exactly three minutes (e.g., 8:25:30); start the next round at that time and repeat.
    Your card may end up looking like this:
    After, do the math, subtracting the start time from the stop time for each round.
    Finally–and most importantly–put the pen back and either keep or throw away the card.

  • Hari

    There will be a 5:30 PM WOD today.

  • torch

    Great job 7am.
    8am — thanks for pushing me!
    Splits with rest periods INCLUDED.
    1. 2:48
    2. 8:53
    3. 15:24
    4: 22:00
    5: 28:54
    Time: 28:54
    Pull ups unbroken. Push ups gross. Feet UNANCHORED for sit ups. May have been a mistake!

  • Jeffrey B.

    Torch, thanks for the morning workout – better than coffee.
    Splits with rest periods INCLUDED.
    1. 3:54
    2. 7:42
    3. 15:05
    4: 23:28
    5: 32:38
    broken pull-ups and unanchored feet (always).

  • ashley

    which is more effective: anchored or unanchored situps?

  • Brian

    CFE tonight 630p meet @ columbus circle near the news paper/snack stand on the west side of the entrance.
    tomorrow 645a @ the black box

  • Brett_nyc

    Feeling pretty good after a much needed 5 days of rest, but not really looking forward to Barbara. CF Football wod looks much more fun.
    Anchored situps allow you to pull with your hip flexors as well as your abs. Recruiting more muscles allows you to move faster (improved work capacity). So, anchoring is more effective at increasing work capacity. Not anchoring is more effective at isolating the abs, ie decreasing work capacity. Both are effective at different things, just be aware of your goals.

  • ashley


  • Tony T

    First time doing this as rx’d.
    Total Work Time – 27:43. (4:55, 5:10, 5:23, 5:52, 6:23)
    Total Time – 39:43

  • Reagan

    Barbara, as Rx’d
    38:52 Couting rest.
    26:52 Not counting rest.
    Black Box (109,109)

  • Aaron

    After a semi-restful 5 day trip to CO I’m happy to be back in The City and looking forward to my first date with Barbara (or some scaled down version).
    Thought y’all may enjoy reading this (found re-posted by another affiliate)…

  • juan

    barbara C2B
    28:43 (4:53, 5:41, 6:08, 6:40, 5:21)
    hey CFNYC fire breathers is their any interest amongst you to go to Aromas, CA for the affiliate cup? I was thinking it would be a cool thing to get some of you to go and represent our box.
    It says, An Affiliate Team must consist of a minimum of four to a maximum of six. The team needs to have a minimum of two men and two women.
    There is a new heat scheduled for Thursday July 9th
    It is 200$ to register a team but I’m sure it would be major fun to go do this and I know we can get an awesome team put together.
    This might sell out fast, So speak up now.

  • Kurt

    48 and change. I felt bad when I showed up. Then things went downhill.

  • Max

    I would be down but i want to know who else is in

  • A sneak peak at tomorrow night’s Rest Day schedule:
    5:30 No WOD Class (Rest Day)
    6:00 Black Box WOD
    6:30 CrossFit Total
    7:00 Black Box WOD
    8:00 “Barbara”

  • torch

    i’m down

  • juan

    I just registered the team. I will be working out the roster. I need 4 guys and 2 girls, if your interested let me know. I already have a few in mind.
    Thanks Torch and Max for your submissions. I will definitely consider you guys.

  • juan

    hah, j/k.
    Team so far
    and its 6 burpees today.

  • Mike

    Affiliate cup sounds like fun. Though I’m not sure I’d classify myself as a full on firebreather yet… maybe a firebreather in training at this point. Still have lots more progress to make.
    I’m in so long as I can get the days off of work, but that may be tough for me on that week… and of course if there are still spots open.
    Brett, I agree on the CF Football WOD, I’ve been checking it out lately, and I like a lot of what I’ve seen on the site. I haven’t done one of the WODs yet, but I’d like to start incorporating some of them from time to time.

  • Kim

    Splits with rest periods included:
    Felt seasick by the end.

  • Brett_nyc

    37:19 total
    rests included. felt really nauseas afterwards. Don’t feel like doing the arithmetic right now to figure out actual intervals.

  • george

    25:33 work

  • Grace

    Total work time – 37:06 (5:28, 6:42, 8:54, 7:50, 8:12)
    First time as Rx’d, unless anchored sit-ups don’t count as Rx?

  • Aram

    49:01 w/ rests, 37:01 work (92,47)

  • Mike

    3:29, 4:17, 5:07, 5:20, 5:35 = 23:48 work time, 35:48 incl rest
    About 5 min better than last time, splits were much more consistent. Unanchored feet for sit ups.

  • kj

    My splits were remarkably consistent, but I continue to have an incredibly weak upper body, and consequently even modified push-ups/pull-ups take a very, very long time.
    6:48, 7:23, 7:51, 7:35, 7:46 –> 37:23 work time, 49:23 including rest
    One small victory was I did all my sit-ups unbroken and unanchored.

  • Josh Rosenfield

    =22:25 work
    Felt strong after 4 days ‘resting’ in Vegas.

  • Max

    36:51 with 20 pound vest, i haven’t felt this sick since EVA, crossfit girls, they make me sick hahahaha

  • Rickke

    Great job to the folks in the 7pm class!
    as Rx’d
    total work: 24:28 – 36:28 including rest
    The difference between my best and worst round times are pretty rough. I’m hoping for more consistency next time. The last time I did Barbara I was still in my first month of CF and I subbed a mixture of kipping and jumping pull-ups with a total work time of 23:57, so it’s cool to see the progress in the past couple months.

  • rob

    37 mins 45 secs of work.

  • Paul

    Finished in 32:30. (Including rest)
    Threw up.

  • Lisa

    I did my first CFE session with Brian yesterday evening and am excited to pursue it further. Thanks for the expert instruction, Brian!

  • Brett_nyc