Happy Memorial Day!

As is always the case when CFHQ calls for a 5K run, we encourage you to run it outdoors on your own if you are so inclined OR come down to the Box and see what your coach has cooked up for you. (Today’s classes are at 11am and 12:30pm only.) The choice is yours.
Monday 090525
Run 5 K
Post time to comments.
Compare to 090408.

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Keith judges, Zach lifts. Photo courtesy of Keith.


  • Syn

    Jeff, Juan, Brian, Vadim
    I apologize for offending anyone personally, I have come to respect each one of you individually including Juan and Brian who I don’t know that well.
    Your right I wasn’t thinking all too clearly so I didn’t sit down and plan out exactly what I was going to say I said what I was feeling watching Zach suffer representing your affiliate, your family and himself.
    It’s just that when we competed in Hoboken last year everyone came and you kicked my Team’s ASS!!!!
    So I grew to expect that same turn out of competitors every competition and I haven’t seen it.
    So I promised Zach I would say something and I did.
    Watching Zach’s touched me to the point where I became speechless.
    I respect all of you!!! You know this and if you don’t you should.
    My contact information has been the same Allison should have it, if she doesn’t Keith definitely does.

  • kj

    Ran the 4-mile loop in 33:31, which puts the 5k pace at around 25:57.
    This felt really, really slow. I fear I’ve lost my speed.
    Happy Memorial Day all!

  • torch

    3.04 miles in BK — so a little short. 17:42 (PR)
    KJ – you’re fine. did you try to pose? If so, it takes a little while to get used to the technique. Just like when an Oly lift gets tweaked and you have to drop the weight, speed will come. Also, you aren’t exactly doing this fresh, given your, um, CrossFit habit! Let me know if you have an questions or concerns with the running!

  • Hari

    “I watched for two days while ZACH PAINFULLY HELD CROSSFIT NYC ON HIS BACK and this is not the first time I have seen this.”
    Zach was not competing on behalf of CFNYC; he was competing on behalf of himself. I don’t know a single person at CFNYC who was not hoping Zach would qualify for the nationals. None of us would have been surprised had he taken first place. All of us are saddened that he was injured. Competing was neither necessary nor sufficient for us to support Zach.
    Clearly those people who have spent the weekend volunteering at the event also love CrossFit. There are teammates who play together and hate each other, and there are fans (and coaches) who do not play, but still root for their favorite athletes.
    “Competeing is a personal choice but at the end of the day 6 six of my team from Harlem went and only one came close to qualifing does that mean I wasted a weekend and entry money??? No it means that as a team we all rise and fall together.”
    Actually, it doesn’t mean this at all. This was an individual event, not a team event.

  • Jeff

    I’m glad that you cleared this up as I know that your heart and intentions are in the right place.
    You already discussed how your team supports one another. This is how I back up my friends.
    I knew you’d understand and respect this so I expected nothing less than the classy response you provided today.
    You continue to set a great example for CF Harlem to follow.

  • Syn

    Once again I apologize for personally offending anyone. I am a passionate person and occasionally I impose my personal beliefs on the world at large.
    In the future I will only comment when I have something positive to say.
    Once again ZACH your the warrior I strive to be.

  • Hari

    Syn, Accepted. Thanks.

  • Please remember our country’s fallen warriors and heroes who died in service today at 3pm with moment of silence, if you would. I will be remembering a friend of mine from Purchase College, Spc. Anthony N. Kalladeen, 26, KIA August 8, ’05, as
    well as other members of the CrossFit community that have died in service and have been honored by having a hero WOD named after them.

  • Gabe K

    Torch made a great wod. Wall ball situp finisher.
    Then rowed a 5K w Felix. 18:25PR

  • Juan

    Don’t forget your 5 Burpees today.
    I spazzed out in bed last night at 1am, because I had forgotten my 4 burpees. Did them and went right back to sleep.

  • torch

    Juan – you sleep?

  • Reagan

    5k: 23:36
    Black Box (108,108)

  • Jessica

    Thanks to Torch for the WOD today. And introducing me to the man-maker…which I had previously thought to be a whiskey drink.

  • Rickke

    You know I love running, but my allergies are a little too rough to do the 5k today. If it rains, I’ll go run it in the park tonight.
    I went to the box and did some random stuff Torch cooked up.
    Manmakers (1 pood)
    Box jumps (20”)
    Toes to bar
    Windmills (1 pood)
    Jumping squats
    60-45-30-15 seconds – as many reps as possible of wall ball sit-ups overhead with 20# med ball with 1 min rest between each set
    Bench press 3 x 5

  • 5K: outdoors 24:17 (7:47min/mi HR189/196)
    PR by 30 sec! I stopped my running training since I started CrossFitting. So its hard for me to believe that I destroyed my previous 5K PR despite the 80F weather today.
    Now I am thinking I should run Brooklyn Half Marathon next weekend with no training and see how close I come to my 1:52:35 PR.

  • Aram

    24:41 (91,46)

  • Rickey

    I just signed up for the Brooklyn Half next weekend. We should think about signing CFNYC up as a official team with the New York Road Runners. It free and they will give us a couple slots for the marathon next year.

  • Kirk

    I’m with Court.
    Remember the warriors serving your country – risking and giving their lives for others…
    I had the honor of training today with a member of the 101st Airborne at Pioneer Valley Crossfit. I wasn’t originally going to train and was visiting Sean Manseau who owns the affiliate. He has a full house so I was helping watch technique and provide motivation. John came in late as he was in the Memorial Day parade. He was halfway through and everyone was done and gone, so I jumped in and did the last half with him. It was awesome. At the end he thanked me for the motivation and for pushing him – I say (and I said), it’s the least I could do…

  • george

    Ran outside in central park on this amazing evening!
    22:34 (7:17 splits)

  • Nick

    22:57 on the west side highway.

  • Brian

    CFE tomorrow Tuesday 630p central park, columbus circle (next to the news/coffee stand at the West entrance)
    Happy Memorial Day

  • Paul

    Did 25:00 of sprint/interval work on Madison Ave. Turned out to be about exactly a 5k. (31st to 57th, up and back.)

  • Kurt

    Interior loop of Prospect park, ~5.5k, 21:54. Hot day.