Good luck Jacinto and Zach!

In Manhattan
#56 Tue/Thur @ 8:30pm, starts May 26
#57 Mon/Wed @ 8:30pm, starts June 1
#58 Tue/Thur @ 7am, starts June 2
#59 Mon/Wed @ 7:30pm, starts June 8
#60 Tue/Thur @ 8:30pm, starts June 16

In Brooklyn
#8 Wed/Mon @ 7pm, starts May 27

Let’s all give our best wishes to Zach and Jacinto, who are competing at the Northeast Qualifiers this weekend. Show ’em how it’s done, guys!
Zach’s all smiles:
Jacinto stretches at Central Park (photo courtesy of Keith):

Friday 090522
Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups
Post time to comments.
Compare to 090424.

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  • Scaling options for this workout from the CrossFit/Brand X forums:
    Big Dawgs:
    As Rx’d
    Try this with GHD sit ups for extra fun
    Three rounds for time of:
    Run 800 meters
    35 Back Extensions
    35 Sit-ups
    Three rounds for time of:
    Run 600 meters
    15 Back Extensions
    25 Sit-ups
    Three rounds for time of:
    Run 400 meters
    10 Back Extensions
    20 Sit-ups

  • kj

    Good luck Jacinto and Zach!
    Did this workout from home before work this morning. 19:37.
    I accidentally scaled down because I misremembered the number of reps and did 30 instead of 50.
    However, I must say that I was impressed with my own creativity. I used a park bench with a fence behind it to make my own GHD-like contraption for the back extentions. It was easily as effective as using the cubbies and the bench at the box, but less extension than possible with a GHD. Did the situps from the ground.

  • torch

    16:37 Rx’D in BK
    Back Extensions — sit ups on an abmat.
    Will do all GHD next time! But not today with my quads the way they are

  • Davi

    Show ’em that photo of Jacinto and the competition will run away screaming! 😉

  • Lisa

    BIG shout out to Jacinto and Zach for tomorrow! Good luck and have a great time too.

  • Sara

    Good luck you two!!!
    Did “twins” at my gym this morning:
    75# thrusters, hspu to one abmat, pullups were tuck, not L
    Coming in for the lunchtime class as well… Will be my first time doing 800s outside and not on a treadmill so a little nervous …..

  • Kelly

    Good Luck Jacinto and Zach (Zachariah)!!!!!! You’re both going to kill it!!!!

  • OT

    I feel like Method Man and Juan is Joe Budden. You don’t gotta say my name, you don’t gotta put me on blast on the message board… I’m a peaceful man, I don’t even battle. But now we got to bring it like that?
    Come to the morning class – you’ll see me, I ain’t hiding. Pick a WOD, and I’ll show you who still Crossfits, son!

  • ewen

    Good luck guys!

  • Alexei

    GL Zach and Jacinto!
    Kick some ass!

  • Alexei

    … also good luck to Josh in all his alcohol-related WODs!

  • Carlo Barbara

    OT, way to keep it gully!

  • Jeff

    OT & Juan
    This needs to be settled by contests of drunken boardwalk sprinting and news box jumping.

  • dex

    Good luck Jacinto and Zach!

  • juan

    good luck zach and Jacinto.
    Good luck to Rob Egan as well, (former black boxer).
    …Hey Methical, all I’m saying is if this cat even goes to the box anymore. I never see a post from th O.T. and with all this talk about bbxrs jumping ship. Its hard not to worry.
    I’ll race you to 50 burpees though. (hoy es dia tres)
    Joe Budden is from jersey, ain’t he? egh.

  • Kirk

    Work Hard Jacinto and Zach! Make us proud.
    C’mon, Papa! Show them that “old” is just a state of mind – and it ain’t you!
    What’s with all the running WODs…?
    Big Posse this morning and nice CFE warm-up and skill drills with Brian before he kicked our asses.
    As Rx’d (abmat for both back extensions and sit-ups):
    Faster than last time, but not by much.
    Rough end to a rough week.

  • kj

    I also did three glorious burpees.

  • Fred

    Good luck guys!!

  • Josh R

    I was supposed to go spectate, but I was convinced to go to Vegas last minute with some Army buddies that are shipping out to Afghanistan soon. A sacrifice I guess I’ll have to make.
    Good luck Zach and Jacinto!

  • Kelly

    I’m leaving tomorrow for a cruise and would like to do some workouts if possible! Torch sent me over some ideas, if anyone has any good vacation WODs let me know!

  • Max

    Best of luck guys. 20:58 as rx’d

  • Robzilla

    Thanks Juan!
    Check out this forum post over at HQ for some Eva T. bodyweight workouts. There should be more than a few that you can do on a ship or beach

  • MikeT

    Is there an early class (5/5:30) today in light of the holiday? Plus is the gym open Monday?

  • kj

    There’s no early class today (just because it’s a Friday) but Monday’s class times were listed a while back as 11am, 12:30pm, 6pm, and 7pm.

  • MikeT


  • torch

    Kill it Zach and Jacinto. You too Robzilla

  • MikeT, the first class tonight is 6pm because it’s a Friday.
    On Monday, there will be only 2 classes: 11am and 12:30pm.

  • Aram

    23:35 (89,44)

  • Justin “Thor”

    Kill it Zach and Jacinto!!! I know you guys will represent!

  • michelle foxman

    good luck guys! jacinto I hope u r going to wear your jacinto shirt!
    day from hell with tyler. bs made it up to 110 today. still sad but better than 105 from last week
    bench presses up to 75
    “band walk” from hell and kb swings (21 15 9 ) 4 1/2 min
    5 x5 50lb cleans and thrusters, 5 burpees, 5 pullups (used the purple band-when did we even get a purple band) 11 min something.
    recovery takes forever. gabe awesome to c u this am!
    tony im getting warmed up for our eventual deadlift faceoff

  • Brett_nyc

    Good luck gents.

  • Kirk

    Side Question…
    I finally caved and am going to try the fish oil thing. Picked up a honkin big bottle of Kirkland Fish Oil tabs from Costco…
    So, the bottle recommends 1 tab three times a day. I‚Äôm not normally in the habit of taking recommendations from inanimate objects….So:
    What does everyone else recommend/ find works for them?

  • A.B.

    Is there a 5:30 class tonight ?

  • Mike

    Good luck Jacinto & Zach!!
    29:55 rx’d – used the GHD for the situps also.
    3 burpees too

  • Jon S.

    26:20 Subbed 45lb good mornings for the back-extensions, but upgraded the last set of sit-ups to glute ham situps. Is that even the right term for it “upgraded”? Maybe we should say “supersized” or something…but I digress…
    Is the box going to be open Monday(memorial day)?


  • Sara

    subbed good mornings with 35lb. kettlebell

  • Reagan

    I don’t know how some of you manage to do this one with GHD situps.
    As Rx’d 23:25
    Black Box (106,106)

  • jim

    16.54 in brooklyn. splits per round:
    i am going to catch you next time this comes around, torch!

  • Steve D.

    Lenny & I graduated Elements tonight.
    Bear with me CF-pros but that fight gone bad (or was it mad?) was icing on the cake. This will be a good thing to look back it someday:
    15 14 13
    18 14 14
    12 13 8
    11 13 23
    12 13 13
    68 67 71

  • juan

    @ albany, longest drive ever. I hate west side uptown traffic.
    Got here hours ago, just got back form dinner. So there are like 240 competitors out here, tomorrow is going to be insane.
    Got to say hi and wish luck to some cool people today.
    Brian G. from Gotham is looking strong and way lean, since last time I saw him.
    Zach Singer, is up here and pretty psyched.
    Crossfit Harlem is rolling deep.
    Got to see Melissa Byers in person.
    Saw Jocylen Secondi and Lauren Plumey from CT.
    Still on the lookout for my fav Heather Keenan
    Saw Jacinto, we went to dinner and he had a huge steak and is ready to go.(we also had a sambuca for good luck)
    Met a couple of strangers that don’t even have affiliates
    that look super strong.
    Anyway there is a ton of people out here. Its quite the experience to see all this Crossfit, all in just one place. You can definitely feel the insyncness of community and competition here at the qualifiers, it’s so cool.
    good luck to everybody.

  • juan

    and where is Robzilla!?!?

  • juan

    ghd michael
    +3 burpees
    rest day tomorrow, so no burpees till sunday.

  • Hari

    There is never a 5:30 class on Friday.

  • Tony T

    23:50 as rx’d.
    Good luck Zach and Jacinto.
    Michelle – Can’t wait for the deadlift competition.

  • Hari

    (68,54), (29,22)