Nothing beats a great pair of legs

In Manhattan
#56 Tue/Thur @ 8:30pm, starts May 26
#57 Wed/Mon @ 8:30pm, starts May 27
#58 Tue/Thur @ 7am, starts June 2
#59 Mon/Wed @ 7:30pm, starts June 8
NEW! #60 Tue/Thur @ 8:30pm, starts June 16

In Brooklyn
#8 Wed/Mon @ 7pm, starts May 27

Not ready yet to commit to Elements? Try a free beginners’ class first, then!
Wednesday 090520 (68) (36)
Four rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
50 Squats
Post time to comments.
Compare to 081107.

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Josh on the awesomeness of our gym and its members

Why tacos don’t have to be a cheat meal

Out of hand
Wisconsin-based underground food collective visits NYC to host spring feasts
How to make perfect poached eggs

What’s your quick fix?
Recent Elements grad Lisa shows that you can do push-ups and smile for the camera at the same time:


  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit Brand X forums:
    Big Dawgs
    4 rounds
    Run 400 M
    50 Squats
    3 rounds
    Run 400 M
    50 Squats
    3 rounds
    Run 400 M
    35 Squats
    3 rounds
    Run 400 M
    20 Squats

  • Rickey

    Does anyone want to meet up on the west side highway or the 4th Street track in the morning or afternoon to do this wod since it does not require the Black Box?

  • Weather permitting (and it should permit), I plan on taking my 12:30 lunchtime class to Madison Square Park to do this workout. We can all wear our CrossFit t-shirts and attract some attention with all those dang squats!
    We’ll meet up at the Box, do some brief skill work, then jog over to the park for our warm-up before actually tackling the workout itself.

  • Hari

    Reminder: There is a 5:30 WOD Today.

  • torch

    10:31 Rx’D

  • george

    ran in central park this morning.
    had terrible go at this.
    about 15 minutes. my sprints were fine, but my knee was killing me on the squats. finished the last round with pushups instead.

  • Tony T

    I would run on the East Sixth Track this afternoon with you for this WOD.
    Send me a message on facebook. Anyone else interested in doing this?

  • Josh R

    Allison, if I come to the lunch time WOD, do I get a free t shirt? I’ll wear it this weekend in Albany too. Think of all that free advertising!

  • Kirk

    Great group this morning for the 0700 WOD.
    We did this in Madison Square Park. From the corner of 5th and 26th – down 26th to Madison – down Madison to 23rd is almost exactly 400m.
    Started with a little Jacinto warm-up in the Box:
    3 rounds of
    1min. jump rope (with running steps)
    10 squats
    10 Mountain Climbers
    Then, a light jog around the inside of Madison Square Park.
    WOD as Rx’d:
    Wrapped up with another jog around the inside of the park and then some excellent PNF stretching led by Jacinto back at the Box.

  • juan

    murder on my hamstrings

  • Kirk

    Thanks for the excellent article on poaching eggs.
    Seriously, I’ve been meaning to look this up as I want to start cooking my eggs this way (I used to only have them at restaurants on Eggs Benedict!)
    Keep up the good work and the great diversity!

  • Lisa

    Doing the WOD outdoors at Madison Square Park was great fun, with Anne, Kirk, Anthony, Marco and Chris.
    BTW, I think I am more grimacing than smiling in that photo but thanks anyway 🙂

  • Sara

    15:59 as rx’d

  • Dan R

    Hey Everyone,
    Just doing a little promoting for the North East Qualifier website.
    Join the community here:

  • Good luck to everyone competing — if you want your profile featured, just fill out an optional profile form here:
    See y’all this weekend in Albany!

  • Last post (1 link per post rule in effect)
    You can also follow the action on Twitter.

  • Zach Singer

    Dan –
    I was just filling out the profile on the NEQ site and submitted it prematurely — anyway you can look into this or cancel out that submission? Or let me edit it?
    Might be easier to contact me directly instead of on the blog. Would be good to have your info too, if possible. Feel free to text / call / email anytime.

  • Matt E

    A couple of us (both only 1 week out of elements) are going to do the workout at the East river 6th st. track around 4:30-4:45 if anyone else is interested. Shoot me an email if anyone wants to meet up.

  • Matt E

    Probably going to be there closer to 5 actually.

  • Reagan

    As Rx’d 14:45
    Black Box (104,104)

  • Rickke

    Did this around Madison Square Park with Allison’s lunch time crew Рgreat job everyone! Lots of fun dodging pedestrians and baby strollers that each fit 6 toddlers. I did the first 50 squats straight through, which was a bad idea. The rest of the squat rounds were broken up 20s/10s and then 10s/5s. My legs = jello. Many thanks to Allison for a great and relaxing cool down stretch.

  • Adam M

    A Q&A on LSA
    What is the LSA Community?
    – As I discussed with several people at this past Friday’s Rest Day Dinner, LSA is Community of people dedicated to the proposition that all edible creatures are created equally tasty.
    What does the abbreviation LSA stand for?
    – Land, Sea & Air
    How do I do/join the LSA Community?
    – In order to achieve LSA, the following must occur in one meal, be it one course, or five courses: You must eat an animal representative of each of the aforementioned environs as proscribed by LSA. Once you do this, you may be deemed a “Member of the Humble Order” (MOTHO).
    — For example, if you had duck (Air), pork (Land), and shrimp (Sea) in the SAME meal you could correctly claim “LSA achieved” or more old-fashionedly “LSA victory.”
    I am currently Paleo or Zone dieting, does this fit into LSA?
    – Of course, the Supreme Court of LSA (SCOLSA) hasn’t said you can’t omit dairy, grains, and processed sugar. Correspondingly, the SCOLSA hasn’t ruled against rigidly apportioned meals which include carbs, et al. LSA, quite simply, is at the core of our Community, and we neither exclude nor include that which falls outside of Land Sea or Air.
    Where did you find the inspiration to create this movement?
    – Primarily from my desire as an apex predator to dominate Kingdon Animalia through consumption of its variegated tasty offerings.
    — The name derives from a speech Winston Churchill gave to the British House of Commons after his election as Prime Minister in 1940. “You ask, what is our policy? I can say: It is to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us…”
    This seems like a lot of rules, how are such things decided and/or interpreted?
    – Hitherto, LSA Law has been set by me, after consultation with the LSA Community and as arbitered by the SCOLSA.

  • Adam M, I think your excellent concept most definitely needs a blog!

  • Tony T

    9:50 as rx’d. Great job lunch crew!

  • JoeR

    How does one submit questions to the SCOLSA, and what are the procedures for the adjudication and appeals process?
    Specifically, I’m wondering if the flying squirrel, frog legs, and shrimp smoothie I had for lunch qualifies as an LSA victory or LSA FAIL.

  • Gabe K

    You make sitting at my cube just a bit more tolerable.

  • Zack — emailed you back. If you want, you can always resubmit the form with the changes. I already posted your profile sans-photo though.
    Will txt you with my # a little later.
    Kick ass this weekend!

  • Aaron

    Tony or anyone else,
    Still interested in meeting up at the track? I could be there around 6:30. Shoot me an email (aaron.allon AT gmail DOT com) or post something.

  • Ashleigh

    I’ve been told I should start posting, so here goes. All I have at this point is a question: is anyone doing this workout somewhere fun later tonight? I’d rather do it in a park vs. the box but I won’t be around until 7:00 pm. If anyone has plans let me know!
    In other news, I’ve been encouraged (peer pressured) to do a 50-day burpee challenge. I look forward to feedback on how bad/good this idea is. Anyone else want to do it with me? Come on, join the fun…

  • Adam M

    You ask a good set of follow up questions. The good news first, you have successfully dominated LSA. Huzzah! For the interpretation of the LSA is as follows, flying squirrel (Air), frog (Land, though absent shrimp, it could be used as Sea), and shrimp (Sea).
    Secondly, to answer your question about Due Process in SCOLSA, you would have to simply notify me that you intended to take your case to SCOLSA, wherein I would have publicy disclosed your case and the facts. However, there is no appeal, as SCOLSA is the highest judiciary body in our Community.
    For your further edification, the flying squirrel was classified Air per the “Multiple Environ Inhabiting / Atypical Classification Legislation” of 2008.

  • Aaron

    Oops, didn’t see your post Tony…anyone else interested in the track at around 6:30?
    Adam M, where does chicken fit in the LSA diet?
    I’m sticking to my claim that it cannot, and should not, be considered air. Personally, I think “flying (or gliding as it is) squirrels” have more right to be called air. Also this raises a point, which I think should be addressed ASAP. First, gliding is not flying, but it does happen in the air, so do gliders such as flying squirrels, bats, and pterodactyl count as air?
    With regard to chicken, I could see an argument being made that they are bids and most birds fly, therefore flightless birds count as air (flightless birds could also count as a wildcard). Lastly, dinosaurs are the predecessors of birds, where do they fit in the LSA diet?

  • Kelly

    great times Rickke and Tony!
    10:52 Rx’d.

  • kj

    Yay Ashleigh! I love feeling like my badgering is effective.
    I won’t get the chance to do this till later tonight either (like 8), so I just plan to run up Central Park West from 97th – 100th street and back (mapmyrun said it’s around .26 miles) and do squats innocuously behind the nearest parked car.
    And if a 50-day burpee challenge would help me get an actual push-up, count me in!

  • Ewen

    Adam, Matt E,
    I might try to go to the track, but I don’t know yet if 5 or 6:30 will be a better time.

  • Brett_nyc

    One of the more wondrous things about being in NYC is the abundance of eclectically stocked Korean Delis, or “Bin Food” as my friends and I refer to it. On one brave day this past spring I was able to consume 6 distinct species of animal spread out across the 3 basic meat food groups. (LSA) Nestled tidily in my Styrofoam container were morsels of pork, beef, chicken, shrimp, mussels, and calamari; a true Noah’s Arc of food.

  • Aaron

    I am not a native NYC’er but my work buddy always calls the local deli’s salad bar a “Sneeze Bar”, is this any different from “Bin Food”?

  • juan

    as per Ashleigh’s (suggestion)
    50 Day BURPEE Challenge
    starts today taking CFHQ (main site) rest days off.
    You can spread them out during the course of the day but you get more style points for doing them straight thru. Wods containing BURPEEs do not count to your days’ BURPEE count. Comment if you plan on participating.

    The BURPEE challenge is a daily BURPEE ladder.
    (day 1: you do one, day 2: you do two, day 3: is three and so on.)
    who else is in??

  • Jeffrey B.

    I’m in provided there is a race on Day 50 of all challengees -ala you and Kevin. You’ve been served.

  • Alexei

    I’d do a 50 day burpee challenge. Shouldn’t be that bad. Can we get someone to yell “GO!!!” to know when to start?

  • Rory

    Count me in on the burpee challenge. I just did my 1 for today‚Äîthat wasn’t so hard.
    Will be doing the WOD on the West River path between about 70th and 73rd streets around 7 tonight. If anyone wants to join, shoot me an email: rorycberger at gmail

  • Alexei

    Here’s a question about the burpee challenge – I want to try to do the entire thing with burpees followed by kipping pull ups… except I know that I’m going on vacation to Italy in a month for a week where no pull up bar will be available (hence, no burpee pull ups for me 🙁 ). Can I make up the missed burpees at later dates, or is this one of those “if you don’t get them in on that exact day ur out” type challenges?

  • Mike

    Adam, awesome post! I agree with Allison, I think you need to start blog on the subject.
    I’ll get in on a 50-day burpee challenge… maybe by the end of it they wont slow me down in WODs so much.
    I’m skipping today’s WOD to play some basketball, but I’ll make it up another day.

  • Arthur B.

    I will now add duck breast to surf & turf.

  • AdamM

    I’m up for the burpee challenge, btw.

  • Adam M

    Let me share with you some of the philosophy behind the classifications, and then we can talk about the Multiple Environ Inhabiting / Atypical Classification Legislation.
    Primarily, the classifications will fall along the lines of well recognized concepts. Mammals and reptiles inhabit the Land, birds inhabit the Air, and fish inhabit the Sea (wherein you should note that Sea refers to bodies of water whether saline or not). That is certainly true for most cases, however, there are always certain exceptions. Amphibians inhabit both Land and Sea. Birds can inhabit the Land, Sea, or Air. And of course, plenty of mammals inhabit the sea.
    So to provide a better codification for LSA classification, one needs to think about the concept of locomotion. This is what sets animals apart from “plants” (edible living, non-ambulatory objects). To wit, bats and flying squirrels clearly locomote via the air with wings or skin webbed between limbs. As such they are classified as Air, under the Multiple Environ Inhabiting Laws, even though they are mammals and inhabit both the Land and Air to varying extents.
    So follows all other classification of animals, i.e. for Land animals, their primary means of locomotion must be with limbs or such, e.g. a T Rex. However, should you chance upon a pterodactyl, you can safely cross Air off your list for that meal.
    As to chicken, turkey, and “flightless birds,” chickens and turkeys clearly locomote using their wings, and have the (not spectacular) ability to fly at least short distances. Ostriches however, clearly make no use of their wings whilst running, and therefore must, under the Atypical Classification Laws, be strictly construed as Land.
    Videographic evidence to follow.

  • Kim

    11:30 as Rx’d

  • Aram

    13:35 (87,43)

  • Grace

    approximately 12:15.
    Another fun 6pm class with Greg. Kim is a squatting machine!
    I’m up for the burpee challenge as well.

  • kj

    14:21 as rx’ed. I did not anticipate just how much the squats would slow me down.
    One burpee down.
    Tried to do five sets of ten pushups as a cool down, but my cat wouldn’t stop darting under my stomach in an attempt to tackle my drawstring. So I stopped after three.
    (and Kim, I continue to be most impressed!)

  • Brett_nyc

    15:51 rowed 500m
    nursing a banged up knee

  • Ashleigh

    13:59 as Rx’d.
    Completed one burpee with much enthusiasm.
    Kim is my hero.

  • Rory

    15:40 as Rx’d
    Felt really weird to try and keep my weight on my heels during the squats after focusing on pose running during the runs.
    Adam – I am truly fascinated by the LSA concept and hope to soon become a MOTHO. A couple questions:
    -What constitutes a meal? (Does brunch count? Snacks?)
    -Do eggs fall into the classification?

  • Adam L

    in on the burpee
    sub todays wod for a friends birthday wod at work
    35 burpee pull-ups
    35 squats
    35 push-ups
    35 situps
    350 sinlges jump rope
    glad it wasn’t my birthday

  • Carlo Barbara

    13:50 Rx’d
    What does the (#,# ) mean in other people’s posts?

  • Jon S/

    11:11 as rx’d

  • juan

    the (#,#)is a wod challenge thats been goin on since jan. 1st I dunno all the details. But its to see how many wods you did for 2009.
    1 BURPEE
    almost forgot to do it, if you do forget a day you have to make it up in addition to your burpees the next day. You forget 2 days in a row, your out.

  • Jeffrey B.

    RX, 10:22 and 1 burpee.

  • juan

    -jeff b.
    yessir, last day is a race to 50, your on sir.
    that was Keith I raced, btw and it was 100 days.

  • Josh R

    I hate being coerced into doing burpee challanges

  • Jessica

    I’ve been coerced into the burpee challenge.
    Although, still waiting for the 100 day napping challenge.

  • Hari
  • Jess

    I’m in for the Burpee Challenge, I’ll do my first one right now … ok, done.

  • Sara

    Kim and grace: nice times!! You girls are ridculous!