Row, row, row your bench

In Manhattan
#56 Tue/Thur @ 8:30pm, starts May 26
#57 Wed/Mon @ 8:30pm, starts May 27
#58 Tue/Thur @ 7am, starts June 2
NEW! #59 Mon/Wed @ 7:30pm, starts June 8

In Brooklyn
#8 Wed/Mon @ 7pm, starts May 27

Monday 090518 (68) (35)
For time:
Row 500 meters
Body weight Bench press, 30 reps
Row 1000 meters
Body weight Bench press, 20 reps
Row 2000 meters
Body weight Bench press, 10 reps
Post time to comments.
Compare to 060722.

Congratulations to our very own Keith Zeier on his completion of the 100-mile race he ran for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. He raised over $46,000 and it’s not too late to donate! (If you donate, please post to comments below.)

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“We have not spent the last 65 million or so years finely honing our physiology to watch Oprah.”
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“Unless a person knows how to give order to his or her thoughts, attention will be attracted to whatever is most problematic at the moment”
Kevin P. on acting vs. CrossFit (with input from Tripp, Adam L., Juan [off-camera], and yours truly):


  • Davi

    A little video-happy, are we?

  • The Box has donated $250 and I personally donated $50. If you’ve donated to Keith’s cause, please post to comments about it. Thanks!

  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit Brand X forums:
    Big Dawgs
    As RX’d
    The Porch:
    For time:
    Row 500 meters
    3/4 body weight Bench press, 30 reps
    Row 1000 meters
    3/4 body weight Bench press, 20 reps
    Row 2000 meters
    3/4 body weight bench press, 10 reps
    Post time to comments.
    For time:
    Row 500 meters
    1/2 body weight Bench press, 30 reps
    Row 1000 meters
    1/2 body weight Bench press, 20 reps
    Row 2000 meters
    1/2 body weight bench press, 10 reps
    Row 500 meters
    1/2 body weight Bench press, 20 reps
    Row 1000 meters
    1/2 body weight Bench press, 10 reps
    Row 2000 meters
    1/2 body weight bench press, 5 reps
    Row 250 meters
    1/2 body weight Bench press, 20 reps
    Row 500 meters
    1/2 body weight Bench press, 10 reps
    Row 1000 meters
    1/2 body weight bench press, 5 reps
    Given the logistical nightmare that is this workout , let me suggest the following: sumo deadlift high pulls to sub out for the rower when there aren’t enough rowers to go around (500m row = 50 SDLHPs, etc) and ring pushups or just pushups for the bench press for those who’d have to scale the weight of the bench press.
    We’ll make this work but be aware that compromise will be necessary.
    I teach lunchtime class tomorrow and welcome early arrivers to get a jump start if they’re wanting both rower and bench.

  • Rory

    This sounds horrible; I’ll be sure to get there early. See you at lunchtime and dibs on a C2/bench.

  • Alexei

    man, I picked a good 3 day cycle to go camping and get sick on…

  • Zach Singer

    Wow – this workout looks miserable. Very glad I’m not doing it with the Qualifiers looming. It looks scarily similar to my first crossfit WOD (3 rds, 30 BW Bench, Row 500).
    Anyway, I wanted to congratulate Feng for her 2nd place finish in the midwest Qualifiers this past weekend. She rocked the entire thing and earned a trip out to Aromas this summer. Way to go, Feng.
    Also, for anyone interested, Northeast Qualifier WODS posted at I’ll paste below too, actually.
    WOD 1:
    As Many Rounds as Possible in 12 Minutes of:
    7 Thrusters
    15 Burpees
    Thruster Men: 135lbs
    Thruster Women: 95lbs
    WOD 2:
    ROW 2000 Meters on the Concept 2 Rower
    Row – Set the damper where you want it. A judge will set the rower to count down from 2000m. Row until the counter reaches 0m for time while staying on the seat and maintaining the feet in the straps. Not much more to say, embrace the suck!
    The 2000 meter row is one of the purest tests of work output. This single modality test challenges each athletes physical and mental toughness. If you’ve ever attempted an all out 2K row, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

  • Sara

    Today’s WOD:
    19:27, scaled back to 95# bench press (bw is 135… Might be more after my wknd of drinking and eating shit!!)
    8:27, used 155#
    Will finally make it back to the box starting tomorrow now that I’m done with school… Can’t wait!

  • Sara

    Forgot to say used one abmat for handstan pushups, but our abmats are higher than the ones @ the box, so probably more like one abmat plus a 10# plate

  • gavin

    Congrats Keith Z! Awesome job raising over $46,000 and finishing the race!

  • Hari

    Reminder: There is a 5:30 PM WOD class today.

  • jacinto

    AS RX’D 32:22
    Gillian as rx’d 21:54

  • Brett_nyc

    Keith congratulations on finishing the race.
    What was your time?

  • torch

    28:58 as Rx’D. BW 190#. I need to lose weight. And maybe get shorter arms

  • Sara

    My time for today should read 29:27…. I would have been really impressed with myself had I done it in 19:27!

  • george

    any thoughts on subs for tonight?
    as to avoid a rower log jam?

  • Gabe K

    This is one I really want to do RX’d…log jam here we come.

  • Reagan

    As Rx’d 26:05
    BW 160
    Rowing 2k sucks.
    Black Box (103,103)

  • Rory

    Bench weights:
    First 30: 25@145 (76% BW), 5@135 (71% BW)
    Next 20: 6@135, 14@115 (60% BW)
    Last 10@115
    I. Hate. The. Erg. So much.

  • kj

    This will be interesting…
    I feel like I’m the perfect candidate for subbing, and will gladly struggle through push-ups instead of attempting bench presses.
    However, 200 SDLHP’s at any weight sounds way worse to me than rowing 2000 meters. Since I’d be a slow rower, I’d rather not monopolize a machine, so are there any other suggestions on what I could sub in?

  • dan def

    George (and everyone else):
    Cut and paste from FAQ:
    3.6. What if I don’t have a rowing machine?
    Do Sumo Deadlift High Pulls:
    If you don’t have a rower substitute sumo-dealift high pulls (sdhp) with 45 pounds for men and 30 pounds for women. Take the bar from mid shin to under your chin–“shin to chin.”
    2K row = 200 sdhp’s, 1K row = 100 sdhp’s, 500 meter row = 50 sdhp’s
    There are many many many ways to sub this WOD to make sure everyone gets a chest WOD and a met con WOD.
    Mark Rippetoe is quoted (somewhere) as saying that for most people, dumbbell or kettle bell bench press is more functional than barbell bench press.
    Please don’t forget about today’s 5:30 WOD.

  • Brett_nyc

    Is the Box part of the attempted RRG HQ is trying to start? Should we be? We get a lot of people though the door which I assume would correlate with higher risk. Just wondering.

  • Kirk

    Nice Work, Keith!
    You should be very proud of what you’ve done.
    You’ve helped a lot of people.
    21 minutes-ish… Not as Rx’d and not really timed that well. We were alternating rowers and bench…
    Considering how messed up my arm still is, I only did 135 for the Bench Press (BW 190). Was good to make the arm work – and the rowing was fun after Friday’s Rest Day CFE “Death by 10m” rowing WOD.
    Ended with three rounds of:
    10 sit-ups with 25# plate overhead
    30 sec plank
    30 sec side plank – R
    30 sec side plank – L
    Fun was had by all.

  • Hari

    Yes, we’re in.

  • Rickey

    Sub using Ring Pushups
    Thanks to Torch for the great CFE session Saturday.
    Congratulation Keith Z on your ultra finish.

  • kj

    My fear of SDLHP’s made me forget to mention that I chipped in $50. Way to go Keith!

  • Alexei

    The flu that “unfortunately” impedes me from doing this exercise made me forget that I dropped some coin for Keith Z’s cause as well. I just don’t remember how much anymore (I was trying to donate enough so that the total was a nice round number…)… somewhere between 50-100. Guess I’ll find out on my credit card statement…

  • juan

    225# 5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5
    315# 5-5-5
    made up sundays WOD
    35# dumbbell, lunges
    30# weight vest, pullups
    ouch, this some how bruised my soul.

  • Adam M

    Can someone refresh my memory on the whole special shoe vs. barefoot/socks debate for WODs?
    Didn’t one of the Chinese guys from Brooklyn say that he felt more comfortable working out in socks because of his martial arts background. I can’t seem to find the post. Help.

  • Hari

    Chinese, Irish, those Brooklyn CrossFitters all look alike.

  • Levi

    Wait a second…Torch is Chinese?!?!?

  • Kirk

    I knew it!
    For sure that explains the whole “training in socks” thing.
    Seriously, what is that training in socks business?
    Adam, use the Search function. There are many discussions about footwear. Here, and on the CF Mainsite. (and the ref you are looking for is from May 12th)

  • Adam M

    Whoa, btfu.
    I thought it was one our Oriental xfit-ers talking about martial arts. Torch, unless I am sorely mistaken, is a lily white, Celtic-American. I do not believe that incoherent, drunken yelling is related whatsoever to the elegant, codified forms of combat, such as “empty hand” or “way of the intercepting fist.”
    So basically, I have to retract my inquiry about the “special shoe vs. barefoot/socks debate”, due to some undercover-cop-looking guy’s highly suspect reference to his ethnic traditions.

  • JoeR

    Adam M –
    I do not believe that is the preferred nomenclature.
    Also, I think your background and shoe choice isn’t important as long as you are LOCKED IN.

  • BradS

    wow. ladies and gentleman, i give you adam m, the terry gilliam of comment threads.

  • Davi

    JoeR has it totally right.
    Regarding martial arts and being locked in, please see KUNG FU HUSTLE.
    My friend came to a beginner’s class the other day and trained in socks for fear of foot grimies.
    I’m just hoping the calluses on my hands catch up soon in durability to the calluses on my feet. My caress – to say nothing of my pullups – will surely be irresistible.

  • Tony T

    Did this concurrently with George (who rocked this WOD)
    Bw- 135. Went too light at 95lbs. Row as rx’d

  • Kim

    70 lb press/ SDLHP 12 kg KB. Heavier next time.
    Not good at scaling workouts yet, but I suppose this comes with time.

  • george

    as rx’d w/ 185lbs
    trading sets on the bench with tony and having to swap out weight was a good thing for pacing out this wod.
    going to failure in the beginning would make this really slow as my sets would have dropped to 2 & 3 reps.

  • Mike

    31:00 with 45lb sdhp and ring pushups with the 30lb vest and a 45lb plate on my back.
    the ring pushups felt closer to a 255lb bench than 205 which would be bw… so not officially rx’d but felt like it was a lot harder than it would be with the rower and the bench.
    Thanks Dan for help with the 45 and for keeping my form in check on the sdhp.

  • Joe

    As Rx’d w/ 160
    Thanks to Aaron and Joe R. for the spots.

  • Levi

    31:25 as semi-rx’d…
    Had to go back and forth between sdhp’s and rowing. Also used 155# bench press for the sake of efficency…bw is 150.

  • kj

    Just under 24 minutes w/ SDLHP and push-ups. Used 8kg kettlebell.
    Note to Kim: I don’t think I’ve ever said “next time more weight” after finishing a WOD. You are incredible!

  • torch

    wow. i’m not so much lilly white as, um, spotted.
    as far as my socky interest in martial arts, that was my childhood. i’m unfortunately not ethnically predisposed to being GOOD at it per se. Drinking and haphazard brawling tactics are more inherent.
    I will make a concerted effort to wear black socks from here on in. to more appropriately represent my ethnic origins.

  • juan

    rumor: 50 day burpee challenge starting soon.
    unconfirmed, so don’t ask me.

  • Jessica

    Think I left a book behind.

  • Hari

    28:59 Sub 135 lbs (88% BW)
    (68,54), (26,20)

  • Max

    28:59 used 85lbs dumbells, a major mistake, i had no one to spot me at the gym so i figured use dumbells, but resetting each time totally sucked. Keith, congratulations, me and my family thank you, and your brothers for your service.

  • Feng

    Thanks a bunch! Midwest regional qualifiers were an incredible experience. Deadlift/pullup WOD was a beast. I will be keeping a keen eye out for the NE Qualifier results. 🙂 Good luck to all competing!

  • Rickke

    16kg KB SDLHP
    ring push-ups with 25# plate on my back
    (I agree with Mike – this felt much harder than BP. My current 1RM for BP is 135# and my body weight is 142, so I still have a long way to go, but this felt like a great & challenging sub.)
    This was a tough WOD. I should’ve pushed myself to row since I hate it so much.
    Thanks, Dan, for the help with the plate and great job managing a packed class.

  • Paul

    Subbed Ring Dips with 40 lbs in the vest and a 35 lb KB. Would have liked to do the bench, but this was a good sub. KB high pulls sucked.

  • Jeffrey B.

    22:38 w/ 45# SDLHPs and ring dip push-ups

  • Matt K

    Rx’d Bench Press 185 lb (weigh 175) and Rowing
    Well did 50 SDHP because worked with Ryan and Josh and there are only two rowers, after that the race was on to finish bench so you got a rower.