Thank God it’s Rest Day

But we never rest at The Black Box, so come on down to get your WOD on!
Friday 090515
Black Box Rest Day WOD:
5 rounds for time of the following:
5 KB Single Leg Deadlifts (L & R)
10 KB Overhead Squats (L & R)
15 Knees to Elbows

6, 7, 8am; 12:30pm: Instructor’s choice
6pm Power Cleans or GHD Situps and Back extensions
6:30pm Black Box WOD
7pm “Cindy” or GHD Situps and Back Extensions
8pm Black Box WOD
Happy birthday to Rickke, who is the first of many of our lunchtime attendees yesterday who decided to play around with box jumps. When we say “jump!” you say, “how high?”

Jacinto shows the young bucks how it’s done, with no warm-up and in jeans no less:

Don’t be baby!
Foraging: getting the lay of the land
How David beats Goliath
The dangers of imbalances, and how to fix them
The rule of 112
Lower back savers
Sugar: from sweet to sickening
Has overweight become the new normal?

And as a lagniappe, Paleo and beer: Juan eats what he wants


  • Tony T.

    Happy Birthday Rickke.

  • Davi

    I love the video of Jacinto. Giddy!

  • Alexei

    Happy Birthday Rickke!
    … if I may ask, what’s the origin of your name? (I mean… that’s an odd way to spell ricky…)

  • Steve-O

    Where and when is the rest day dinner again?

  • Gabe K

    David beats Goliath link is broken….here it is for those that want-

  • Gabe K

    On another note, on my commute today something crossed my mind from last night that really stuck with me.
    For those that were there, we had a ton of beginners last night. Levi was talking to a couple before their class…and he said something that seems to sum up a lot.
    Basically, “I used to when I go to the gym around my day, now I plan my day around going to the gym.”
    Well put.

  • torch

    Happy birthday Rickkie!

  • Kelly

    Happy Birthday Rickke! I haven’t seen you since CFE that day, hope to see you soon!

  • Jeff

    rest day dinner
    @ The Half King on 23rd and 10th
    there is no list
    just show up around 7:30

  • Gabe thanks for pointing out the broken link. Fixed now.
    Funny thing is, I had planned on posting that story before I saw that CFHQ had it as their Rest Day article. Great minds think alike, apparently. ; )

  • Rory

    Happy Birthday Rickke!

  • Josh R

    Gabe, I read what you wrote like 10 times. Wtf are you saying, is that english? Maybe I’m still drunk from last night…

  • Alexei

    I think he meant to say “I used to plan when I go to the gym around my day, now I plan my day around going to the gym.”

  • Jeff

    Please don’t forget that our very own Keith Z is running a 100 mile ultramarathon tomorrow for charity to benefit the children of fallen Spec Ops personnel.
    For those of you who haven’t met him yet, Keith Z is Marine who suffered leg and head injuries from an IED. He’s a tough bastard and is pretty damn good at WODs too. Plus, he met Ozzy Osbourne.
    You can help out here:

  • Jeff

    In other racing news this weekend, our very own Grace (not the WOD) is running the Ragnar Relay (albeit alongside non-CFers). It’s a team effort to run from Woodstock to the Bronx.
    Unfortunately, there’s no way I can mention this right after posting about Keith Z’s 100 mile single effort charity race without diminishing this by comparison.
    Let’s wish her luck!

  • Juan

    rest day 5k

  • Kirk

    Happy Birthday, Rikke!
    (do you get burpee exemptions from 100 day challenge if it is your birthday?…)
    oohrah to Keith Z! It’s damn impressive what he is doing and it is for an important and too often forgotten cause. Let’s help him out, people!
    Rest day, my ass…
    So much for my “active rest” today. Anthony looked at me at 7 AM and said: “I was going to do CFE…rowing” and that was that.
    After a nice 800m warm-up and a few various rowing drills
    we did “Death by 10 Meters”… Wrong, all wrong:
    With a continually running clock, do 10m the first minute, 20m the second minute…until you can’t complete the distance in one minute.
    I failed on the 24th round.
    Anthony was the champ and didn’t fail until the 26th round! It was awesome.

  • Gabe K

    Sorry Josh. Was really cracked out on some espresso this am.

  • I just got to donate $250 on behalf of the CrossFit NYC & CrossFit Brooklyn to Keith Z. and also dug out my personal credit card to add on another $50.
    If you can give anything at all, please do. What Keith is doing is amazing and the charity he’s running on behalf of does such great work.
    It’s quick and easy to sponsor him:
    Thank you, everybody.

  • Mike

    Happy Birthday Rickke!
    Good luck to both Grace and Keith Z this weekend!

  • Lt Gabe

    15:18 Black Box wod
    20kg KB

  • Aaron

    In no specific order…
    1. Happy Birthday Rickke
    2. Best of luck to Keith — thank you for your service and inspiration
    3. Best of luck to Grace
    4. — as someone who loves to compute, I’m speechless…

  • Rory

    Made up the power cleans WOD:
    The difference between 175 and 185:
    At 175 I can throw the bar up to eye level and pretty much do whatever I want with my body to catch it.
    At 185 I have to really drop under the bar and get my elbows around fast to catch it—tasks at which I fail.
    In retrospect I wish I had tried a few more times at 185 to get my form right and actually hit it. Next time.

  • george

    made up ghd wod.
    13:09 as rx’d
    came home and conked out hard. slept for 1h20m. this wod hit me hard.