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Wednesday 090513 (68) (31)
Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 One legged squats, alternating
15 Pull-ups
Post your choice of girls and rounds completed to comments.
Compare to 090209.

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Joe S. power cleans 225# and makes it look easy:


  • Scaling options for these 2 workouts, courtesy of the CrossFit Brand X forums:
    Here is the scaled version of Cindy (Chelsea’s impatient little sister)
    Big Dawgs:
    as Rxd
    Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
    3 Pull-ups
    6 Push-ups
    9 Squats
    Complete as many rounds in 12 minutes as you can of:
    5 Pull-ups
    10 Push-ups
    15 Squats
    Complete as many rounds in 12 minutes as you can of:
    1 Pull-ups (or 3 Jumping Pull ups)
    4 Push-ups
    7 Squats
    Complete as many rounds in 10 minutes as you can of:
    1 Jumping Pull-ups
    4 Push-ups
    7 Squats
    No scaling for Mary. Its a Big Dawg workout.
    Puppies and Buttercups: If you cannot do pull ups do jumping pull ups.
    If you cannot do push ups, DO NOT do knee push ups. Do box or wall push ups instead. For a great push up progression see the free CF kids journal.
    Please note that despite the opinion of CrossFit Brand X, “Mary” can indeed be a scaled workout. There are lots of ways to scale it and your class instructor can offer plenty of suggestions for that.

  • Jeff

    the list
    Tony, Torch, Jess (coming late), Jeff, Davi, Sophie, Good Sam, Manny, Jeffrey B, Luke S, Mike, Josh R, KJ, ABoJo, Kelly, Gabe, Steve-O, Audrey, Craig R, Nikki G, Larry, Luke F, Avery, Dan O, Hari (coming late), Elizabeth, Kim, Tripp, Juan G, Max, Ashley, Annie, Ashleigh, Gavin, Aaron

  • Brett_nyc

    Hari, what time are you doing this tonight? I’d like to pace with you.

  • torch

    Cindy +Rx – 20# weight vest
    15 rds. + 5 pull ups
    Previous, non-weight vest PR 22 rds. and some change. The vest was not fun.

  • Alexei

    11 rounds + 5 pull ups + 4 push ups
    1 round more than I did less than a week ago on

  • KJ

    Started the day with Cindy. 10 rounds + 5 pull-ups.
    Swapped from the blue band to the green after a few rounds and definitely didn’t read the thing about no knee-pushups.
    While I’d like to give a shout-out to the round of Matt’s that make up the 6am regulars, I am already looking forward to being able to attend the 6pm class tomorrow. Mostly for that extra hour of sleep…

  • Kirk

    Jet lag is your friend…Wide awake at 4 AM, I decided to come in early.
    A monumental morning at the box. Did the 6 AM workout with Jacinto, Kj and the Matts…
    Modified CF warm up (no pull ups) followed by 2 rounds of:
    10 Medball chops R, 10 Medball chops L, 10 medball cleans, 10 medball swings.
    Cindy as Rx’d, C2B pull-ups all reps, all rounds
    23 Rounds (PR)
    Then, as if that wasn’t enough, stayed for the CFE with Brian. Usual excellent coaching – new drills and tons of form work.
    We ran 6 laps of the inside of Madison Square Park with 2 min. rest between laps. Moderate pace with serious focus on time. Many thanks to Brian for the excellent feedback and form correction! (however, he sucks for the nasty midline stabilization work we finished with… that was rough)
    GREAT morning at the Box.

  • Rickke

    1 min jump rope (with a few double unders)
    10 14# med ball cleans
    1 min jump rope (with a few double unders)
    10 14# med ball chops (each side)
    10 14# med ball cleans
    10 14# wall ball
    15 rounds + 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 13 squats (so close!)
    My first Cindy since doing a 1/2 Cindy during Elements in January. I didn’t do chest-to-bar on these. Not there yet, but I will try the next time Cindy comes up.
    Cool down:
    500 meter row
    daily handstand practice

  • Hari

    I’ll probably get there around 7:15 – 7:30 and be able to go then or at 8:00.

  • Brett_nyc

    Hari, I’ll be there a bit earlier, but thanks anyways. Guess I’ll have to pace myself.

  • Brett_nyc

    Strong work Joe. work on keeping your arms straighter and longer until you get into the hang position. Your arms started bending with the weight about 3″ off the ground (way too early).

  • Davi

    Arrr. I wanted to be at the CFE this morning, but I went to bed way too late and knew it would be counterproductive with everything else I have to accomplish today.
    Hope you’ll run some more morning CFEs in Manhattan next week.
    Also, when y’all do your CFE workouts in CP, how do you deal with your belongings?
    I have tried running with my backpack, which is definitely not made for running, and it’s a ridiculously bumpy ride.

  • Reagan

    Mary as Rx’d
    9 rounds + 5 HSPU + 5 One legged Squats
    Black Box (99,99)

  • juan

    21 rounds + 7pushups

  • Eva Braun
  • Tripp

    Mary as Rx’d
    11 rnds + 5 pullups (68, 66)
    Today was a very surreal WOD for me. I signed in two lines below another CrossFitter named Trip, although minus my extra “p.” I think that’s only the second Trip(p) I’ve met.
    This was my first time doing Mary. The slowdown for me was the pistols, which were very ugly looking. The pullups get tough, but only because my skin is weak!
    Looking forward to Friday!!

  • michelle

    happy to be back at the box.
    Keith: “michelle you are a mess today”.
    Michelle-“no I’m just a mess period”
    keith ur awesome. looking forward to no band sooner rather than later.

  • jacinto

    AS RX’D 21 rounds
    the only way I could explain
    my pr is that I did it in my yard
    where I have my pull up bar.It was nice and breezy
    nice cool air. Oh yeah how sweet.The old bastard is
    feeling good.

  • Davi

    Jacinto – in addition to your PR, congrats on pioneering a new form of haiku
    Hands like an old shoe
    cracked, grated, and screaming red
    Chalk! Where are you now?

  • Levi

    Mary – 11 rounds + 5 hspu + 3 assisted pistols

  • jim

    made it to rd 27 but didnt complete… 26 + 5 + 3.

  • Kirk

    Jacinto! Congratulations on the PR. Nice Work, Papa!

  • george

    some very impressive scores; especially from that old guy! 🙂
    17 rnds +5 pullups +10 pushups

  • Jeffrey B.

    Cindy, you minx! 18 rounds + 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 1 squat. PR.

  • Dave A

    Mary for the first time ever
    9 rounds.
    Pistols sucked and slowed me down.
    Greg’s cash out was fun. Nope.

  • Aram

    Cindy 13 (85,42)

  • Brett_nyc

    16 rounds + 10 pushups
    sub par today, day 6, I hate this wod.

  • Tony T.

    17 rounds + 5 pulls + 3 pushs.
    PR by 4 rounds from last time.

  • Grace

    14 rounds of Cindy.
    PR by 3+ rounds.

  • Joe

    Cindy rx’d
    24 rounds 5 pulls 6 pushups

  • Ryan

    Cindy 18 rounds
    first time, so guess thats a PR?

  • Mike

    Did chest to bar pullups
    16 rounds, 5 pullups, 3 pushups.
    3 more rounds than last time which was 2 weeks after elements, did normal pullups last time too.
    Jacinto, congrats on the PR! Awesome work!
    (22, 20)

  • Davi

    Wrist strain and not wanting to do too much damage before my performance tomorrow led me to do my own WOD today. I also wanted to work specifically on jumping rope.
    Thanks to Jeff for strategizing with me, Craig for being my cohort (co-gimp?), and Greg for cheering me on (even if you were nowhere to be found when I called time) and being a general source of good vibes in the gym.
    double under practice
    200 singles
    25 GHD situps
    pinca mayurasana (forearm balance)
    DLs 5 X 135, 5 X 155
    Modified “Mr. Joshua”
    5 rounds for time
    200 singles on the jump rope
    30 V-ups
    15 165# deadlifts
    ~22 min

  • Max

    26 rds, plus made it to 8 squats, and i made sure to wrap my hand real good today so i didn’t have chopped meat like last time…ouch.

  • Hari

    19 Rounds + 5 pull-ups
    (68,54), (23,19)

  • Carlo Barbara

    10 rds with dead hang pullups, the kip isn’t there yet. 11 rds if you count the box jumps I did.

  • Paul

    19 rounds exactly.
    First time doing this so felt pretty good.
    Most of the pushups were sets of 5-3-2 after the first couple sets. Pullups were all unbroken and good. Squats were mostly 10-5.
    Could have rested less. 20 or more next time.
    (Two HUGE blisters on my left hand too. Awesome.)

  • Kurt

    15 plus 7 push.

  • Chris O

    Cindy – 14 rounds + 5 pullups, 7 pushups
    pushups really held me back. also need to push the pace some more on the squats
    great ab cash out from greg. it pays to know how to count
    (12, 10)
    YTD (63, 47)