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Tuesday 090512 (68) (30)
Power clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.

CFE this week:
Tonight, 6:30pm @ Columbus Circle, Central Park
Wednesday 6:45am @ Black Box Manhattan
Saturday 10am @ Black Box Brooklyn
Sunday 3pm @ Black Box Brooklyn
Didn’t you know, CrossFit is for picking up boys! (Tripp is the lucky boy in the middle. Clockwise from top right: me, Elizabeth, Jess R., Avery, Davi. Photo inspired by this.)

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What are your crossfit superstitions?

Sad face as a function of intensity


  • Jeff

    Tonight I apparently benched over 10 foot-tons of work. That sounds like a lot.
    How about that?

  • Jeff

    On April 25th, Allison posted on the CFNYC blog an April 21st article by Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple, “Did Humans Evolve to Be Long-Distance Runners?”. His answer is no.
    About two weeks later on May 10th, Allison posted an April 22nd article by Tyghe Trimble of Popular Mechanics, “The Running Shoe Debate: How Barefoot Runners are Shaping the Shoe Industry”.
    The PM article references Christopher McDougall who was interviewed by Katherine Hobson of U.S. News & World Report in an April 28th article, “Born to Run: Christopher McDougall Says Humans Evolved to Run Like the Tarahumara”.
    Even though Sisson’s article predates the publication of the PM and U.S. News & World Report articles, he directly responds in opposition to many of the points made by McDougall regarding the topic of whether or not humans are evolved to run long distances.
    What are your thoughts?

  • Jeff

    Btw, apologies if the US News & World Report article has already been brought up.

  • Jeff

    The endurance running hypothesis, the idea that humans evolved as long-distance runners, may have legs thanks to a new study on toes.
    posted by Allison on April 12th

  • Kirk

    First morning back after East Timor. Nice to have a heavy lifting session after 10 days of swimming and spear fishing for my workouts…
    Tried the 0600 class for the first time (being wide awake at an ungodly hour due to massive jetlag helped…)
    First time doing heavy cleans since I injured my wrist doing them a few months ago:
    185, 195, 205 (PR), 205(F), 195, 205 (F), 195
    So… I PR’d by accident – I had it in my head that I was lifting 195 for my heaviest lift and not 205… I couldn’t figure out why it felt so hard as my previous PR was 200. Clearly, not recommended to do math while dealing with huge jetlag. Yes, I should have gone to 200 when I failed at 205… Again, I blame the jetlag for lack of proper brain function.
    Good, solid, WOD

  • Alexei

    The endurance hypothesis is… not very good imo. Have fun running away from sprinting-built predators (which is how all predators are made… they close in on their prey in one giant really fast leap) if your body isn’t made for sprinting and rather for running really slowly over looooooooong distances… especially after running after a piece of meat for 3-4 hours prior to that.
    On a question about shoes… are nike frees good/decent pose running shoes? I’ve been contemplating getting a pair to replace my current gym shoes which are pretty much dead (and can’t get vibrams b/c of my size 14.5 feet…). Is it worth the investment? Is there something better out there available in my foot size?

  • juan

    the article on crossfit superstitions is beyond lame.
    If anything, writing the weight down before lifting it should motivate you to get that effing weight up. Don’t let silly superstitions limit your training.
    That said, anything regarding any kind of juju and pregnant women is not anything to laugh at. I will start checking to make sure the plates face out on the barbell every time.

  • KJ

    First of all, thanks for all the helpful replies yesterday.
    Made it to the 6am and was introduced to the power clean. My WOD consisted of doing practice cleans until the repetitive motion started doing weird things to my left arm on the way down. Not much weight, but tons of helpful tips on form. Thanks, Jacinto!

  • Rickke

    Lots of form work today, so I didn’t go heavier. I need to work on getting my elbows up and under the bar faster and into a half squat instead of standing mostly straight up. Thanks for the help this morning Jeff & Jacinto.

  • JoeR

    I played 18 holes of golf in the Bronx wearing my Vibrams this weekend. It was really enjoyable.
    BTW, Mark Twight/Gym Jones made the WSJ today (pg D11).

  • Kirk

    For anyone interested, here is the link to the WSJ article featuring Mark Twight:

  • torch

    Alexei. CFE does not consider Nike Frees good pose shoes. They advocate pure racing flats and recommend the Adidas AdaZeros. They also have links to various trail running shoes off the site. As far as in-the-gym, a lot of us, myself included, work out barefoot (well, in socks). That can reduce your wear on new shoes. I do it mostly because of my martial arts background.

  • Zach Singer

    I know there was some talk of this recently– I think brought on by one of my posts.
    Anyway – I want to get a camcorder, and was wondering what experiences people have had with them. I definitely want to get an HD camcorder, and would like to get as much recording time as I can with it. Hoping to spend about $200- $250 or so.
    Thoughts? Experiences?

  • Jess R.

    A non-CrossFit related post.
    I’m wondering if there are any Leonard Cohen fans among our Box members: I suddenly find myself with one extra ticket to his concert this Saturday May 16th. It’s a great orchestra seat for $129.00, at Radio City Music Hall and I have no doubt it will be amazing.
    If anyone’s interested please let me know, Thanks!

  • Mike

    One of my coworkers has this one.
    You can probably get it cheaper than amazon has it for too. The video quality is good and it’s very user friendly. Its not a full featured camcorder, but its pretty good for simple videos and stuff.

  • Reagan

    Power Cleans
    Black Box (98,98)

  • george

    are the platforms fully functioning at the box? ie the rubber covering the carpeting?

  • juan

    i love cleans cbecause im so bad at them
    finally got 175
    thanks for the coaching levi and joe.
    155 – 165(fail) – 155 – 160 – 165 – 175 – 175(fail)

  • sara

    Good day!!! Don’t think I’m using my legs enough though… 130 felt A LOT heavier than 125

  • sara

    Good day!!! Don’t think I’m using my legs enough though… 130 felt A LOT heavier than 125

  • I snagged Jess’s Leonard Cohen ticket, just FYI.

  • Aaron

    Jeff, is it too late to put my name on the list for Friday?

  • Jess

    Yay Allison, so glad you’re coming with me! It’s going to be great!

  • Rickke

    Zach – I recently got this as a gift:
    All the specs you’d want to know are in the link. I’m certainly not an expert on these things.
    Since it was a gift, I obviously didn’t put in the research into what made sense for me before purchasing. I was primarily looking for something simple and small to record my form in movements where I would benefit from watching my errors (over and over). It’s turned out to be a good fit for what I need so far. You’re welcome to use it to see if it’s what you’re looking for. I’m usually at morning WODs and occasionally evenings, so let me know if you want to give it a try and I’ll bring it by the box.

  • Levi

    175 Fail
    180 Fail
    185 Fail

  • juan

    How to take care of calluses on your hands (video)
    the dremel might be a bit much, but still pretty cool.

  • Levi

    It might be worth it for you to go over to B&H Photo & Video on 34th and 8th. They have a decent selection of camcorders that you can actually pick up and use..and you usually cannot beat their prices anywhere.
    Also, I buy all of my electronics from|c:129|lp:200:hp:499.99|&Sort=4
    I sorted their camcorder products by price ($200.00 to $499.99) and they have some really great options in the $200 – $250 range.
    Something to think about is what kind of format you want…tape, flash memory, hard drive, straight to DVD, etc. I assume you’ll want something durable that you can take with you to the qualifiers or to the gym. If so, flash memory is a great option. There’s no moving parts in flash memory no tape deck with fragile parts to worry about. Or, straight to DVD HD camcorders are a super convenient option for people. It just depends on what you want.
    Also, check out the refurbished camcorders on TigerDirect. You can probably get a $400 or $450 camcorder for $250.
    Hope that helps!

  • Zach Singer

    Thanks for all the input guys. I have been jammed at work and haven’t had any time to look into it, but I’ll check later.
    Levi, sounds like you know quite a bit about this – any chance I could give you a call to talk a bit more sometime?
    Feel free to get in touch with me by phone or email.

  • torch

    worked up to a 43.5″ Box Jump as a cash out.
    Afternoon – CFE WOD, running – 16 rds of 10 sec on, 20 sec off. How much distance can you cover? 0.8 mi

  • Max

    175, 195, 205, 215fx3, 210 f

  • george

    power cleans
    215 (f)
    220 (f)
    220 (f)
    not a very good day – i was really slow with my elbows and was not getting under the bar enough – at all. my elbows are really sure- not sure if it is from the pull or from the downward force on the joint since my elbows were not all the way around.
    i don’t think the heavy squats yesterday helped my speed or coordination.

  • Brett_nyc

    not a great day
    225F, dropped the bar on my knee, sucked
    135 Power snatch x 10
    Squat clean PR is 255
    Hang power clean PR is 235

  • carlo

    155F, 155F, 145, 150, 155, 160, 165F, 165F
    pulling too much with my arms, need to get a bit more upright early, lead with the hips.

  • Steve-O

    This is off topic but I’ve seen a bunch of adjustable wire jump ropes around the gym. I’ve been searching the internet but can’t find one. Anyone know where I can get one?

  • Alexei

    Got up to 165#. Did 4 reps of 5 as warm ups (in retrospect way too much…), and 5 attempts (last 2 failed). Left triceps pain and 7:30 beginner’s class prevented me from trying a 6th and 7th time.

  • george
  • Steve-O

    Thanks George!

  • Joe

    145, 155, 160F, 160, 160F, 160F, 150

  • Jeffrey B.

    125,135,145, 150F,135, 145, 150
    Tired and weak. Not happy with the load today.

  • Aram

    135 145 155 165F 155 160 160 (85,41)

  • Paul

    First time doing power cleans from the floor.
    185 (bad form)
    185 (good)
    195 (good form)
    215 (PR, not great form)
    Need to work on getting full extension at the explosive part of the lift for next time.
    Sore from doing “Grace” yesterday too.
    Excuses, excuses.

  • Hari

    115, 125, 135, 145(F), 140(F), 140, 140
    (68,54), (22,18)

  • Mike

    205 – just muscled this up, no explosive movement
    205 – better
    225 – no extension at all, pretty much reverse curled it
    225 – pretty good
    235f – very close
    not enough extension nor dropping back under quick enough on the last 2.
    Need to work on the timing when pulling from the floor, as none of these felt heavy at all. I feel like I should be able to get a lot more as my technique improves.

  • Davi

    A triumph!
    Thank you to Brian D for last week’s coaching – it was very helpful today.
    3 rounds of 15 squats, 5 skin-the-cats, 10 back extensions
    a bunch X 45
    5 X 63
    5 X 73
    1) 83
    2) 93
    3) 103
    4) 113 (f)
    5) 113 (f)
    6) 108
    7) 113 (PR)
    note to self: shoulder shrug. Do it.