Ms. Liz sez, “Happy Birthday, Torch!”

In Manhattan:
#51 M/W/F @ 7:30pm, starts May 4th
#52 Tue/Thur @ 8:30pm, starts May 5th
#53 M/W/F @ 8:30pm, starts May 11th
#54 Tue/Thur @ 7am, May 12th

In Brooklyn:
#7 M/W/F @ 7pm starts May 11th
Thursday 090430
21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds
Ring dips
Post time to comments.
Compare to 090129.

SIGN UP FOR OUR CFE RUNNING SEMINAR, SATURDAY MAY 9th with the birthday boy, Torch!

Happy birthday to our man in Brooklyn, Torch!

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  • Allison Bojarski

    SCALING OPTIONS from the CrossFit Brand X forums:
    Big Dawgs:
    As Rx’d
    Women 95#
    scale the weight to 95-115# for men/55-75 for women
    If you can’t do ring dips do 2X the bar dips
    Dumbbell cleans
    Bar Dips
    If you can’t do do bar dips do 1.5X the number bench dips.
    Dumbbell cleans
    Bench Dips

  • Craig Parcells

    This Saturday CrossFit Hoboken is holding a Prequalifier Workout. It is an opportunity for all local CrossFitters to come and Workout with the best in the Region. This event is designed to better prepare the local Crossfitters for the rigors of Competition up in Albany. We will be holding 2 workouts. The First at 9am and the second at 12 pm.
    Click here to sign up

  • Rickke

    9:41 – subbed 95# to work on clean form and skinny purple band for dips. I should go up to 115# next time.
    post-WOD finisher of sorts:
    2 sets, 3 reps 115# cleans
    20 burpees
    handstand practice

  • Erik

    Kind of have a fireman question…
    Woke up this morning and my building was on fire, not sure where and there are 17 floors. The only reason I knew to go outside my apt door was because of the distinct smell of smoke and what was definitely someone speaking loudly into phones. The hallway had a definite tint of smoke and I would assume the floor the fire actually was on was much worse. My question is, I definitely didn’t hear any fire alarm or anything to warn me to get out of my apt and leave. I was told everything was fine, but isn’t it illegal to not have that in a building?

  • Alexei

    95# power cleans, tan band
    Feel like I oversubbed… Next time with RX’d cleans and smaller band or maybe real ring dips.

  • Craig_Cinci

    Everyone who thinks they oversubbed or should go up in weight should try this with squat cleans next time. It’s a very different workout.
    I’m sure a lot of people will debate me on this, but anytime Crossfit says cleans and nothing is specified, that means SQUAT CLEANS!

  • torch

    4:06 – Rx’D power.
    Craig: I disagree with you in the assumption of squat cleans, but don’t want to touch off a debate. I know a year or two back that the assumption certainly was squat included, but that seems to have shifted (i.e. the Josh Everett “Isabel”, etc). I do agree that this sucks much much more with the squats added in.
    As a middle ground, everyone please specify whether you squatted or not!

  • Alexei

    Craig, that’s what I meant. I believe (correct me if I’m wrong), but this workout is doable with more weight with squat cleans, at the tradeoff of a slower time due to having to a squat instead of just bringing the bar straight up to rack position… right?

  • Aram

    14:31 w/95# squat cleans and purple band (77,35)

  • torch

    Although, Elizabeth does fall into that timeframe of assumed squats. Eh.

  • Craig_Cinci

    That’s insanely fast Torch. Looks like all those PU are paying off.
    I don’t think it’s shifted at all. The squat clean is still the prescribed clean, but if you’re trying to go really, really fast then power cleans are much easier.
    Alexei, that’s partially correct. Most people can squat clean more than they power clean because the extra depth allows them to get under the bar. It takes more time because the squat clean is way more physically demanding than the power clean. Doing squat cleans would probably add at least 2 min to your power Elizabeth time. There are a couple of videos of Greg Amundson doing it both ways on the main page that are worth checking out.

  • David Osorio
  • Gabe K

    Didn’t know CFNYC bought CFSBK…talk about a lack of “fact checking”

  • george

    power cleans and regular dips as i did this at equinox and didn’t have rings.
    torch – that’s insane.

  • Kerry Novilla

    Hi all,
    I’m really excited about tonight’s beginner class! First timer here, what should I be expecting?

  • Levi

    Welcome! You should be expecting to learn a little bit, have a great workout, meet some wonderful people, and most importantly, have a great time. Oh, and expect to be a little sore tomorrow…

  • Alexei

    That entirely depends on how sadistic the trainer who does tonight’s beginner class is…

  • Zach Singer

    Fire and brimstone, Kerry. Maybe some human sacrifice (if we can’t lay our hands on a ritual goat, of course) and mystic chants to the gods, being the cult that we are.
    In all seriousness – come with an open mind and eagerness to learn. Expect to have yours eyes opened and to experience working out on a new level. This is your ‘dip your toe in the shallow end’ phase — most of us did that and then jumped right the fuck in the deep end of the proverbial pool. You’ll have fun, learn, and get a hell of a workout.
    And Levi is right on — expect to be sore tomorrow…and Saturday too and possibly Sunday. This is normal, and the more times and more often you come, the more your body will become accustomed to being worked like this and being sore. But you’ll still get sore.

  • Kim

    This is a random question, but has anyone ever experienced a sensation that can best be described as a feeling like their muscles are leaking?

  • michelle foxman

    i just want to say that after reading the rom-fmeale membership discourse from the other day-having not been to the box in over eight weeks-with a return planned for next week-when i show up i know i am going to want to be
    and Tony (of course)

  • Tony T.

    Of course, Michelle.

  • Allison Bojarski

    Sorry for the tardiness of the b-day wishes for Torch–we didn’t have his birthday listed in our database so I had to find out through the trusty Facebook as he was quite tight-lipped about the fact that we was about to turn another year older.

  • Sara

    You have some mighty lofty goals! Totally kidding… if I were you I might shoot for being just like one of the other totally amazing women at the box!

  • Allison Bojarski

    Hey guys and gals,
    I just left a comment on that Time Out NY article that David Osorio was so kind as to link up in the earlier comments, trying to straighten out some of their incorrect “facts” about us.
    If you have a moment, it’d be swell if you could go over there and leave a comment about how you love training with us.
    We’d appreciate it a whole bunch!

  • Davi

    wow, you people and your blazin’ fast times РI can’t imagine it!
    17m30something seconds
    (used skinny lavender band for dips, full squat cleans)
    started at 83#, went unbroken to 12 reps and then my back started hurting something fierce
    Keith came over and sorted me out (I wasn’t landing with my feet wide enough to squat without compromising my back) so I rolled around on the ground/stretched for a bit, did a few reps without weight on the bar to get myself back in action, took it down to 63# and finished off the workout with considerably better form and no back pain

  • Alexei

    Happy Birthday torch!

  • KJ

    Kim, I’m not sure I’ve had that one. After the GHD workout, I did feel like there were jumping beans in my abdominal muscles whenever I stretched them, and even that went away after a few days. Are you talking about post-workout, or during?

  • Kim

    KJ, the ‘leaky muscle’ feeling is post-workout, usually starting a few hours after and lasting into the next day.

  • torch

    Thanks! Not so much that I’m tight lipped as I’m already getting hit with b/t 2-4 birthday WODs today, courtesy of the BK members!

  • Hari

    Happy Birthday, Torch!

  • Mike

    Happy Birthday Torch!

  • juan

    14:27 (squat cleans)

  • juan

    hah, just read the TONY article CFNYC got 6/6 on the Barf-o-meter it also suggests an alternative for wusses: The judgment-free zone at Planet Fitness.

  • Kirk

    Torch, I was going to call you all sorts of nasty things after you posted that heinous time… and then Allison said it was your birthday… So, Happy Birthday!!! (…punk…)
    Seriously, enjoy your day – you deserve it after today’s WOD.

    As Rx’d (Power Cleans)
    Note: * You suck Brian! *
    Had some horrible pain in my arm during the dips. Considerably lessened after some Z-Health voodoo from Court. That stuff is freaky cool.
    Props to Anthony for his solid form on the dips all the way until then end. Nice work, buddy!

  • Brett_nyc

    Happy Birthday Torch. fast time.

  • Allison Bojarski

    Thanks to all of you who left kind comments on the Time Out NY article. Keep ‘em coming!
    P.S.: CFE Running Seminar is filling up fast, just FYI…

  • Tripp

    Happy Birthday Torch!!
    Erik -
    I’m guessing you live on 28th Street? The fire was on the 7th floor there this morning. To answer your question, multiple dwellings in NYC are not (generally) required to have a centralized alarm system. The basic requirement is for the landlord to provide each apartment with smoke and CO detectors. Only commercial buildings, hotels, and places of public assembly (generally) are required to have a fire alarm system. Since you said your building is 17 stories, you live in what we term a “fireproof” building. That means unless the FDNY is telling you to get out, you are safe in your apartment!! In fact, in choosing to leave your apartment on your own, you are more likely to hinder our operations than if you remain in your apartment.
    On another note, if you’re reading this blog post and don’t have RENTERS INSURANCE, I highly suggest you get it. Even if the fire is not on your floor, there’s a good chance you’ll sustain damage if your building has a fire. Water and smoke are very destructive, as is the process of fire control and extinguishment. Renters insurance is usually around $200 annually and is well worth it!!

  • torch

    Haha. Kirk, if it makes you feel better, the members out here have started to give me special little cashouts after every class. In the first one today, they were devious enough to feed me a donut and coffee first! I have a few more to go i’m sure!
    Thanks again guys!

  • Erik

    Thanks so much Tripp… yeah I live on 28th st. That’s good to know just a little confusing to see smoke when you wake up.

  • Adam

    Erik was there smoke in your apartment if so did your smoke detector go off? Failed batteries are a no no, change them twice a year don’t wait for the chirp, THAT GOES FOR EVERYONE, sorry to sound like a dad but close to 11 years i have seen damage that a working smoke detector would have prevented.
    8:06 hang cleans #95-bad form thanks for the corrections court!

  • Max

    Wow, Torch that is a blazing time. no time for me my watch screwed up halfway through. Day 8 100 burpees

  • Rory

    As long as we are diagnosing mystery ailments, here is one that’s been really bugging me the past few wods:
    When I get really out of breath, like desperately heaving for air in the last 1/3rd of a wod, my left ear “pops” like on an airplane. It stays pressurized (or whatever you want to call it) for the rest of the wod and a while after (maybe ten minutes?). I feel totally out of whack, which screws up mental focus for the rest of the workout, and breathing is harder (although not that much, surprisingly).
    I’ve had some mild allergies/sinus pressure lately which I’m sure is related, but a) is this dangerous/cause for concern? and b) how can I prevent it or at least mitigate it?

  • Brett_nyc

    Power Elizabeth in 5:27
    Cash out: CTB Pullup ladder on the minute for 11 rounds

  • Reagan

    Elizabeth as Rx’d with Squat Cleans
    Black Box (90,90)

  • Mike

    9:11 – power cleans and strict ring dips (no kipping)
    (12, 12)
    need to make it to more WODs – granted it was a busy month for me, but 12 for the whole month of April is not consistent enough

  • juan

    when does the 3pm wod kick off?? Is it still in the works?

  • Davi


  • Avery

    15:40 minutes
    90# power cleans
    ring dips with thinnest lavender band
    The pull on the cleans were noticeably not close enough to my body during the last set. Tends to happen when I get tired, I start pulling out with my arms in a mini-arc. Frustrating.

  • Tony T.

    75lbs squat cleans
    Thinnest purple band for dips.
    Happy birthday Torch!

  • Hari

    14:52 Sub 100 lbs
    (68,54), (16,13)

  • JoeMa

    21 clean (sub) 65#
    21 (sub)jumping ring dips
    15 clean (sub) 65#
    15 (sub) jumping ring dips
    9 clean (sub) 65#
    9 (sub) jumping ring dips