CFE Seminar, Saturday May 9th!

CFE Seminar Saturday, May 9th with Kevin “Torch” Williams
9am to 4 pm with an hour for lunch
$150 for members, $175 for non members
Please note that if you are currently enrolled in Elements but not a member, we can arrange the $150 rate but you will need to contact us at infoATcrossfitnycDOTcom (please put “CFE Seminar Discount for Elements” in the subject line).
Max of 20 people will be allowed to attend, SIGN UP NOW!
What will occur in the seminar:
Evaluate current running technique:
Overall Posture
• Head, Eyes & Shoulder Position
• Arm Swing
• Hand Position
• Stride Length
• Stride Frequency
• Gait
• Pronation
• Foot Position
• Foot Angle
Discuss proper technique
Review and execute running drills
Video analysis
Discuss programming the combination of crossfit and crossfit endurance and how Less is More! Train Less, Go Faster!!!
Torch shows us the POSE lean:

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  • Alexei

    What is the location?

  • torch

    We’re still determining that. Probably the Manhattan box. Will confirm and advise on the blog.

  • We’ve already sold 3 spots to this. If you’re interested, I’ll again advise signing up sooner as opposed to later!
    Should be a pretty amazing seminar.

  • juan
  • Alexei

    Speak of the devil, I watched that last night while drinking hot milk recovering from the flu. Pretty good. Can’t say I agree with everything, but it is pretty damn good.
    As a first generation immigrant (even if I was a small child when I came to this country), I would have to say food in the USSR was a lot better than here in America. Nowadays, its true value comes out – everything was 100% organic, all the animals raised in humane conditions, fed on pastures (my parents joke about this when they get together with their friends). “Fertilizer” meant manure 99% of the time. And tomatoes tasted like tomatoes, and cucumbers tasted like cucumbers. Most families had a “country house” with a rather extensive garden which provided, at least for my family, close to half of the fruits and vegetables we consumed (and my parents were scientists, not farmers).
    That’s not to say it was always like that, and that other aspects of life in the country didn’t suck, but that is definitely a part of the USSR I knew.
    When I came to America, everything tasted terrible. Tomatoes tasted like watermelon peel, cucumbers might as well have been plastic bottles of water, bread tasted like cotton balls, and hot dogs were a mix of butter and salt. I couldn’t eat any of the food, and this almost killed me as I got so thin my immune system damn near shut down…
    Anyway… anyone know where I can find some tomatoes that will actually taste and smell like tomatoes in NYC?

  • Alexei

    … and I completely forgot to tie in that anecdote to where I was going. After watching that movie, it really made me think about just why everything tasted so different here, and I cannot help but think that GM food was just another step in a bigger and scarier progression in American food, that almost cost me my life at one point.

  • Davi

    Alexei – NYC greenmarkets for all your produce needs (Union Square is the biggest one in Manhattan)
    it’s a little early for the tomatoes
    there are tasty greenhouse grown ones from a nearby farm, but wait a bit and you’ll have a tomato extravaganza
    there are amazing varieties grown near here

  • Kirk

    Focus on the CFE people!
    I could cry as I will be in East Timor and miss this! (story of my life lately).
    I highly recommend it to EVERYONE. Even if you are not planning on “running”… It will improve your running whenever it comes up in WODs. It’s amazing the difference it makes.
    Take advantage of these opportunities when they come up.

  • KJ

    I am pumped!!

  • Mike

    Just signed up, looking forward to this.
    Running is one thing (among many) I know I can improve a lot on.