Freedom of the press

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Tuesday 090428
Shoulder Press 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.
Compare to 081201.

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  • From the CrossFit Brand X forums, some tips for today’s workout:
    Today everybody is a Big Dawg. If you are unsure how to do this you can check out the vid of the kids here (ignore the amazing push press at the end)
    Also here is another vid from the mainsite:

  • Kirk

    Shoulder Press
    155, 165, 165, 165, 165, 165, 155
    Tabata GI Janes (burpee pull-ups)
    lowest set: 4

  • Sara

    75, 80, 85(PR), 85, 85(F), 80, 80

  • Hari

    I may have been less than clear in my Sunday comments regarding ROM. It is not my position that we should run around criticizing one another’s form, unless that criticism is intended to be constructive. Most form problems are not due to a lack of trying, and all of us have form problems in one or more exercises.
    My point is that we should be more demanding of ourselves when it comes to range of motion. If you squat below parallel with your knees collapsing inward, you have a form problem, but not a ROM problem. Such a squat ‚Äúcounts‚Äù if you go below parallel and stand all the way up. There may be many other things wrong, but certainly the rep should count. (There may be other safety issues that warrant an intervention. I’m not advocating poor form!)
    If you kip perfectly, but you don’t fully extend at the bottom or get your chin over the bar, then your problem is not with your form; it’s with your effort.
    In doing the work (= force times distance), ROM determines the distance, and less than full ROM means less than full work. On the other hand, poor form can actually increase the amount of force required to move the weight, resulting in more effort to accomplish less. For example, it you let the bar get in front of you when you press, say, 100 lbs, you may need to apply 105 lbs of force to get it over your head, this is because the force is not aligned with the direction of movement. (A more precise definition of work is: force applied in the direction of movement multiplied by distance.) If you power clean and then full squat, you do the work of a squat clean; you simply are going about it less than efficiently.
    My point on Sunday was that we shouldn’t get into the habit of fooling ourselves. If you can’t do HSPU’s, then you should be aware of how much less than full ROM you are doing and work and work towards improvement.
    There is no question that people make tradeoffs. For example, if you can do a maximum of five pull-ups, odds are you are not going to do twenty sets of five perfect pull-ups to get to 100. If you’ve thrown away the band, you’ll probably start with full ROM and end up with something less. I have no criticism with that, except that you will have no idea how much work you really did. It is for that reason that you might want to consider hanging on to a thin band and at least knowing that you got full ROM, albeit with a force on each rep decreased by the contribution of the band.
    In sum, you shouldn’t be paranoid about your form. (If that were so, I’d be terrified to walk into the Box on most days). You should however be concerned about your form, for reasons of safety (e.g., not rounding your back) and efficiency (maximizing the constructive application of force). You should be very concerned with your ROM.

  • Jeff

    shoulder press
    warm up
    45# x 10, 95# x 5, 135# x 3, 155# x 2
    165# fail x 2, 160#, 155#, 160#, 160#, 165# fail, 160# fail, 155#
    My pressing strength has gone down steadily since 081101 when I got 185#. Since then I’ve gotten 175#, 170# and 165# in the following pressing WODs.
    back squat
    160# x 20

  • juan

    shoulder press
    135 – 145 – 155 – 160Fail – 155Fail – 145 – 150Fail
    3 rounds
    5 HSPU
    20 burpees

  • Jeff

    Does anybody have any advice on a strain to the brachioradialis?

  • Rickke

    Shoulder Press 7 X 1
    My PR is 110 from back in February and I haven’t been able to hit it again since. Thanks for the tips, Court.
    Thanks, Juan, for the post-WOD finisher:
    3 rounds for time
    5 HSPU (I used 1 ab mat)
    20 burpees

  • Davi

    shoulder press
    warmup 45 X 5
    65 X 5
    85-90-95-100 (F) – 100 (F) – 97 (F) – 96 (PR)
    Juan’s wacko finisher
    3 rounds
    5 HSPUs (with one ab mat)
    20 burpees
    7:49? or something like that?
    Man, you boys can strict press so much! I’m chasin’ after ya, Rickke. 🙂

  • Davi

    Jeff – re brachioradialis
    you know how I’ve been complaining of pain in my left wrist? It’s directly linked to stress/tightness in the brachioradialis.
    What hurts ya? and when? I have some thoughts and the best start, in my opinion, is to get someone to palpate it some for you and alternate heat and ice later (bath time! woo!). But, as always, it’s to say anything without knowing exactly what you mean.

  • Davi

    Allison – thanks for the almond link.
    I just sent it to my dad (well, my mom ’cause my dad doesn’t do computers and maybe my mother and I can join forces to harass my father into eating almonds).

  • Max

    155, 160f, 155f, 150, 150, 150, 150, day 6 100 burpees. FYI I am building some interest for a crossfit queens college which should be starting up during the spring semester. I know this is 6 months away, however i am going to be putting in the paperwork within the next two weeks. If anyone has friends who go to queens college and are interested or if you want to help it would be greatly appreciated. This is going to be a non-profit venture that is coming from the love of crossfit. My email is

  • bad sam

    About the whole form-police business, whether it be pull-ups, ring dips or whatever.
    There are a number of crossfitters who take crossfit very seriously, and intend on going to the games, or doing other athletic events. I assume that these people care about doing every movement “perfectly” and that’s great.
    However, we shouldn’t forget that there are a great many people, the majority I should say, who started crossfit because of one thing, it was fun! This is a fact we should never forget. Not every crossfitter is competitive, not every crossfitter even cares what their time or score was. Not every crossfitter cares how many wods they did consecutively.
    A lot of crossfitters only do crossfit to stay in shape or look good. ie: They don’t care about the competitive aspect at all.
    Now I have no problem if Zach, Justin, Hari or whoever else wants to do ring-dips so their chest comes below the level of the rings with zero kip. That’s awesome, everyone has their own goals.
    But I think being so strict on people about form isn’t very fun and isn’t necessarily going to foster a great atmosphere. Bringing this up, I think, is just going to encourage people to constantly be correcting each other, or calling each other out, or even snitching on other people who “aren’t being legit”.
    I personally, have never liked people calling me out on form in the middle of a wod. It annoys me quite frankly and others have told me likewise. If I have something to say about form, I usually leave it until after a wod. In general i’m focussed on one thing, SAFE form, sure if someone is way way out of ROM i’ll mention it, but I could never be super strict about that.
    We try and foster a sense of fun and excitement at Crossfit and when I see someone enjoying themselves and really bust their gut out during a fight gone bad or fran, do I really want to deflate them afterwords by saying, yeah that great and all, but all your pull-ups were 0.5 cm from being legit so your time doesn’t count.
    We wonder why there are so few girls at the Crossfit NYC, perhaps they don’t want to join a super competitive gym? Perhaps a lot are intimidated or just don’t like being called out on ROM. Hell, this probably doesn’t only apply to girls but guys too.
    I’m over here at Crossfit Mount Baker right now. Based in a relatively small city, it’s packed from morning till evening and they have a lot of female clients, in fact, more women than men. They also let members be as hardcore as they want. They don’t enforce strict ROM. That allows those members who want to just have fun, do just that. The beasts still get to be beasts.

  • jim

    cfe 6:15 columbus circle.

  • Max

    The Fall semester of 09

  • Justin “thor”

    I agree completely, hence the reason I was “stirring the shit” a bit yesterday… That being said, it can be fun and people still can get incredibly fit, by focusing more on learning the movements and trying to strive for what Coach calls Virtuosity of movement. I think one thing that takes the fun away from it a lot of times is this insistence that if its not as R’xd then it is somehow sub -standard. Believe me, even doing every single workout scaled is still more work than most people do on any given day. I also think its why women make better crossfitters and are easier to coach.
    And Max, I work pretty close to Queens College so if there is anything I can do to help you out, let me know man.

  • Brett_nyc

    185 Ties PR
    185 fail
    185 fail
    185 fail
    135 max reps, 8

  • juan

    sara/jeff/and anyone interested
    Gonna go to the Chelsea rec center pool at 1pm, in case you guys decide to go before 145pm. Max whats up brother? PAST is coming up.

  • Aram

    115,125,130,135,135,140F,135F (76,35)
    Was inspired by all the talk of dead hangs to follow this up with some. They’re totally easy now. I’ll be back when I can move my neck again. 😉

  • Steve-O

    count me in for the crossfit QC and i’ll start asking around school

  • Davi

    I’m planning to tumble tomorrow. Noon @ Chelsea Piers. I know there’s been some interest.
    The Wednesday class is generally a good time to go if you’re new – a little slower paced.

  • jim

    ADD crossfit type of night. ran to 59th st for cfe. 10x100m sprints at 100% effort. ran to box. 95,115,125f,125ffff,. weighted pullups almost kinda at 48kg ~ 106lbs. ran home.

  • Rory

    110, 115, 120 (PR), 125f, 120f, 115f, 110
    (+1 extra at 115 after Court told me my entire approach to the bar and breathing was wrong)
    Glad to have 120 under my belt. Feeling confident that 125 is definitely in me with proper breathing and not being completely worked from yesterday’s wod.

  • Levi

    Not a great lifting day for me at all.
    167.5F, 165F, 155F, 155, 160F, 160, 155

  • Reagan


  • JoeMa

    w/u bar x5
    w/u 55 x5
    w/u 65 x5
    w/u 75 x3
    1 x 85
    1 x 95
    1 x 95
    1 x 95
    1 x 95
    1 x 95
    1 x 100 (fail)

  • juan

    On critiquing ROM, I agree with Sam. It is the absolute worse to get messed with mid-wod. The worse. But I definitely agree with some of our self proclaimed beasts keeping each other in check. Good ROM is just plain good manners. Work should definitely come before time.

  • Hari

    125, 127, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134
    68,54), (14,12)

  • Chris O

    135, 140, 145f, 145f, 135, 140f, 135f
    a really crappy day. 15lbs off my pr. just never felt strong. could be the 3 week layoff I have had.
    (10, 8)
    YTD (61, 44)

  • Tony T.

    85, 95, 105, 115, 120F, 120F,
    5 lbs off my PR.

  • Jeffrey B.

    135, 145, 150, 155, 156F, 156F, 150F