Hey, buddy

Saturday 090425
Today’s schedule for workouts:
10am: free beginners’ class
11am: “The Filthy Fifty”
noon: Black Box WOD or “Michael”
1pm: Black Box WOD or 7×1 deadlifts

Black Box Rest Day Workout:

“Battle Buddy Bar”
4 Rounds for Time
40 Front Squats
40 Hang Power Cleans
40 Push Jerks
200 Jump Ropes
Done with a partner, sharing a 95# bar (or scaled down in weight as needed). Only one person can work at a time. Bar cannot touch the ground. Both must do half the work (20 reps of each exercise and 100 jump ropes per round).
Post chosen workout and time or weights to comments.

Go fast, breathe slow
Nutrition quick-start from Albany CrossFit

Batman…and crossfit?!
Coddled eggs!
Did humans evolve to be long-distance runners?
The power of goal-setting


  • Hari

    Survey Question # 1:
    We are thinking of adding a weekday 5:30 PM WOD class on official WOD days (but not on Rest Days). The 6:00 PM WOD class tends to get crowded on WOD days, and we suspect a fair number of people might prefer a slightly earlier class. On Rest Days, the need simply isn’t there, so if we go with this idea, we would leave the current Rest Day schedule unchanged. Thoughts?
    Survey Question #2:
    Are there any other changes, scheduling or otherwise, that you feel would improve the quality of your experience at Black Box?

  • Brett_nyc

    I think a 5:30 class will help with crowding during the 6 and 6:30 classes.
    I’d like more cubbies for my stuff. Sometimes they’re all filled up. Maybe some designated place to sit before wods begin.
    Enjoy the nice weekend everyone.

  • Sara

    I would love an afternoon class… I know this doesn’t work for ppl on a 9-5 schedule, but for college students it’s ideal and might increase your number of college age members. I also know, speaking from experience, that money is an issue for us students, and even at the discounted rate it’s expensive. Something to think about is catering an afternoon class starting in the fall for students… They could pay a discounted rate but only be allowed to come at the time. I’d totally be willing to help in recruiting some ppl if this is something you’d like to consider.

  • Hari

    FDNY members have expressed have a strong interest in a 3:00 PM WOD class. How does that time fit?
    My sense is that by reducing the number of people in the most crowded WOD classes, we will leave some space available for people entering and exiting, but the problem is finding a way to clearly delineate that space; it seems to be a function of what WOD is going at any given moment.
    The cubical problem has a more obvious solution. We should build another row or two on top of cubbies of the current three rows.

  • Steve-O

    As a college student the 3:00 class sound great. I would attend that most days of the week. I would attend the 5:30 class on the other nights.

  • martin

    A 5:30 class would be a most welcome addition!

  • Lt Gabe

    Did one of the MidAtlantic Games WOD today at PCF…
    400m run
    OHS 95#
    Box jumps 20″
    rx’d + 4″ on the box jumps – 11:07

  • KJ

    I’d be a huge fan of a 5:30 class as well 🙂

  • How was the buddy WOD today?
    Day 1 of the gymnastics cert out at CFSBK was awesome, we had a bunch of Black Box representation in full force! Looking forward to more tomorrow.

  • Davi

    I am in favor of 3 pm and 5:30 pm WOD classes. I am basically in favor of anything that permits me maximum flexibility. 🙂
    Come see my show, people!
    Today @ 2 and 7:30
    Frederick Loewe Theater on W 4th between Greene and Washington Square East
    FREE! YAY!