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“[N]othing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”
–Benjamin Franklin
Wednesday 090415 (68) (11)
Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings (or 55 pound dumbbell swing)
12 Pull-ups
Post time to comments.
Compare to 090301. (Note that class was cancelled 090301 but we did make-ups of this workout on 090304.)

CFE workout 6:45am, meet up at Black Box (26th St.)
CrossFit Games video with our inspiration, Jacinto! (at the 0:33 mark)
jacinto screenshot
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  • Scaling options for “Helen”, courtesy of CrossFit/Brand X forums:
    Big Dawgs:
    as rx’d
    women 35# (i.e., 16kg KB)
    3 rounds for time
    Run 400 m
    21 dumbbell/kettlebell swings, 35-45#
    12 pull ups
    women 25#
    3 rounds for time of
    run 400 m
    15 kettlebell/dumbbell swings, 15-25#
    9 pull ups (assisted, or beginner pull ups)
    3 rounds for time of
    run 200 m (run/walk)
    12 kettlebell/dumbbell swings, 5-10#
    6 pull ups (assisted, or beginner pull ups)

  • juan

    10:20 at Brooklyn

  • torch

    7:57 Rx’D at BK
    Reminder, CFE/Park WOD Saturday morning (10am) at McCarren Park. Weather is supposed to be nice. I want to see Manhattan represented.

  • chad

    “When you lift, it’s not fun to do core,” Buck said. “You’d rather do curls for the girls…”
    Go Royals…

  • Brian

    in manhattan
    started at the scaffolding on 26th street, turned left at Broadway, then left @ 27th st. to 6th Ave. and back. It turns out to be 590m. (as per
    So the early morning crew ran 570m extra.
    kettlebell swings on the street,
    pullups on scaffolding.
    I guess we could significantly reduce the distance to be Rx.
    by the way great CFE class this morning, you guys really pushed it. nice work!!!

  • Erik

    I had a question regarding this workout. Well actually two, first did anyone else have trouble with the pullups after yesterdays workout, felt like my hands were shot.
    Second, at a certain point is it smarter not to push yourself to much on the run so that you have enough energy to push through the swings and pullups without stopping? Or is the majority of your time going to be cut during the run so should this be the main point of focus. I was having a difficult time planning this WOD out and wanted to know some other opinions.

  • Alexei

    11:something this morning, had to sub jumping pullups because the scaffolding turned out to be way too short and close to the wall for me to do pull ups and Jacinto didn’t let me do them in the X bars that are in suspended over the middle of the sidewalk ( :(! ). Did 36 pull ups when got back up from street… found out that they’re easier (and also easier to sustain a kip over a few of them in a row) if I spread my arms out a bit more on the bar.
    Also did my first unassisted ring dip on the normal rings before the WOD…

  • torch

    The workout yesterday would fry your grip and some of your pulling musculature (technical term?). So that is certainly something a lot of folks can expect.
    There is something to going at about 70-80% on the runs to save something for the remainder of the workout. Also, you see a lot of people smoke the first run and then die on the last two. Picking a pace you can maintain for all three while under the added strain from the swings and pulls is smart. For me, I was trying to keep under 90 seconds for all the runs

  • OK, whose blog is this?
    Apparently he/she trains with us here at the Black Box but I can’t figure out who it is.
    Time to ‘fess up!

  • Tony T.

    11:26 with one pood.

  • Sara

    15:27 as rx’d… Apparently I’m REALLY slow…

  • Mike

    9:41 rx’d

  • Kirk

    Saludos de Bogota, Colombia!
    Training at altitude is a bitch.
    At 8662 ft, Bogota puts Denver (5280 ft.) to shame. I can’t get over just how much elevation affects the ability to perform…
    Did a short workout yesterday morning to see how I would feel:
    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
    Sit ups
    I was destroyed! This is a Jacinto warm-up, or a post-WOD WOD!!!
    Did the CFE workout last night and felt much better afterwards than I had after the morning workout. Warmed up with the classic CFE .5 mile run and then worked through the drills Brian has taught us. No way to measure distance, so I just ran my ass off following the rest/ run times. I felt really good about my POSE running – I had asked Brian for some advice on maintaining form and the piece of advice that stuck in my brain and really helped was to “Think of running on hot coals”.
    Today I would have loved to do Helen, but with no KB, dumbbell of enough weight or pull up bar… I did another great Jacinto WOD which he just sent me (thanks Jacinto!):
    8 RFT:
    10 Push Press (30# DB)
    10 Burpees
    Totally felt like this should have been faster – I was feeling wiped after the third round! Was all I could do to convince myself to keep going… By the end of the WOD it was the closest I’ve come to meeting Pukey in months.
    Will be training at Crossfit Bogota as of Thursday when the owner is back. Should be a joy…

  • Davi

    First Helen (I think – maybe did some variation with Keith, but without running)
    13:11 w/20 kg (except for 3/4 one round when I accidentally picked up someone else’s KB) and waiting for the elevator on one round
    also discovered that last weekend’s run/row/burpee thing had me running something other than 400 (I started at the box, ran through the courtyard, then along 27th St to Bway and back around to the box)
    As Allison said, even our 400 m are constantly varied! 🙂
    Kirk – I am really eager to go to Colombia. Have an amazing time! And tell me what you think of Ciclovia!

  • jacinto

    Kirk I learn that wod at the cert I change it to 8 rounds for time,but it was as m r as p in 10 min.And you killed it,Way to go

  • Brendan

    8:48 rx’d
    was on pace for a huge pr and then tweaked the old SI joint in the last round. Balls.

  • Aram

    11:55 (68,31)

  • Steve-O

    9:20 as rx’d

  • Max

    9:33 subbed in a 500m row because i was at the queens college gym

  • Brett_nyc

    9:12 @ the BBB
    PR by 30sec, all reps unbroken, runs in POSE were smooth but need more speed next time. Legs were def more fresh for the KB swings.
    post: Big tire to overhead.

  • 9:45

  • Grace

    13:29 with 1 pood

  • Rickke

    9:29 as Rx’d
    Great 8pm class today. Greg – thanks for making me pick up the 1.5 pood KB. Kenny – good job on the L sits post-WOD!
    (9, 6)

  • isaac

    9:46 with 1 pood, and I used a purple band for my pull-ups.
    My first time posting.
    I think I should have used a heavier bell – I had a little too much left for the 80-some-odd squats that Greg closed us out with. It felt like something of a mark of shame to finish first.

  • Reagan

    As Rx’d 13:56
    Black Box (79,79)

  • jim

    8:32. bbb. that was hard.

  • Davi

    If you’re the Isaac I think you are (or even if you’re not) – YAY!

  • Hi, Barefootinny is my blog. I am a new to crossfit but have been following the websites for last four months.
    However, I havent really been training at blackbox (except a beginners’ class last Sunday).Tomorrow is my (scaled) wod#100. Very excited about it! I will try to make it for another beginner class.

  • Kevin P

    9:09 bbb
    Slowed down too much on 2nd and 3rd run.
    No hip pain though. Got to start running more.

  • Jeffrey B.

    RX 10:03, sans vomit, but close.

  • Rickey

    11:55 with 1 pood, and black band for pull-ups. After two pull-ups i could feel the hang power clean from yesterday in my forearms and was reduced to 1 or 2 at a time.

  • Jeff

    ran the courtyard circuit, 2 pood
    first WOD going chest to bar with chin grip
    missed two chins and made them up: one wasn’t full extension; I fell short of the bar on the other

  • Levi

    11:14 as rx’d