Monday Make-up Madness

Latest on Elements Workshops:
#46 starts tonight and still has some room left!! (M/W/F, 8:30pm)
#47 is SOLD OUT!
#48 has 3 spots left (M/W/F @ 7:30pm, starts 4/20)
#49 (7am) is SOLD OUT!
#50, #51, #52 all have availability…

#5 starts tonight and still has a little space! (M/W/F, 7pm)
#6 starts 2 weeks from tonight (M/W/F, 7pm)

Monday 090413
Rest Day on the Main Site but come on down to the Black Box to either make-up one of the last 3-days’-worth of WODs or do our own creation:
Black Box Rest Day WOD:
Partner Workout!
Teams consist of two partners.
* One partner does 15 one-arm kettlebell swings each arm while the other gets as many burpees as possible during swings. Record burpees.
Then each partner carries other partner in a fireman carry down & back the length of the gym. Switch.
* One partner does 15 one-arm kettlebell push presses while other partner gets as many pullups as possible during push presses. Record pullups.
Then each partner wheelbarrows other partner down & back length of the gym. Switch.
* One partner does 15 one-arm kettlebell high pulls while other partner gets as many air squats as possible during high pulls. Record squats.
Then each partner inverse wheelbarrows other partner down & back the length of the gym. Switch.
Switch roles for a second round.
For time and bodyweight reps.
6, 7, 8am & 12:30pm: Instructor’s Choice
6pm Row, Burpees, Run or Black Box Rest Day WOD
6:30pm CrossFit Total or Black Box Rest Day WOD
7pm 30 Muscle-Ups or Black Box Rest Day WOD
8pm CrossFit Total or Black Box Rest Day WOD

Bonnie Bassler: Discovering bacteria’s amazing communication system (TED Talk)

The video to show all your friends who are baffled by your having “gone paleo”
His ways about food are old, but for the blog
Smoky venison chili

The “unknown and the unknowable” doesn’t have to refer to something scary, ya know…
CFWSC on old-school gyms and crossfit

Beloved dog’s killing reopens old wounds for former Navy SEAL (who was there when Murph died)
Sophie works her ring dips with a stretch band for assistance:


  • Court

    My heart goes out to Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell in the cruel loss of his dog. I commend his self-restraint in apprehending his dog’s killers. The man deserves a break after what he’s been through.

  • Rory

    Did a Cindy this morning with Jacinto. 11 rounds. Most rounds did 3 kipping pullups and 2 band pullups, 2–3 full pushups and 7–8 knee pushups.

  • Sara

    Did rowing, burpees, run
    20:57 as Rx’d
    Running definitely getting easier!

  • Brian

    CFE tuesday @ Central Park, columbus circle enterence 6:30p
    Wednesday morning @ Black Box, @ 6:45A
    Sat with torch, 10:00a @ crossfit Brooklyn
    Sun with Kurt, 3:00p @ Crossfit Brooklyn

  • George

    let’s lock in people!

  • george

    does anybody have jon gilson’s email?
    he’s locked in!

  • Rickke

    Made up the fun row, burpees, run WOD — 18:13.
    Still trying to find an exact and optimal (few pedestrians and cars to compete with) 400m run near the box. I went down the stairs, right out the door to the park, through the park right on 27th until about half-way between the park and Broadway, and then turn around back to the box. This seemed to work, but may have been a little short. Thanks for timing me and for the encouragement this morning, Tony.
    (7, 5)

  • Davi

    George – what are you talking about?
    Right-o, who’s Crossfit Totaling with me tonight?
    And who wants leftover matzah/matzah ball soup/matzah brie? I am bringing it to the Box. Clearly, not paleo, but very tasty (at least the soup, which I made, is).
    My paleo/Zone Passover seder was, I suppose, what they call a “cheat” day. All paleo, but I’d estimate I consumed about 10 million fat blocks in coconut/almond cake and a few hundred carb blocks in the form of roasted peppers and apples yesterday. Right on for someone who’s trying to lower BF! 😀

  • Tony T.

    Squat – 175, 185, 190PR
    Press – 115, 122F, 122F
    Deadlift – 185, 185, 225F
    Total – 490. Last time I did 535.
    Thanks to Rickke and Jacinto for the deadlift help since my form sucks. I went down to 135 to work on some reps.
    I won’t be there tonight but there have been suggestions that Gabe and I partner up for the fireman carry. Not sure if he can handle carrying all 138lbs of me.

  • george

    i posted this yesterday
    Knee is still f*ucked up. Last week was my first week attempting to come back to a normal training schedule and f*ucked my neck up something aweful.
    Wii fit called me obese! I weigh 197! Heaviest I’ve been in years.
    In the words of diddy. I need to get LOCKED IN.
    It starts now.
    otherwise – FOCUS
    Let’s go – Lock in!

  • Brett_nyc

    George, Jon Gilson runs Again Faster. you can probably find his email through that site.

  • george

    i’ve emailed the like info@againfaster type email to no avail. i can’t seem to find his personal email. i guess i’ll just call the number.

    Bret’s locked in by the way! you seen that kid front sqaut – like 285 or something.

  • Jeff
  • Zach Singer

    I’m still not completely following your whole locked-in thing. What’s your email address though, George?

  • Mike

    I’d really like to make up the 30 muscle-ups, but I don’t think I’m gonna make it there tonight.
    Last time I did that it was my 2nd post-elements WOD and the first time I had attempted a muscle-up (key word being “attempted” at that point). Will have to make it up another time.

  • Zach Singer

    Being a blog whore today — forgot to include why I was posting…
    First…yes, is his address. I just spent the weekend with him and a bunch of other awesome HQ trainers at the SBK Cert and he is a ridiculously awesome guy.
    I cannot say enough about the quality of the Cert and the amount of knowledge and information that they pack into one room and one weekend. It was absolutely incredible. Great to see a couple other NYC guys there too.

  • george

    thanks guys. i got in touch with him.
    i guess i have really just lost some focus these last few weeks with these injuries and have been slipping a bit; mentally and physically. I know i am stronger then i was, but since i don’t regularly weigh myself it kinda freaked me the f out how much i weighed and how quickly i can fall back into bad habits.
    After I graduated college, I traveled in europe and jumped off a big cliff cause a stress fracture in my lumbar. I was fucked up really bad.. came home, gained a ton of weight, wasn’t working and my cousin died on 9-11 in the WTC.
    I hadn’t run since probably my last lacrosse game my senior year in college. Somebody gave me “Healing Back Pain” by James Sarnoff and I finished it in one sitting and said, “fuck this i don’t care how much my back hurts; i’m running” I went outside and ran two miles. I had not done anything phsycial – including walk very well in 5 months.
    From that day on I “Locked it in” and went from 215 to 175 in three months. This is the most i’ve weighed since then – so i am just trying to motivate & you people are the best motivation I’ve got.
    Sooooo, i just need to verbalize my focus and lock it the f*ck in!

  • Rory

    Speaking of knowledge and information, what happened to the skill-focused rest day workouts? (cf. )
    Personally I would really enjoy the opportunity to really focus on the details of specific movements without the pressure to up-the-weight/reduce-the-time that comes with main site WODs.

  • Levi

    If anyone can lock it in, it’s you.
    Lock. It. In.

  • Brett_nyc

    I was at a Rip Cert in DC this past weekend and would highly recommend it to all members of the Box. Seriously, everyone I’ve ever seen at the Box should go. I think the biggest take away is that increasing Strength is the one general fitness adaptation that will improve the other 9 potential adaptations. (Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, Stamina, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, Accuracy)
    By first examining the Squat, Press, Bench Press, Deadlift, and Power Clean in terms of the best anatomical and mechanical efficiency, the modifications to form and technique during practical training are much easier to grasp. For strong and weak CFers this is a highly recommended cert.

  • chad

    forget make-ups, folks. you gotta try the rest day wod. fun, and a good workout.

  • george

    levi is locked in!
    pound for pound maybe the stongest guy in there!

  • Steve-O

    30 muscle up – 12:18
    Felt pretty good after that so me, Josh and Greg did a modification of today’s WOD. We did 3 rounds so we each got a turn with the KB, but only did 10 reps, and we each did the carries. 19min and change, lots of fun!

  • Davi

    My first Crossfit Total = 520
    SQUAT 195, 205, 215 (epic failure of stability! so glad only a few people saw that debacle…)
    PRESS 85, 90, 92 (fail) and then, for fun and after some useful input from Court, I tried one more time and nailed the 92 without difficulty
    DEADLIFT 205, 225, 275 (ha! strategy fail! 225 felt easy and I was advised to add FIFTEEN to each side, but somehow my brain/ego/whimsy heard that as FIFTY. Would’ve been pretty sweet if I’d lifted 275. Realistically, I probably should have just gone for about 245)
    Now I know where to start for next time.
    Had some handstand/paralette fun with Martin and Adam and then did the bonkers rest day WOD. Thanks to Stephanie for letting me execute my first fireman’s carry run!
    Used the 16 kg kettlebell for the WOD
    then we worked overhead squats for form

  • Row, Burpee, Run