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Wednesday 090401

Black Box Rest Day WOD

Take your pick from the following options:

Bench Press 1-3 sets, 8-12 reps
Behind the Neck Press 1-3 sets, 8-12 reps
Bentover Rows 1-3 sets, 8-12 reps
Curls 1-3 sets, 8-12 reps
Lying Tricep Extensions 1-3 sets, 8-12 reps
Squats 1-3 sets, 8-12 reps
Calf raise 1-3 sets, 15-20 reps
Crunches 1-3 sets, 8-12 reps

For the ladies:
Pink vinyl dumbbells
Tracy Anderson Method
Physique 57
Lengthen and tone with Pilates!

For the men:
12-set arm blitz
One and done

For everybody:
The Ornish Diet
Our top 8 stability ball exercises
Why the vegan diet is best

Elizabeth (left) and Jessica R. show us why every woman must lengthen and tone:

Coach Court show us why the preacher curl is in every real man’s training arsenal:
Court goofing around with curls


  • Jess


  • juan


  • Jeff

    I’d use a stability ball for:
    1. push ups: for people who can do them on rings yet
    2. advanced plank holds: for people who can’t keep their bodies flat on push ups
    3. dumbbell benching: it’s easier to get underneath heavy dumbbells if you sit on the ball and then roll underneath them. This allows you to bench more than you can curl/clean/kick up. There’s also a little assistance at the bottom because your arms can bounce off the ball at the bottom of your ROM.
    4. stretching: it make my lower back feel good
    5. home use: they’re easy to store
    6. entertainment: anything you do involving a stability ball is inherently funny

  • Davi

    stability balls are great, in my experience, for:
    bouncing on, sitting on, draping yourself on, and, most importantly, attempting to whoosh them between your legs when you’re 8 years old and cracking your ankle against a post in the living room while dancing as your babysitter plays “Hello Dolly” on the piano.
    Many other uses as well, I am sure.

  • Rory

    That preacher curl looks pretty complicated. WIll we be learning that in Elements tonight?

  • max

    Wow, it is not the fact that what those articles are talking about is absolutely ridiculous, but the fact that I used to buy those magazines and tak their advice as dogma. Now rember everyone feel the burn with those bicep curls, and have a great day

  • That overhead squat with the stability ball (in the links) looks damn hard. I thought I could overhead squat a ton of weight but the ball still seems out of my league. Does anyone have any tips on working up from 115kg OHS to the ball? They just seem worlds apart.

  • Craig_Cinci

    Is there a schedule for making up WODs tonight? FGB at 7?

  • Chris O

    I’ve always been told that squats are bad for your knees, so can I do the leg press machine instead?

  • dan def

    Craig, I’m in for FGB at 7 if that is OK with all.

  • george

    i saw laird hamilton jump up on a stability ball and balance on it – i was impressed but thought i could do it as well.
    we used to have a few floating around my old trading floor, so i tried it. i wish i had it on video.
    barefoot, i jumped on top of the 24″ ball trying to grab/grip it with my feet. the ball simultaneously slipped out from under me and catapulted me into the air. i landed laid out completely horizontal. i couldn’t breath because the wind was knocked out of me and everybody around me was short of breath from laughing. they said i was laid out horizontally about 5 feet in the air.

  • Allison Bojarski

    Happy April Fools’, everybody!
    In serious matters, today’s make-up schedule:
    12:30pm: Instructors’ Choice
    6pm: FGB
    6:30pm: Black Box WOD or “Nicole”
    7pm: FGB
    8pm: Black Box WOD or GHD sit-ups/back extensions
    No comments yet on Elizabeth and Jessica’s bendy powers? Behold the magic of yoga and ballet! I’m really enjoying watching each of them catch up on strength commensurate to their flexibility powers. Once they get there, they’ll be completely unstoppable. They’re already pretty damn awesome at the WODs. Certainly their form/technique is ahead of the curve for how recent each of them are to CrossFitting…

  • Allison Bojarski

    Oh, and thanks to Court who came up with the title for today’s post, the “WOD” and the link to stability-ball exercises (which inspired me to go in search of other awesome-tastic links).
    I’m asking Court to provide a REAL Black Box WOD today, and once I get it from him, I’ll post it here so we can offer that as another option for today’s classes.

  • Justin”thor”

    Yeah, Elizabeth will be a complete monster in the O-lifts once she nails the form on those.

  • Kirk

    REALLY wanted to do supersets of strict curls and lying triceps extensions and then maybe some spot fat reduction on my abs, but Jacinto had other plans…
    I was very happy to be able to move this morning and not have seized-up abs. In fact, they were pretty alright.
    Made up Fight Gone Bad, or as we say on April Fool’s Day, “Fight Gone Worse”:
    348 (PR by 41. Sweet)
    Oddly enough, there were five of us there for the 7 AM. Just like last time, the planets aligned.
    Seriously improved my Wall Ball, SDHP and the row, about the same in Push Press, and slightly down in the Box Jump… Weird.
    So many factors could affect these things – when I did them in the order (not the same as last time), my sore abs, overall improvement, more practice of some movements (although in that case I expected the Box jumps to be better). I did do the Row last this time with the idea that I would improve what is my worst number in FGB with the concept that I would have a rest right after… I was only slightly faster the first two rounds, but kicked ass blasting to the finish.
    Thanks to Keith for the rowing coaching/ form corrections at the end of the session and thanks to Jacinto for the motivation as always.

  • Allison Bojarski

    “Modified Sissy Test”
    Alternate between the following two movements:
    20-19-18…-1 reps of burpees
    1-2-3…-20 reps of heavy kettlebell swings (24 kg men/16kg women)
    (This WOD can be scaled both in KB weight and in reps for those who are new to CF.)

  • Jess

    Thanks for the encouragement, Allison! I, for one, CAN’T WAIT for the strength to catch up to the bendiness! Especially today, as I try to will away the soreness form yesterday’s WOD! Alas, I don’t think it’s going anywhere … CrossFit is still my favorite part of the day!

  • Kirk

    So, I am seriously considering taking up the Ornish Diet. I am especially happy about the “eat as many grains as I want until I am full” bit, and his “encouraging long, slow exercise that uses body fat as fuel. Moderate exercise done on a regular basis revs up your resting metabolism, while some have suggested that short periods of intense exercise decrease metabolism.” – sounds so much easier than Crossfit!
    Of course, I don’t have Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) which all of Ornish’s research is based around… I am not so concerned about a diet that will help me “fare better with respect to cardiac events”…But hey, prevention is the best medicine, no?
    Then, there is that bit about “less food and less calories”. If this is the basis of why I am going to lose weight (supposedly fat) on this diet, then I am going to base the whole thing on Doritos… I’ll just eat less of them.
    Thanks for the fun links, Allison!

  • Speaking of the beautiful bendiness of Jessica and Elizabeth and prompted by Juan recently expressed interest in becoming a pretzel:
    would anyone be interested in some Crossfit community yogurt, uh, yoga?
    I teach a regular, basic, alignment-based class on Saturday afternoons in my apartment to which you are all welcome.
    Might there be interest among CFNYC folks in a rotating practice from time to time with Elizabeth and me (and Keith, should he be so inclined) and any other yogi(ni)s in our midst leading/teaching?

  • Davi

    Also, it was nice of me to volunteer Elizabeth. Should probably ask her if she’d be interested and available.

  • Sara

    230 using women’s weight (I guess that’s 54#?) for the SDHP and push press
    Did this a couple weeks ago in elements with RX’d men’s weight and scored 189, so not really sure how much I improved if at all…

  • Zach Singer

    Where are the 21 gun bicep curls baby!?!? And can we get a quad extension machine for the evening?
    I’ll bring the mirrors, gloves and oil so we can all see how good we look curling and glistening. I’m not sure if we’re working out or prepping for an orgy — but as Crossfit says, ‘unknown and unknowable’ right? Let’s be good little boyscouts today and come prepared for everything!

  • Mike

    LOL! Hilarious post today! I was like WTF? when I first looked at it… can we also work in some sets of really heavy shoulder shrugs?
    I’m in for FGB at 7. Unless by some miracle I’m done with work in time to make the 6 today… or I can just do some bicep curls and work my heart rate up into the “fat burning zone” if I’m there early. haha!

  • Elizabeth the Bendy

    Figured today was as good as any to start posting since there is an obscene picture of me on the blog.
    Thanks to Justin and Allison for the props! I am having so much fun. I knew I was hooked when I started dreaming about pull ups after the second elements class.
    OK Davi, I am in for a little CF yoga hoedown but only if we can listen to showtunes while we down dog.

  • Adam M

    Improvised Fran at 24 Fitness – Inverness.
    Had to negotiate a bunch of people using strange machines and doing various limited range of motion exercises for no apparent reason. Though that may fit today’s WOD theme…

  • juan

    Swim: 12 min @ 95%
    managed about 475m

  • Sara

    Juan: where do you swim? My Columbia membership is up in a month and I need to find a good pool…

  • juan

    I’ve been going to the rec center in chelsea alot lately 25th and 9th its 75$ a year and you get access to all the other rec centers in NY.

  • chad

    i was hoping the ohs would be on the ball, not under it…
    fgb 270 at lunch. precipitous round-to-round drop, not much stamina today for some reason (yesterday’s wod? shake shack?). the impossibility of keeping up with brendan’s 398 probably didn’t help either.
    left my score sheet in the upper-right-hand box. if someone could grab that and stick it behind the desk, i’d appreciate it.

  • Stuart Buck

    No shrugs on the Smith machine? Bummer.

  • Brendan

    Made up FGB today and scored a 400. Pretty excited about that one.

  • Sara

    Thanks Juan! $75 a year? Why didn’t I know about this sooner? Want someone to swim with? Brendan: again, you make me sick…. you’re a beast!!!

  • Davi

    Elizabeth – I think we should SING showtunes while we’re inverted. It’s the only way to practice.

  • Jeff

    Juan and I need a third person/placeholder to occupy one of the rec center weight room barbells while we do a modified Linda.
    Please sign up soon. And bring an extra swim cap.

  • michelle foxman

    so sad but curls for girls is about all im able to do now. miss everyone a lot! sara keep kicking butt! Tony shoot me an email at

  • Jeff
    lifting shoes and thin-soled running shoes (for POSE) at 50% off
    you have until noon tomorrow to order

  • Jeff

    correction: you have until 8:30 AM

  • Chris O

    was peer pressured into doing the sissy test instead of fight gone bad. stupid peer pressure.
    Sissy Test 1.5 pood
    Rx’d 41:00
    (1, 1)
    YTD (52, 37)

  • Mike

    Did Sissy Test as well instead of FGB. 1.5 pood and 20 rounds

  • Mike

    …also I think the rest day was the real April fools joke. 😉

  • juan

    Anybody recommend a good web app that’ll sms the wod as soon as its posted. Going nuts hitting refresh over here.

  • Gabe K

    I did some searching and found 2 setups people have tried. One is a PERL script you can run from your comp. The other is a website that emails the wod. But apparently they only set it up to email at 8am.
    Im on my iPhone but can post links when I get to my comp.

  • Dan R

    Juan, has a feedburner email subscription at
    You should get the email the moment the WOD is posted on the main site.

  • Kurt

    And today’s WoD is…..Muscle failure for three rounds.

  • Josh Ruz

    Hey Davi,
    I’m definitely interested in trying out some yoga. My flexibility (aka bendiness) is pretty sad at the moment…I’d definitely be up for the saturday class.