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Tuesday 090331 (68)
Five rounds for time of:
30 Glute-ham sit-ups
25 Back extensions
Post time to comments.
Compare to 090126.

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A few of our members attended the Brooklyn Bacon Takedown that I posted about last week. ABC News did a story on it, and here’s a screen shot where you can see Sophie and Gabe K. enjoying the bacon yumminess:



  • Allison Bojarski

    SCALING OPTIONS courtesy of the CrossFit Brand X forums:
    Big Dawgs
    as Rx’d
    The Porch:
    Four rounds for time of:
    30 Glute-ham sit-ups
    25 Back extensions
    Four rounds for time of:
    20 Glute-ham sit-ups (Limit ROM unles you are accustom to this movement)
    15 Back extensions
    Three rounds for time of:
    10 Glute-ham sit-ups (to parallel)
    10 Back extensions
    Three rounds for time of:
    5 Glute-ham sit-ups (to parallel)
    10 Back extensions

  • jim

    will there be a CFE class tonight?

  • Totally not fitness related, but as several of our members are fans:
    Hayden Harnett ( is holding a sample sale for friends and family this Wednesday through Friday, at their showroom (16 W 36th St., Suite 501) each day from 11am to 7pm. Clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories, 50-80% off. Spoke with the designer about it, and all CFNYC members are cleared in as ‘friends’.

  • Kirk

    First time for this WOD as Rx’d. I may already be regretting it. Of course, I read Chris O’s post from yesterday and the link to Dutch Lowy’s interesting blog entry AFTER I arrived in the office this morning…
    I would be interested to hear what others think about his comments on some of the “repetitive WODs”, or other WODs that fry you and ruin you for the next few days WODs (easy to see why today’s WOD was before a Rest Day…
    As Rx’d:

  • Rickey

    Have you guys seen the 100 DAY BURPEE CHALLENGE on the Crossfit Albany site? Looks like something fun for CFNYC.

  • Rickke

    11:09 Rx’d – this wasn’t so fun.
    Jacinto’s finisher:
    5 rounds
    6 body weight bench press
    6 clapping push ups
    6 ring dips
    I didn’t finish the finisher, though:
    3 rounds
    body weight BP (6 reps 115, 4 reps 135, 5 reps 125) my actual body weight: 141
    6 clapping push ups (except I didn’t actually clap)
    6 ring dips (unassisted for the first time)

  • Sara

    As Rx’d:

  • Max

    I like the 100 burpee a day challange but we should do something black box original style, like the 100 burpee clean challange. 1 up those fools in albany.

  • Kurt

    And the burpee challenge comes around again. Whatever happened to the 100 days of Angie challenge? Did anyone actually finish that?

  • Brett_nyc

    Dutch kind of makes 2 points for not doing a movement or wod. On GHD situps, he first states that they haven’t helped him improve his own personal work capacity with any other movements. He then states that another reason he avoids them is the long lasting deep pain.
    For an athlete of Dutch’s caliber, I would agree that tons of GHD situps probably aren’t going to increase his overall work capacity in GHDs or any other movements. His body is well pretty optimized and his wod results illustrate this (embarrass/humble us). For the other 98% of us, this is not a valid reason to avoid a particular movement. We have plenty of room to increase capacity in GHD situps and in our non fire-breathing state, they will most likely improve capacity in other movements. ie stronger, more GHD work = more stable trunk = better overhead stability.
    On the point about skipping something due to anticipated pain, this is grey area. Every CF wod will really hurt somebody somewhere, a whole lot. I think the key here is to not avoid any wod, but just to be sensible when actually doing it. Even at RX’d loads, there’s a lot of room to dial Intensity up or down. After the first time I did a wod with 150 GHD situps, I was unable to stand up straight for a week. In hindsight, I probably needed to slow down and not burn out so quickly. The next time a 150 GHD wod came up I was apprehensive to say the least, but I did it, much more slowly and methodically. It was today’s wod, from last time, and I got 12:something, and was no more sore than I would be from the situps in Angie.
    Overall, I don’t think any of us should be skipping wods or movements due to lack of work capacity transference. On avoiding pain, I think intelligent scaling is the way to go.

  • jacinto

    Those are real crossfiters up there in Albany.They really kick a$$.You should visit them one day.

  • jacinto

    Ricky, we did the 100 day burpee challenge last year.And it was a challenge.

  • Hari

    My experience has been significantly different from Dutch’s. I had no problem doing this WOD the last time it came up, but I also make sure to do one set of Tabata GHD situps during each three-day cycle. I almost never rip my hands doing pull-ups, but I also take the time to correctly grip the bar, rather than just jumping on and going. I don’t think I have taken off more than two days in a row during the past year, but I also have never done two WOD’s in the same day.
    In my opinion, the reason most people develop significant CF related soreness and/or injuries is (1) doing the WOD’s too infrequently, then deciding to catch up; (2) refusing to scale rationally; (3) avoiding WOD’s that don’t play to their strengths (e.g., GHD situp WOD’s); (4) not paying attention; (5) doing burpee challenges; (6) under recovering.
    This stuff isn’t complicated. It’s just hard. Some of you will listen when we tell you how to drop the weight, protect your hands, protect your back. Some of you will instead struggle with injuries and/or quit. I find I can detect with about 90% accuracy who will fall into which group.

  • Craig_Cinci

    Hari’s point number 6 is one of the biggest. Under recovery will kill you. CrossFit is hard & you’ll inevitably be sore. GHDs are a great exercise but one that should be worked up in moderation. High volumes can really hurt. Like Hari, I’ve never had problems from a lot of GHDs, but I do know people that have. Again to Hari’s points, consistency & doing all types of WODS are key to being a better athlete & avoiding injury.
    The burpee challenge was fun & I’d do it again. I think it really helped improve my overall fitness level. Even as I’ve gained weight, my times have been consistent or better & the weight I move has gone up. That said just listen to your body & know when to give it a break.

  • Kirk

    This discussion can lead to a whole mess of different crossfit “issues”… For example, point #5 – Doing Burpee Challenges. I fully agree, but this is very similar in concept to not doing WODs that are massively repetitive like today’s 150 GHD sit-ups and 125 GHB “back extensions”.
    This also leads to the question of programming. As an affiliate that follows the Mainsite WODs, everyone depends on whoever is doing that programming and sometimes they seem to get a little over excited about certain exercises – pull-ups happening over and over again, other exercises not showing up for months… which makes it more difficult to vary and “do all types of WODs”. Sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture (especially as we only see the WOD the night before…), but this supports Hari’s point about being consistent with the WODs.
    “Refusing to scale rationally” is an interesting point – and a difficult one. It is hard to know what is pushing yourself to be better and what is “irrational”. Some WODs are self scaling in the simple fact that you just can’t lift the weight, or finish, or perhaps you either run out of time, or take forever instead of dropping the weight for a faster time. Of course, this is why we have trainers and why I love Crossfit. This is also why I train at the same time everyday. Jacinto knows where I am strong and where I am weak and he will push me to deal with my weaknesses and be smart about the weight I use.
    I am curious to hear more about what Hari means by “not paying attention” – to what you are doing during the WOD? to proper technique? to the coach? All the above?
    Finally, I fully support point #6 (and apparently most every other point, oddly I did not start this post with the intent of agreeing with everything Hari said…). Recovery is key and in this area I would note that proper EATING and SLEEP are so very key. I know we often discuss food…but you know, I still have issues with the whole what is enough, what is quality sleep thing… (and yes, I really don’t want to be reviewing the latest documents on my desk from Pakistan…)

  • A point 7 that Hari refers to only obliquely, though that Craig covers, and that I believe is cause number one:
    – Ramping up intensity and volume too quickly.
    The most common injuries we see in CrossFit’ers are tennis elbow, rotator cuff pain, and ITB syndrome. All of which are overuse injuries. We sometimes fail to appreciate the volume of work we perform, but 100 pullups in a single workout, for example – standard in CF WODs – is actually a fairly herculean amount.
    In the words of Paracelsus, “all things are poison and nothing is without poison, only the dose permits something not to be poisonous.” (Or, as it’s sometimes paraphrased, ‘the dose makes the poison.”)
    Figure out the volume of a movement you think is ‘poisonous’ for you at your current level. Then cut that volume in half. And build up from there, slowly, slowly, one day at a time.
    Consistency before intensity. CrossFit is a race for tortoises, not hares.

  • juan

    15:03 on the ghd
    then the shake shack.
    that really sophie?

  • Hari

    “This discussion can lead to a whole mess of different crossfit ‘issues’… For example, point #5 – Doing Burpee Challenges. I fully agree, but this is very similar in concept to not doing WODs that are massively repetitive like today’s 150 GHD sit-ups and 125 GHB ‘back extensions’.”
    I think there is a difference. The last half of the burpee challenge requires an average of 75 burpees per day for 50 consecutive days. This is significantly different than, say, 150 GHD situps once per month.
    “‘Refusing to scale rationally'” is an interesting point – and a difficult one. It is hard to know what is pushing yourself to be better and what is ‘irrational’.”
    I think this is an area where coaches should take a somewhat more dictatorial approach. But here are a few examples: If you need to drop the weight after each and every rep, its too heavy. If you’re doing “Fran” with band pull-ups, you probably aren’t ready for the RX’d weight.
    “I am curious to hear more about what Hari means by ‘not paying attention’ – to what you are doing during the WOD? to proper technique? to the coach? All the above?”
    Yes. Also, not setting boxes directly under you during pull-ups. (I did that and still managed to fall yesterday). Not making a conscious effort to land on the middle of the box during box jumps.

  • Allison Bojarski

    Juan, Sophie is to the right in that pic, not the main woman that you see.

  • chad

    GTG beats a challenge, whether with burpees, ghd situps, or whatever..
    i’ve been doing increasing (1-100) volumes of different exercises on a 3-day cycle since halfway through the burpee challenge, mostly incorporated into warmups. Noticeable improvements first with burpees (helps o-lifting), then with GHD situps/back extensions and pull-ups. i’m hoping to be able to knock out sets of HSPUs over the next 300 days.
    12:34 rx’d, then shake shack line for time

  • Brett_nyc

    I felt faster today, but last time was 12:02, go figure. quads got smoked.

  • Davi

    15:05, hand to base of machine or floor every time (that was some serious, repetitive, NAUSEA-inducing backbending and whipping up – felt like the worst hangover I’ve ever had – I sipped some water, hovered over the toilet contemplatively for a while, and then took some naproxen sodium and all was eventually well)
    Jacinto’s finisher
    5 rounds
    used the light purple resistance band for ring dips
    some of my clapping pushups employed the, uh, stealth (aka markedly unpercussive) clap; but all involved claps and most were audible
    115# on the press, but Jacinto was spotting me and by the time I got to the final round when I asked him to remove his hands entirely from the bar, I couldn’t even do a single rep without going all lopsided. Cue massive hullabaloo about the correct way of spotting someone on BPs and what the appropriate weight for me might hypothetically be and yadda yadda

    I want to do more bench presses and find out what I can actually do.
    I availed myself after a few reps on the final round and went over to dips and clapping pushups instead
    Then I had a 2.5 hour yoga practice this afternoon – taught round-robin style. And boy, oh, boy, some of those yogis sure do like plow, which is not my solar plexus’s idea of a good time after this morning’s WOD.
    Nothing like a little spasm to brighten up your yoga practice.
    see y’all tomorrow.

  • Re the Footwear article posted on the blog:
    I’m a little confused about why you’d hurt your feet oly lifting.
    I stomp and jump and do all sorts of things barefoot all the time. I mean, yeah, if you drop the weight on your bare foot, um, it’ll hurt…but it’ll hurt if you drop the weight on your foot in chucks too.
    Anyone? I don’t buy – or really even grasp – the argument against barefoot oly lifting.

  • Hari

    13:51 (68,54)

  • Mike

    Back is still a bit tweaked so subbed v-ups and 1.5 pood kb goodmornings in rather than all the backbending the ghd would involve.

  • Reagan

    As Rx’d
    Got a nasty hamstring cramp during the 3rd round.
    Black Box (68,68)

  • Avery

    14:41 as rx’d

  • Aram

    Nicole yesterday 8 5 6 6 6 7.
    All this talk of scaling made me turn this into four rounds of Abmat situps and supermans. I forgot about the V-up sub. Not ideal, but hey. 11:31
    I definitely hear it on the scale. Pull-ups have been coming along nicely, but I’m paying for it with shoulder pain. I keep forgetting about wanting to keep things in the pack range until something painful reminds me.

  • Jeff

    subbed 16kg KB get up sit ups for GHD sit ups
    feet were anchored in a variety of ways (no anchor, 1 KB, 2 KBs)
    subbed 24kg KB good mornings for back (hip) extensions

  • Jeff

    Oh yeah, I’ve been feeling neck soreness since immediately after the workout. I’m going to have to ask Court if that means I did the get up sits right or wrong.

  • george

    “CrossFit is a race for tortoises, not hares.”
    i would like to see a crossfit – where are they now in 10 years. a lot of people are coming out of the gate way too fast.
    adding the “third” dimension of time as glassman has said is key for me. i get as wrapped up in pr’s as the next guy, but i try my best to stay on track for some fitness longevity.
    if i can still break 80 on the golf course when i’m 65 & deadlift 300 some odd pounds, i will be a happy man.

  • Jeffrey B.

    12:50 RX