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Monday 090330 (67)
Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
Max rep Pull-ups
Post number of pull-ups completed for each round to comments.
Compare to 090130.

Kyle Maynard’s inspiring address to the Warrior Transition Batallion (free download from CFJ)
Finding balance through CrossFit
Brooklyn’s got it going on with artisan grocers, apparently (Manhattan, take note)
How to eat after a fast
Fish oil and the real cost of health
On hanging pheasants (and aging meats in general) (via)
Giving new meaning to “clean your plate” (it’s not about food!)
A beginners’ guide to Passover Coca-Cola (a.k.a. Coke made with cane sugar, not HFCS)
“Yoga Thugs, Vol. III,” starring our very own Davi


  • Allison Bojarski

    Scaling options from the CrossFit Brand X forums, along with some general advice on how to approach this workout:
    CrossFit does not ask for max efforts very often. Like “Lynne” this workout “Nicole” does and expects that there is no “gaming” the workout. At Brand X I tell people I want to see you falling of the pull up bar. People whose score looks like:
    Are going for a number and not a max. Test your limits today.
    Big Dawgs and Pack:
    As Rx’d
    5 rounds of:
    Run 200 M
    12 beginner or assisted pull ups
    3 rounds
    run 200 M
    12 beginner or assisted pull ups

  • Davi

    I love the wild game/hanging pheasants blog link – recipe porn of the highest order!
    And, well, as for that last link…pure filth.
    See you at lunch time.

  • Kirk

    I may have to reconsider taking up Yoga…
    Fun and games this morning at the 7AM WOD, although I am convinced it would go so much better without the &#@& stairs.
    Six rounds:
    25, 19, 16, 15, 12, 10
    So…I am amused with the “people whose score looks like this are going for a number not a max”. Just what “should” a score of someone who is going for a max and not a number look like?
    I also liked the hanging pheasants article. reminded me of when I was a kid – I grew up in the country and the tradition was to have pheasant with New Year’s dinner: shoot it on Boxing Day (day after Christmas for all you Americans you do not get two days off at Christmas – very uncivilized), hang it and it should be perfect for New Year’s dinner.

  • Ewen

    I’m sure your numbers look fine 😉
    But when each round is nice and even, there’s a good chance the person was thinking “Ok, gotta get 20 this round” instead of “I’ll stop when I fail a rep.”

  • dan def

    Who would win the “burping mile” WOD– Zach or Craig? (Brett has more common sense than to even try that silliness)

  • Jeff

    subbed 500m row for 400m run (I got to avoid the stairs too)
    practiced chin grip for pull ups
    6 rounds
    12 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 24 = 84
    compare with last time:
    4 complete rounds and partway through the 5th run
    20 + 21 + 22 + 23 = 86
    I finished my 6th row at ~18:00, figured that I wouldn’t have time to complete another row and so I took a 1.25 minute breather until 19:15. I came off the bar at 19:52 and didn’t bother starting another row. I also took a brief break halfway through to grab my score card, which I left across the room, and to take off my t-shirt, because I realized wasn’t one of my wicking shirts, and that cost me some time.
    This is maybe the second time I’ve done a WOD using chin grip all the way through.* The grip is very awkward for me now as I think I’ve lost some flexibility in my wrist supination (my rings & pinkies barely wrapped around the bar). Mostly, my kip rebound (bottom of ROM) isn’t there. I’m still decelerating excessively in the descent. This should improve with practice.
    * First time was during a home WOD.
    run ~.75 miles (around a circuit of 2 blocks)
    76 chins (semi-dead hang)
    76 HSPUs
    76 walking lunges
    run ~.75 miles
    Took me just under an hour.

  • Jeff

    Btw, I recently visited another affiliate and the top score on the leader board there had one guy with 8 rounds and 120+ pull ups.

  • Kirk

    Yeah, but I bet that guy didn’t have to climb any &%$#ing stairs…

  • Jeff

    No, there were no stairs in sight at that affiliate.

  • Brett_nyc

    Jeff is today your 76th birthday?

  • Zach Singer

    I think it’s pretty obvious that I would beat Craig at the burpee mile. He’s getting a bit too heavy I think — not even sure he could push himself up that many times. Or jump the extra poundage very far, truth be told.
    And don’t underestimate our persuasive power in getting Brett to do retarded WODs along with us. We’ll just throw in some bacon as a participatory gift for him… 😉

  • Jeff

    Explanation for that home WOD:
    I was trying to do a modified version of Murph but with a scaled down number of reps and slightly different exercises. I also did them Angie style. I decided on doing 75% of the rep count, but rounded up to get an even number of walking lunges. Also, I’m from near Philly, so 76 fills me up with hometown pride.
    Btw, I can’t recall if the running course I did was .5 or .75 miles, but I think it was the latter.

  • chad

    is anyone from Philly proper? or is it only inhabited around the periphery?
    my macbook bears the dreaded blinking question mark, and the system install disk is near philly. anyone 6x400m away from sunnyside have one I could borrow?

  • Sara

    15, 12, 12, 11, 9, 5 (ran out of time on the 6th round of pullups)
    Really need to work on my kipping… ran out of momentum on about the 6th pullup each round and had to do the rest from a deadhang.
    I started xfit a few weeks ago and am absolutely loving it! I find all of you to be incredibly knowledgeable and great athletes… so nice to work out with people who don’t just sit on machines or do conventional workouts. For those of you who I have not yet met, I am a personal trainer at Crunch (ugh… really want to get out of there!), and I am trying to incorporate more xfit type workouts into my client’s programs. So, I have a few case studies for you and any advice you can give me on these people would be greatly apprectiated.
    Client A:
    65yo woman, about 40lbs overweight, partially torn rotator cuff, occasional knee problems/pain. I have been training her for about a year and we have significantly increased her range of motion in the injured shoulder as well as improved her strength and decreased her pain, but the arm in question is still much weaker than her other arm and she is limited in exercises she can do without feeling pain. I think I have a tendency to be overly cautious with her so I shy away from anything that could potentially put her shoulder into an uncomfortable position for her. Do you have recommendations for good xfit exercises or modified workouts I can put her through?
    Client B:
    45yo woman, very heavy, partially herniated disc in lower back, also has occasional knee pain, and also has shoulder problems due to an injury about 10yrs ago. This woman I find very difficult to work with (on my part, not hers… she’s very nice!) because she often has pain in her lower back. Simply sitting down and standing back up sometimes hurts her, even when she is in the proper positions and has good form. She is also hesitant to do anything overhead due to her past shoulder injury as a doctor has told her not to. Again, I feel I have been overly cautious with her… good exercises, modified exercises, modified workouts?
    Client C:
    This person is actually a friend of mine who is an excellent opera singer. He used to lift weights but found that it created a lot of tension in his neck and thus affected his voice. Now, these opera singers take their neck muscles VERY seriously… I personally think it’s a bunch of bullshit, but am trying not to be a complete bitch and tell him to stop being a pussy and suck it up!!! Exercise recommendations for things he can do that won’t cause neck tension? Or should I just tell him to focus on his form and relax his neck while he’s working out?
    Sorry for the excessively long post, but have been very impressed with the amount of knowledge all of you have so anything you can give me would be great…. thanks!!!

  • Woe is my kipping ability!
    oh, to break 10 – I have the same problem as you do, Sara, except my kipping falls apart at number 3, not number 6 in each series
    Re Client C – I had a singing teacher tell me to stop doing headstands because the muscles in my neck would get “too big” for singing – a load of cock, in my opinion
    alignment is alignment, misalignment is misalignment
    You should get in touch with Noelle, an astonishing performer/opera singer whom I introduced to Keith. She lifts weights like the badass she is.
    If you want to talk with her, drop me a line!

  • Gabe K

    Chad—Positive I have a Leopard restore disk for a Macbook…and pretty sure I have a Tiger disk too.
    Both would be at home…I could try to find it tonight and bring in tomorrow…I’m sure I could leave it behind the desk for you if you’re not coming in.

  • By the by, I liked Allison’s warmup
    30 s handstand (one arm with a little help from the wall for me to take care of my left wrist and then forearm stand, free-standing for the last round)
    30 s l-sit
    30 s bear crawl
    30 s skin the cat (or whatever – we were sharing rings, so it wasn’t really 30 continuous seconds for anyone)
    X3 (except minus the last set of skin the cats?)
    I dig playground inspired warmups.

  • juan

    18, 14, 12, 13, 12, 1 = 70
    got to curse out some guy in front of the hog pit during this wod. Apparently ‘sorry bro’ wasn’t enough when i grazed his leather jacket.

  • chad

    thanks gabe… if i don’t source one locally tonight, will call you on that. i’m probably BBB @ 6 tonight and 26th st lunch tmrw.

  • Gabe K

    @Chad – I’ll be in tonight and tomorrow night…but wouldn’t have it for you ’till tomorrow. Let me know if you still need it
    kassel01 at gmail dot com

  • Jeff

    Client A
    This site has some articles that cover a lot of the stuff I did to strengthen my rotators and scapulae when I rehabbed my shoulder.
    There are also several overhead kettlebell exercises you can do to develop shoulder mobility and stability (windmills, TGUs, etc.).
    Client C
    Tell him you don’t have time for his nonsense if he’s going to carry on like that. Either he can be a strong opera singer or a weak one, and if he wants to be the latter, he should just keep doing what he’s doing now (whining).
    What exercises cause excessive neck tension for him?
    Are you the same Sara that’s using CrossFit Virtuosity to pick up guys?

  • Dan O

    On client C…Really? Do any of us here know anything about the needs of opera singers? The claim sounds dubious to me, but I KNOW NOTHING about this topic, and I suspect that no one else around here does either. Any opera singers/coaches that can weigh in on the veracity of this claim?
    It could well be the case that voice quality is affected in unexpected ways through various kinds of exercise. It’s at least possible. I think the “suck it up buttercup” style of response is probably counterproductive, and possibly reckless.
    Let’s assume that this neck muscle notion is a total load of BS (probably so). OK, but somewhere along the way he “learned” this bit of folklore in the same way that people learn that it’s evidently awful to squat below parallel. In the case of squats we take the time to educate people about why they are mistaken–we don’t merely tell them to quit whining.

  • Fred

    If Client A really has a rotator cuff tear, I would assume she should consult with an orthopedic doctor and avoid lifting any weight. Working out does not fix injuries (though it can, and I agree with Jeff, prevent or help rehab them). Also Client A and B should first and foremost fix their diets (though it’s harder to fix a lifetime of junk food addiction than hire a personal trainer a couple of times a week).

  • dan def

    Sara– post your query on your three clients to the crossfit.com message boards. You will get TONS of responses. I would also recommend emailing Dr. Kelly Starett from Crossfit San Francisco who is an expert in this area. kelly@sanfranciscocrossfit.com

  • Sara

    Jeff, Dan, and Fred: thanks for the website! Will definitely look into that, and shoulder stability is a huge concern for her. She has consulted with an orthopedic surgeon, and has decided not to get surgery, she has been through physical therapy and has been cleared for weight lifting. She did not find physical therapy to be helpful and has had more success with rehab through our workouts, but this is why I am so careful with her… I’m a college student and do not need a lawsuit (and I’d rather not injure any of my clients!)! Any more good articles or websites you know of on shoulder stability/injury prevention? As for client B, she does work with a nutritionist and her heaviness baffles my mind. She eats a well-rounded, relatively low-calorie diet (if she’s being honest… I have looked at her food diary) and still has an incredibly difficult time losing weight. She has had a multitude of tests done to see if it is a thyroid problem or some other imbalance and everything has come back normal. Any suggestions on that? About the opera singer: My understanding is that neck tension causes changes in the voice due to a tightening in their vocal cords. Now, this seems a rather sensible explanation, but I play the French horn and need everything to be loose as well and I still manage to lift a shitload of weights all the time. Also, these are people who refuse to lose weight because they are afraid weight loss will also change their voice… that is definite bullshit. And along the same lines, other musicians (pianists/violinists/percussionists) who refuse to lift weights because they’re afraid they won’t be able to play their instruments as well… drives me nuts!!!

  • Sara

    And thanks dan def! Just saw your post… will do that now. PS, Jeff I am the Sara that does crossfit virtuosity to pick up guys… I have found it very effective 😉

  • Allison Bojarski

    Lest anyone think Sara a floozy, THIS is the kind of “picking up” of guys she’s doing:
    : )

  • Hari

    5 Rounds (25, 20, 14, 12, 12) = 83

  • george

    6 rounds using treadmill
    24, 17, 14, 15, 13, 10
    In regard to the opera singer. I used to train with this guy at my old nysc on 73rd and col. He was a monster – built like a linebacker. Anyway, he was in the power rack split jerking 275 for reps. I asked if he was training for anything specific & he said his job.
    Turns out he is an opera singer. He played football at University of Colorado – and actually has a facility in florida dedicated to training opera singers. There are stresses on the voice; especially when they are singing at different altitudes. He was a really fascinating guy – not to mention a beast.
    here is the guy, Keith Miller’s link:
    here is a quote & another link i found:
    “The difference between a leggiero tenor and a dramatic tenor is in large part physical. “The guys who sing Verdi and Wagner tend to look like football players, whereas the guys who sing Rossini and Mozart tend to look like swimmers,”

  • Tony T

    8 rounds, 54 pull-ups (11, 8, 7, 6, 7, 5, 5, 5)
    Last time I did this I got 6 rounds and 28 pull-ups. My kipping is a bit better but still needs loads of work.

  • Brett_nyc

    6 rounds
    112 PR from 101

  • Brett_nyc

    …on the streets and some fat scaffolding outside the Box

  • jim

    7 rounds 103 back in November
    on the streets with scaffolding:
    7 rounds 148; 43,17,17,17,17,17,20 – should have paced for 8 rounds as i had over a minute of rest before hitting the bar for round 7.

  • Rickke

    7 rounds + 400m — 63 (12, 11, 12, 8, 7, 8, 5)

  • Stephanie

    5 rounds – 25 jumping pull-ups each;

  • Reagan

    Nicole, as Rx’d
    Black Box (67,67)

  • Chris O

    6 Rounds
    13, 13, 13, 12, 13, 16
    total 80
    had 13 stuck in my head after the first round, which tends to drive my max reps more so than actually falling off the bar. something I really need to work on
    (51, 36)
    Also, spent Saturday out at CFSBK at the Dutch Lowy seminar. For those that don’t know who Dutch is, he is one of the badass Crossfitters that finished 7th at last year’s Crossfit Games. After the Games he basically did a tour of Crossfit affiliates around the country. Now he tours around speaking at a one-day seminar that covers a lot of the things that don’t typically get covered in much depth at affiliates or at any certs. We spent hours talking about programming and more importantly scaling and how it should be used to maximize power output. We also talked about the things he has seen at the various affiliates which he believes make a successful affiliate. It was great stuff and I highly recommend going to one of his seminars if you can, or checking out his blog at dutchlowy.com. One of the best things about the seminar is that Dutch has lots of experience in Crossfit, and he is willing to openly share those experiences, even if it means questioning some of the established thinking. Not objecting to the established thinking mind you, but examining it and looking for ways to make the most of Crossfit. For an example, he has a great post on his blog about certain WODs and their after-effects, and how useful they are in a training regiment. http://www.dutchlowy.com/2009/03/16/butt-arms-anyone/ Be sure to check it out.

  • Chris O

    btw, I posted the link to the dutch blog entry prior to seeing tomorrow’s WOD. life is funny like that sometimes

  • Max

    8 rd pr. but i Gamed the workout 12 pullups per roundand 13 on the last. Torch thanks for all the pose work tonight it is always nice get some knowledge passed on from the certs.