A little old-school CFNYC action for ya

Saturday 090328
Rest Day on the main site.
“Marshall Law”
21, 15, 9 reps of the triplet:
Stiff Leg Deadlifts 115#
Overhead squats 95#
Snatches 55#
For good measure do 21 situps and 21 pushups in between the rounds.
Post time to comments.

Compare to 080929.
Members also have the option of making up any of the past 3 workouts: 5×3 front squats, 800m sprint intervals, push-ups/pull-ups.
Lots of love for our very own Torch: Byers, BEE
A different kind of fast
Pace ladders
Joseph works the wallball:


  • Hari

    Thurday’s 4 x 800 Runs:
    3:03, 3:10, 3:13, 3:19

  • Hari

    I’m thinking that one of the problems with the Black Box Challenge (other than having to do so many damn WOD’s) is that it doesn’t lend itself to letting people buy in once the year gets started.
    (No Zach and Craig, I don’t think encouraging people make up each and every WOD they missed this year is a good plan.)
    Suppose instead we restart the counter at the start of each quarter. Those that are going for the entire year can total up at the end?
    This way, on April 1, people can set aside their totals for the first three months and start fresh at (0,0).

  • Craig_Cinci

    Hari –
    I think that’s a great idea. Suppose I did want to play catch-up? Could I make up everything I missed in a week? Would I get bonus points if I did?

  • Zach Singer

    I’ll race you to it Craig. I bet I can make up what I’ve missed before you can.
    Have a question though…does it count if I just double Murph — run 2, 200, 400, 600, run 2?

  • David Osorio

    Hey Black Boxers,
    You cats and kittens may be interested in this:

  • brian

    I think this challange has another major flaw. The fact is crossfit is all about being adaptable to ones ability. The fact that this challenge does not allow people who can not do what is rx’d yet they still complete the wod not get credit. Although there is other wods that no matter what your ability you get credit. Personally I think that is discouraging rather than encouraging, specifically to new cf’ers. I believe that the adaptability of CF is what draws people to participate and the adaptability allows people to push themselves further and faster the next time. The idea of someone participating everyday and not get credit is quite alarming. Anyway that is just my thoughts about this challenge.

  • Hari

    The challenge absolutely does give credit to people who do the WOD’s with or without substitutions. That is the first (and in my opinion, most important) number in parenthesis.
    I would be far more impressed by someone who finishes the year at (225,75) than someone who finishes at (150,150). Knowing nothing about the individuals, I would assume that the former shows up and does the WOD whether or not it plays to his or her strengths, and I would assume that the later is simply cherry picking what he or she is good at.

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