Get up, get down

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Friday 090327 (65)
10 rounds for time of:
10 Pull-ups
10 Ring dips
Post time to comments.
Compare to 040601.

Fatal attraction: Humanity’s love affair with fish like the Chilean sea bass

How do you repair your immune system after a lifetime (or few months’ worth) of damage?

Finding rituals or customs that fit into your life and allow you eat less
Curb your appetite with a high-fat diet?
The slow death of artificial sweeteners?

Deadlift and row your way to happiness!

It’s gotta be the shoes
Here’s Keith, one of our newer members out in Brooklyn with then President George W. Bush. If you had the chance to tell someone famous why they should do CrossFit, what would you tell them? Post thoughts to comments.


  • Allison Bojarski

    Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit Brand X forums:
    Big Dawgs
    as Rx’d
    The Porch:
    10 rounds for time of:
    8 Pull-ups
    8 Ring dips
    10 rounds for time of:
    8 Pull-ups
    8 Dips
    10 rounds for time of:
    5 Pull-ups (Beginner and assisted pull ups or ring rows okay)
    5 Dips (Bar, Bench, or Chair dips okay)
    7 rounds for time of:
    5 Pull-ups (Beginner and assisted pull ups or ring rows okay)
    5 Dips (Bar, Bench, or Chair dips okay)

  • Heh, I liked that article by Scott Kustes. It’s funny but the only time of year that I ever got sick was Christmas because that’s when my carb intake would spike tremendously thanks to candy, cakes, and other sweets, and before I knew as much as I do about nutrition I always attributed it to the junk food.
    I’m definitely passing that article onto all my clients.

  • Gabe K

    Allison et. al –
    Did anyone happen to find a watch at the box last night? Michael Kors Stainless—-

  • Kirk

    Fun times at the Box this morning.
    It’s always nice when you realize that your Ring Dips absolutely SUCK… You know, another thing to work on.
    …and the pull ups seemed so nice, but were they good, or just that much better than the horrible dips?…
    As Rx’d (poorly):
    Then, clearly to make me feel better (insert sarcastic tone here) Jacinto suggested another little WOD:
    5 RFT of
    10 weighted sit-ups w? 25# overhead
    10 Box Jumps 24″
    This is exactly why I love and hate Crossfit: You are always reminded that you suck (hate & love) but there is always something to work on and improve (love). However, as soon as you get good at something, then something else comes along, or you adapt the exercise to make it harder – more weight, more distance, less time, etc (hate & love) but we get to work with excellent trainers who fix our form, correct our mistakes, encourage us and yell at us when we get lazy (love)…
    At least there’s more love than hate in this math…

  • Jeff

    -found myself cheating the top of the ROM on the ring dips by allowing my arms to go out the sides in order to achieve full extension.
    -next time do fewer ring dip sets since each set begins with a half jumping ring dip rep which doesn’t count and is thus ‘wasted’ energy
    -as I got more fatigued, I noticed I was slowing my negatives, which is of course very counterproductive

  • Sara

    Ouch!!! Had to sub TRX dips for ring dips since my gym sucks and I can’t make it to the box today… pretty sure this was actually harder than rings since I now have welts on my arms from the straps and had a few technical difficulties getting it set up so it was semi functional 😉 I am ordering rings today!!

  • Levi

    Gabe, I haven’t been able to meet up with them. They workout late in the afternoon, when I usually can’t make it. I’ve just been doing these workouts on my own.

  • jim

    Do NOT drop a kettlebell on your toe from overhead! Ouch! Was forced to wear New Balance 574’s with a suit today and can hardly walk. Not fun!

  • juan


  • Dan Def

    Someone in the 7:30 intro class requested things she could do in her apartment when she couldn’t make it to the gym. I told her I would paste this link today:
    In addition to these, Jacinto is a master of vacation or home workouts and I am sure would be happy to make suggestions.

  • Luke N

    13:40…band ring dips

  • Zach Singer

    I find for home WODs, it’s easiest to make a list of what you can do at home (which could vary — do you have a KB, DBs, weight vest, paralettes, jump rope, etc.) Think outside the PU, SU, Squat box though — lunges (w/ something heavy OH — what do you have at home?), Handstand pushups, v-ups, pistols, burpees, tabata sequences, jumping squats, jumping lunges, bear crawls, alligator walk pushups (pushup and at the top step one hand forward, pushup and step the other hand forward — walk ‘x’ distance that way without using your legs/feet).
    And for a modification of one particular crossfit workout –
    Burping Annie
    Double Unders
    Or maybe DUs, Situps, Burpees — I forget how I first saw it, but have seen it a few times

  • Mike

    15:03 rx’d
    Ring dips got really slow near the end

  • Brendan

    6:00 as rx’d
    Great luchtime class today. Have good weekends, everyone.

  • Dan DeF

    Brendan…. 6 minutes!?!?!?!? Jor-El called. He misses his son and wants you to come home to Krypton.
    Is that time even possible for this WOD? Are you sure you didn’t do Fran by accident and this is your Fran time!?!?!?

  • Allison Bojarski

    We’ve got your watch behind the reception desk.

  • Jeff

    good job

  • Sara

    Brendan, that’s disgusting and unnecessarily fast…. you’re a beast

  • Kevin P

    Great work lunchtime crew! Big turnout. Awesome job Brendan!
    9:53 as rx’d

  • Kurt

    Not looking forward to this one.
    Wow, Keith looks really young in that picture. Good to see a picture of one of our hardcore Brooklynites on our front page.

  • Aaron

    Famous people: finally people will like you…nah just kidding.

  • Reagan

    As Rx’d 14:49
    Black Box (65,65)

  • george

    clearly ring dips are the weakest leak in my crossfit arsenal.
    i could barely call the last 30 ish ring dips real rings dips.

  • Hari

    23:52 (64,50)

  • Brett_nyc

    17:23, rings dips were tough, pullups were easy

  • Tony T.

    Did yesterday’s WOD today
    4 x 800m
    Today’s WOD
    26:45 rx’d

  • Chris O

    18:56 RX’d
    ring dips turned to doubles and triples early on
    (50, 35)

  • Rickke

    16:00 even – band ring dips (not sure exact # resistance). Love a WOD that combines my 2 worst exercises.

  • Aram

    26:38, purple band for dips (55,22)

  • Gianni

    20:36 as rx’d