You’ll NEED that rest.

Thursday 090326 (64)
Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter run
Rest as needed between efforts.
Post times for each round to comments.
Compare to 080401.

The All-Meat Link-o-rama:
Meat and mortality

Meat, global warming, and markets

Watch out for sodium nitrite in your processed meat
The McSOG breakfast sandwich
Mark your calendars for the Big Apple BBQ, June 13-14, 2009 (I just bought my fastpass–you can share it amongst friends)
The Brooklyn Bacon Takedown is this Sunday!
“Bacon is nature’s candy” (via)
You don’t have to be a fan of bacon to be a member of the Black Box, but we do highly encourage the behavior.
One of our founding members, Avery, who is a very talented pastry chef at the awesome Marlow & Sons, made me this cookie in honor of our pig love here at the Black Box. (Photo courtesy of Keith.)
pig cookie


  • Allison Bojarski

    Scaling options for today’s workout:
    Big Dawgs and Pack:
    As Rxโ€šร„รดd
    Four rounds, each for time of:
    400 meter run
    Four rounds, each for time of:
    200 meter run

  • michelle foxman

    acutally allison this post did not make me sad that i cannot work out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rickke

    Thanks for braving the cold and Madison Park pedestrians with me, Kerry.
    Jacinto’s finisher:
    3 rounds
    10 KB push ups
    10 25# weighted sit ups
    10 135# deadlifts

  • Sara

    Did this on my own at Crunch:
    Followed by 3 sets of 8 135# deadlifts and pullups then 3 sets of 25lb dumbbell walking lunges and 12 clap pushups.
    So, I’m a terrible runner and usually do more long distance runs, but really want to get my times down on these shorter distances…. for all you expert crossfitters out there how do you recommend I go about this?

  • Hari

    Where are good places to run a measured 800 meters?

  • Davi

    Sara – I’m no expert crossfitter (or runner), but you should join the CFE crew. Just one session with Brian and co has gotten me enthused about and focused on running more efficiently. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m going to gymnastics and will do this WOD later in between rehearsals…maybe I can stop by the box for some finisher action?

  • J Tully

    Wondering the same thing, I stumbled upon the following list of public outdoor running tracks in the five boroughs:

  • Carlo Barbara

    Speaking of bacon and bbq, I make a mean pulled pork. I go low and slow, about 20 hours in the Big Green Egg. The whole shoulder actually transports and stays warm in a cooler. Perhaps we can have a CF picnic when the weather breaks.
    Planning to do the run tonight at the track by my house.

  • Alexei

    Hari, this morning at 6 AM we were running these (to the corner of broadway and 28th and back the same route, starting from the bottom of the stairs, not the top):
    Yeah, it’s 869 meters, but its about as close as I could figure a distance that isn’t below 800…

  • Chris O

    I did a quick look on google maps last night, and I think going around madison square park could work. One full loop plus about a half a N/S block seems to work.

  • jacinto

    go to the park on 26th and 5th ave. start your run at the corner of 26 street run around the park to your right once and keep going to 25 street this will give you 8oo meters on the dot.Finally got an 800 meter run.Got this on map my run.

  • Allison Bojarski

    Yesterday I had a Greek yogurt in the fridge and this morning it was gone.
    Who ate my yummy yogurt??! Fess up!
    And in other, happier news…
    I have postcards for a buy-one-get-one-free massage deal at Massage America ( If you want one, just ask for one. The therapists there are amazing and they have 2 locations–Union Square and the Printing House in Chelsea.

  • Levi

    Thanks for the cooldown ideas!
    3 Rounds of
    10x clapping pushups
    10x situps with 35# plate
    10x 185# deadlifts
    It’s crazy to me when I think about how I could barely get one lightweight DL when I joined CFNYC, and now 30 185# DL’s were almost easy.
    Can’t wait to get back for workouts at the Box!

  • Sara

    Thanks Davi! Um, when and where is CFE meeting next?

  • chad

    ran around my 800m block
    2:54, 3:05, 3:15, 3:10
    question.. i’m now addicted to “rip quote of the day”, and today’s is:
    “Speaking of kettlebells snatches shoulder position and the Russian: I am a child of the Cold War. I don’t like them.”
    What the hell is he talking about? Is there some particular KB snatch form he doesn’t like?

  • Gabe K

    Levi- Did you make it to Crossfit Broward?

  • juan

    lunchbox wod subbed 1000m rows today.

  • Kurt

    Sara and others interested in CFE-
    Brian runs a fairly regular class on Tuesdays at the Manhattan box at 6:15.
    If you are available on Sunday’s I am doing CFE at the Brooklyn Box at 3pm (1 hour after the normal WoD). I would strongly recommend against doing both WoDs back to back, but you are welcome to come out, get some POSE training and get your run on.

  • juan

    Anyone that can’t make Fri or Sun, your welcome to join me
    on Sat for a CFE WOD around 2pm. (also at brooklyn box)

  • Davi

    RE Allison’s Massage America deal
    I have a long history with the place and I can particularly recommend Dave Kenneally and Brandt Wagner. Both phenomenal therapists. Dave has been getting an earful about Crossfit from me and helping me with my wrist, old scar tissue in my knee, all kinds of good stuff.

  • Aram

    There seems to be some consenus online that the Central Park reservoir path is marked every 110 yards, which would mean 8 of one of the symbols (yellow diamond?) would be almost exactly an 800. Next time I’m on it, I’ll try to figure those out, but if you’re trying this on the fly tonight: starting at Engineer’s Gate and heading north, the 400 should be marked around the NE corner of the path where it begins the bend West. That’s about a quarter mile. The pump house is around a half mile, (and there’s a black diamond or some big marker there, probably the 800 marker). The full mile from start is at the SW entrance with the water fountains and the lamp post. So, whatever markings count up to 8 at around the pump house and that lamp post would be the 800. The entire path is 1.57 miles, so there should be another marker almost back to the gate and then you can walk out the rest time to the start and do another half to finish.
    The 102nd st. transverse is .266, so across and almost back is an 800.
    I use a fancy watch.

  • Gerrit

    It’s not exact, but uses google maps and you can come pretty close to mapping out an exact route. I use it for long rides and used to for runs, and it comes closer than plain ol’ google maps.

  • 1) 3:06
    2) 2:53
    3) 3:05
    4) ?? thought I’d hit the timer, but I hadn’t
    3 X
    10 pullups
    10 185# deadlifts (took my cue from Levi)
    10 45# plate weighted sit-ups

  • Allison Bojarski

    Rowed 1000m 4x, resting about 5 or 6 min in between each effort:
    4:34.9, 4:37.1, 4:41.5, 4:29.6

  • Jon S.


  • Reagan

    Black Box (64,64)

  • Brett_nyc

    On the cobblestone sidewalk outside Central Park. 5 blocks slightly uphill, 5 blocks back down for each 800m.

  • JoeR

    Just did the “prison 20” in my hotel room in Denver. Man I thought burpees sucked at regular elevation….

  • Kurt

    That was uncomfortable.

  • dan def

    With the rain putting a damper on running, tonight’s 6:30 WOD wanted “painstorm light.” Borrowing heavily from Court’s legendary “Kettlehell” I presented:
    Dan Def KB Madness:
    5 rounds for time of:
    10 2 arm swings
    10 Right Arm swings
    10 Left Arm swings
    10 Left Arm snatches
    10 Right Arm snatches
    10 Left clean and jerk
    10 Right clean and jerk
    Guys defalt weight is 16KB.
    Women defalt weight is 8KG. Scale up or down as needed.
    Times were all around 20 minutes. Nice work. Don’t be surprised to see this in an upcoming rest day Black Box WOD.

  • jim

    Dan Def KB Madeness: 20KG, 20:41. Dropped that muther on my toe too and it’s still bleeding. Ouch.

  • Aram

    3:20, 3:37, 3:31, 3:40 (54,22)

  • Davi

    According to the walkjogrun site, as closely as I was able to trace my route, I actually only ran a little over 724 meters each time, so my times would’ve been slower with the extra 75 and change meters.
    I did it just north of Times Square during rush hour. Ridiculous!

  • KJ

    My third WOD!
    …still recovering.

  • Kurt

    Hmmm….I know I went slow, but that seemed not right. The proper times:
    Remember to recover fully before posting.

  • Mike

    Did these this morning
    2:59, 3:19, 3:25, 3:27
    Pace slowed down a lot suring the 2nd run. Tried to keep a more consistent pace on the next 2. Slowed my time a bit but felt better.
    I need to get in on one of these CFE classes soon.

  • Hari

    3:03, 3:10, 3:13, 3:19

  • Stephanie

    ?; 4:45, 4:45, 4:52

  • jim

    dd kb madness again 5/11/09 – felt like crap – 23.02

  • Gabe K

    Dan Def KB Madness again w/ jim this morning: 8/27/09
    20kb bell

  • jiim

    dan def kb madness again – 8/27/09 – 1 pood – very sore from 3 days of amraps.