I got your “rest” right here

Friday 090320
Black Box Rest Day WOD
15 one-arm kettlebell high pulls (left and right arm each)
10 single-leg deadlifts (left and right each)
10 box jumps
5 rounds for time
6:00 AM: Instructor’s Choice
7:00 AM: Instructor’s Choice
8:00 AM: Instructor’s Choice
12:30 PM: Instructor’s Choice
6:00 PM: Black Box WOD or “Murph”
6:30 PM: Black Box WOD or 7 x 1 Split Jerks
7:00 PM: Black Box WOD or Pull-Up WOD
8:00 PM: Instructor’s Choice

Recess–it shouldn’t just be for kids
Roasted cauliflower with almonds, capers, and raisins
My high-HDL “secret”
Brain decline begins at age 27?!
Melissa Byers’ baby is here: CrossFit 603!
What’s your intent?
The idiot doctor

The Ross Sisters: crazy bendy triplets from the 1940s
As rx’d or not as rx’d? That is the question
Dan leads a Thursday-night free beginners’ class. Don’t forget we’ve also got free beginners’ classes every Saturday and Sunday morning at 10am. There’s still time to sign up for one for this weekend.


  • Kevin D

    Ooh, shiny kettlebells.
    What brand are those? I’m thinking about getting a few to use at home and/or the office gym and I’m considering a bunch of brands. Those look different than the Dragon Door ones; are they KBC?

  • JoeR

    There’s an article in the WSJ today about kids “smoking smarties” which is basically them crushing up sugar candies, sucking them in quickly, and blowing out the dust, mimicking real smoking.
    Of course the parents and teachers are outraged.
    But I found it funny that no one even thought that perhaps blowing out the sugar dust could actually be quite a bit healthier than actually eating it! These kids are potentially and inadvertently saving themselves from diabetes and obesity!
    article link

  • Kurt

    Reminder for those interested in CFE:
    Meet up at Brooklyn 6:15, warm up, drills, workout, cool down. Hope to be done at 7 pm so we can make with the eating at the CF Rest night dinner a few blocks away.
    Without Brian H, the instruction won’t be quite as good, but the WoD will still kick your ass.

  • BEE

    Those Ross sisters will blow your mind!
    That’s s*** is bananas.

  • Re Ross Sisters:
    who wants to learn that exit move with me?

  • This is pretty much the best day of my life. Now that CrossFit NYC has linked to me, I can consider myself OFFICIALLY legit. Thanks for the love, Black Box.

  • Arthur B.

    Regarding the link on brain decline at age 27, sad but likely.
    Selegiline and Piracetam might help. I’m seriously considering starting to take those in the near future.

  • Davi

    By coincidence I had planned to roast some cauliflower today. I’m not really sold on the white wine vinegar-based herb mixture (I made it minus the raisins). I made my own paleo version, but I think I prefer a different seasoning combo.

  • chad
  • Allison Bojarski

    Brian H. asked me to post about CFE workout tomorrow morning:
    10am, meet at Manhattan Box

  • Tony t

    Split jerk.
    Thanks to dan and hari for the help.

  • Grace

    1:08:57, Rx’d
    partitioned sets per Josh – great idea!
    Thanks to Hari for talking me into this and pushing me through it.

  • juan

    nice job grace.
    CFE with kurt and martin at Black Box Brooklyn.
    (this was awesome.)
    800m at full pace
    rest 5min
    5 rounds:
    400m at half of 800m pace
    rest 2 min between rounds
    foul: 30 squats
    800m pace was 86 sec
    (had to come in at 3 sec of 86)
    400m times:
    84, 87, 89, 90, 86
    one foul, so 30 squats.

  • Rickke

    My first Murph:
    43:15 – rx’d (no 20# vest)
    ~ 6:30 & 8:00 miles
    Thanks Hari and Tony for the encouragemnt. Grace – great job finishing through those nasty rips!