Splitsville, U.S.A.

Wednesday 090318 (58)

Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.
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REST DAY DINNER THIS FRIDAY out in BROOKLYN! (sign-up thru Facebook or reply here in comments if you want to attend)
Scanwiches (via)
The Great New York Foodie Photo Scavenger Hunt (this just happened but I totally want to do this next year) (via)
Cheese at Customs: Forever Cryovac
North Jersey Kettlebell Competition, June 13, 2009
Where does umami come from?
“Clarified butter is drizzled on top of the patty and copious amounts of salt and pepper are added throughout the cooking process. This is one pampered burger.”
Get your “healthy glow” today!
Juan and his weight vest tackle “Murph” yesterday. (For the record, he started late at the lunchtime class, which is why everyone else is just sitting around while he’s still going).
juan tackles "murph"


  • Ah, scanwiches. Such brilliance…

  • Allison Bojarski

    From the CrossFit Brand X forums, here’s some help for today’s workout:
    Today everyone is Big Dawg. If you are new to this lift work on your technique. Here are a couple of videos:

  • Allison Bojarski

    Friday, March 20th @ 7pm
    Le Barricou (lebarricouny.com)
    Street: 533 Grand St, b/w Union & Lorimer, Williamsburg, BK
    SUBWAY: L train to Lorimer stop, walk south on Union 4 blocks til you hit Grand St then take a left on Grand (OR, go to our Brooklyn location early and walk over with fellow gym members)
    If you want in, either RSVP thru FACEBOOK invite or comment here. So far we’ve got 12 people going.

  • Dan DeF
  • jim

    Will there be a CFE WOD tonight?

  • Kirk

    It was great to be back at the BB Manhattan! (and thank god I didn’t come back yesterday…)
    A nice, slow reintroduction to the morning posse with Split Jerks. really didn’t do the WOD per se, so much as practiced technique on a skill that needs it. Did several rounds of 3-5 going on up to 165. Then did a few singles at 185 before going back down to work on my heinous form.
    Thanks to Jacinto and Keith for the great coaching.
    Nice to be back in a “civilized” country – you know, one with a Crossfit gym…

  • Brian

    Yes, CFE tonight
    meet 615p @ 26th street Black Box.

  • Brian

    CFE tonight 615p
    @ Black Box 26th street.

  • Luke N

    A vegan bodybuilder who eats “what the gods and goddesses put on Earth for us to eat.”
    Paleo-ers might have a few thoughts re: that claim.

  • Kirk

    Luke, the dude also says at the end of the article: He knows immediately that he hasn’t won anything‚Äîhe will, in fact, finish 12th out of 12. “I’ve done everything the universe told me to,” he says backstage.
    Perhaps he should re-work his relationship with the universe… The whole “vegan bodybuilder” thing doesn’t seem to be cutting it.
    Forget bodybuilding, the real question is, can you perform at the highest levels athletically – in say, Crossfit – on a vegan diet?

  • Zach Singer

    Great article, Luke. I can’t even begin to tell you what I think about that article. I just know he definitely wouldn’t approve of 3am binges on a full pack (or two) of bacon, or virtually anything on thisiswhyyourefat.com — and that makes me sad for him, cause some of that stuff looks pretty fantastic, truth be told.
    I particularly loved the part where he looked at his two chicken breasts and saw that he was eating death — that there was too much death in the world. It sort of reminds me of a couple quotes by Rip…
    Feb 25th Quote of the Day
    -On the ethics of meat eating:
    “Okay, have you ever been around chickens? They are stupid, uncooperative, inconvenient, ill-tempered creatures. They get what they deserve. Fuck chickens.”
    March 17th Quote of the Day
    “And folks, for weight-gaining purposes, “eating clean” is not a useful concept.
    Big Macs are.”
    And for convenient relevance — check the quote of the day from today too. Aesthetics vs. performance — basically mocks the entire bulk/cut approach and the idea of looking at glossy pictures of washboard abs as ‘arbiters of success’ — because that doesn’t mean you can perform for shit. Which we as Crossfitters know all to well.

  • torch

    Luke, I bought that bow today. That’s my thought on the article.

  • Justin “Thor”

    Yeah, Im pretty sure if he would have had a steak or 2, he may not have finished DFL… Oh well, more bacon for me!

  • jim
  • Luke N

    Kirk, Zach–
    The bodybuilder’s self-righteous posture–he claims that his goals are to “save lives” and to cure our “eating psychosis”–left me feeling very unsympathetic toward his commitment to spread misinformation.
    While I am no expert on nutrition, his contention that an affinity for meat constitutes an eating disorder is absurd, and I also doubt that his preferred diet will “save lives.”

  • juan

    Split Jerks
    135 – 155 – 175 – 185F – 185 – 195F – 195
    that chicken’s quote is the best.

  • Kirk

    Weightlifting shoes questions:
    Several people and comments lately have convinced me that these are a good idea…
    – First question, what does everyone think of the Rogue Do-Wins?
    – Second, any idea on sizing for weightlifting shoes? Slightly smaller than “normal”?… I hate having to buy online, ’cause you can be pretty sure they won’t fit right…
    Finally, I guess the real question is, does everyone here think they are a good idea?
    As for meat quotes, I think I will stick with my favorite from Threadless:
    “Meat is murder: tasty, tasty murder”

  • Kurt

    I will not be able to make the CFE WoD tonight in Manhattan, so I, and a couple of others, will be doing one on Friday at the Brooklyn Box. Anyone else interested is welcome to join. Meet up is 6:15 at B3.

  • B.Garvin

    I wear Do-Wins.I like them. I am normally a 10.5 for running shoes and they sent me a 9.5 by mistake but it worked out better for me anyway. They normally recommend ordering at least a half size down. Also for 109.00 they are a great buy.

  • jim

    I just got off the phone with Nike and they located some Romaleos in small sizes up to 7.5 and a 12 and 14. Price was $50 per pair.

  • Allison Bojarski

    I have these in blue:
    I love ’em.
    Just google weightlifting shoes and sizing and you can read what others have found in their experiences…

  • Allison Bojarski

    hey people with cars–
    can someone tell me what the deal is with on-street parking here on 26th St. by the gym?
    sometimes I get queries from potential members but I don’t know what the deal is with parking since I don’t drive.

  • jacinto

    after 8am parking is only trucks with commercial plates
    even if you put money in the meter, they will tow your car.

  • Adam

    but you can park after 7pm

  • Aram

    110-132-143-143-143-143-143 (48, 19)

  • Allison Bojarski

    Did CFE tonight for the first time. Brian gaves us some great drills and coaching.
    (approx.) 400m x 4 with 2 minute rests in between.
    Brutal, just brutal.
    Don’t ask my times, I didn’t want to know what they were…
    Next time I’ll really clock myself.

  • Avery

    Out at Brooklyn tonight:
    3×83, 93, 103, 113, 118 (PR), 123 (F), 123 (PR), 118 (Ugly with slight press out), 3×83

  • Brett_nyc

    240 fail x 4
    240 PR

  • I have a pair of size 8 Romaleos I’m willing the sell.
    Contact me at bjdegennaro@gmail.com

  • Hari

    135, 140, 145, 150, 145, 145, 140

  • Chris O

    185 (some press, but still counting it, PR)
    145 (tired and ugly)
    a lot of great teaching points from greg tonight
    and thanks dex for the mountain climbers
    (45, 30)

  • Mike

    205f – tough to do when you push the bar forward…
    225f – had it overhead, stood up, just wasn’t fully locked out and couldn’t control it
    Need to keep my back leg from being too straight… though I’m attributing part of that problem today to “Murph legs.”
    Either way, I felt much better about getting under the bar this time than I did a few weeks ago.
    I 2nd the great coaching from Greg… and the thanks to Dex for the mountain climbers.

  • Tony T.

    CFE WOD tonight with Jim, Allison, Grace and Jeff. 4×400. My legs are shot now.
    Will make up the split jerk on the rest day.

  • Reagan

    Split Jerk
    Black Box (58,58)

  • Davi

    This morning I did the Virtuosity Ocho workout and later in the day a gymnastics class during which I witnessed
    So, Virtuosity WOD:
    worked clean and jerks (and speaking of jerks – take a look at the virtuosity photos from today…I am presently accepting nominations for ‘most heinous facial expression’ while C&J-ing)
    then did 3 rounds
    5 C&J
    15 pull-ups
    30 pushups
    45 squats
    (partitioned as desired)
    88# bar
    then we did two sets of situps with kettlebells in each hand, arms fully extended
    I did one set of 25 with the 8 kilo kbs; one set of 16 with the 12 kilo kbs (we were running out of time – was not to failure with either weight)
    then we did … something I don’t know the name of that involved extending ourselves horizontally on the back extension doo-dad …
    I came in second with 1:17. I also had my arms overhead for the first 20 seconds or so. Winner (Kellie! Rockstar!) had 1:29.
    I also debuted my paleo apple cake for Team Ocho and the 7 and 8 AM WOD-ers. Further baking adventures are forthcoming.