A different kind of AMRAP than you’ve ever done before

Monday 090316

Black Box Rest Day WOD

20 minutes, as many rounds as possible:

10 Alternating Pistols
10 Inverted Burpees
5 Kettlebell Clean & Press (left)
5 Kettlebell Clean & Press (right)


6:00 AM: Instructor’s Choice
7:00 AM: Instructor’s Choice
8:00 AM: Instructor’s Choice
12:30 PM: Instructor’s Choice
6:00 PM: Black Box WOD or 5×3 Back Squats
6:30 PM: Black Box WOD or Cleans & Climbs / “J.T.”
7:00 PM: Black Box WOD or 5×3 Back Squats
8:00 PM: Black Box WOD or Cleans & Climbs / “J.T.”
Post workout chosen and results to comments.

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  • marisela

    hello all, marislea here. i’m sure half of you have never seen me here before, but i just wanted to stop by and say hi to all of you and tell you what a wonderful job you’re all doing. i look at the pics everyday and long to be back getting my swol on 🙂
    anyway, i’m probably going to stop by next week to see all the familiar faces and maybe try to do some pullups on the cage.
    love and miss you all!

  • jim

    Anyone up for a biathlon? Run 2, Bike 11, Run 2. April 5th in Prospect Park.

  • Allison Bojarski

    Since I can’t get people to talk on this here blog on Rest Days, apparently, I am posing another question like I did last time:
    Who would make a better pet, a dolphin or a wolf?
    (Question courtesy of Plinky.com.)

  • dan def

    Dolphin. Wolf would want to eat you and would be much harder to train. Dolphin may take up a lot of tank space but at least won’t make you risk your life.
    Second thread topic:
    Which sucks more– Burpees, Inverted Burpees, Both, or Neither and why. Discuss.

  • Mike

    This WOD looks kinda fun, and probably is pretty terrible to do as well.
    If I didn’t have basketball tonight I’d be there.
    Definitely a dolphin, they can learn all kinds of tricks and I’m sure its pretty cool to swim with them too.
    Regular burpees… but only because inverted burpees require much more concentration when doing them, so as a result you are more focused on not busting your @$$ and less focused on how much they suck.

  • Jeff

    Who is in for rest day dinner on FRIDAY? We’re looking at a French place nearby BBB.

  • Allison Bojarski

    I’m in for the dinner.
    No wolf partisans?!

  • Zach Singer

    The wolf would be soo much cooler. In part because it could take your life, and in part because you could train it to take others’ as well. How’s that for power. Goodbye Flipper, hello White Fang.
    Ummmm….both was an option on the burpee question, right? Then the obvious answer is both. Whichever you’re doing at the time always sucks more, but it absolute terms, I think both suck to the unquantifiable power of infinity. Therefore true measure is impossible and in relative terms, the one you find yourself doing at any given time definitely has a suck-factor much greater than that which you are not doing. Simple.
    Probably no dinner for me, but that could potentially change.

  • Allison Bojarski

    Speaking of wolves, if you don’t want one as a pet, you could always eat it:

  • Allison Bojarski

    Would anybody be interested in this competition just across the river in Hoboken, NJ? If so, email me at allison AT crossfitnyc DOT com and I will forward you the details and sign-up form.
    1st Annual Sigma Phi Epsilon Sound Body Competition 2009
    Rules and Regulations
    Date: April 8,2009
    Time: 12:00 PM
    Place: Stevens Institute of Technology, Schaefer Lawn
    Entrance Fee: $100 per team Proceeds to benefit Youth Aids
    Checks made out to Sigma Phi Epsilon NJ Alpha
    Registration Closes: April 1, 2009
    An envelope is provided to return the attached forms and entrance fee
    T-shirts will be provided and can be picked up the day of the competition
    Prize: $500!!!
    TEAM: Each team will consist of THREE (3) members. Each member will be required to fill out the attached registration and waiver forms
    Competition: The competition will consist of three (3) challenges. Each challenge will be for time
    Challenge 1: Weighted Team Run
    o All three members of the team together are tasked to carry three items around a quarter mile course
    o Possible items include one tire, pair of shackles , and one heavy bag
    Challenge 2: Bell Ringers
    o Each member will be given a 20 lb medicine ball.
    o Three bells will be placed 12 feet above the ground.
    o Each member will perform a squat thrust and throw the medicine ball at the bell.
    o Time will begin as soon as a medicine ball is picked up and will stop once the combined rings equals 100.
    Challenge 3: 50 Meter Jeep Push
    o The team will push a Jeep 50 meters up a slight incline for time.
    The Bell ring time will be doubled and the jeep push time will be quadrupled and added to the run time to come up with an overall time. For example: Bell ring: 30secs x2=60 Jeep Push: 30sec x4=60 Run: 5min Total time=7 minutes

  • Aram

    Dolphin or Wolf?
    So, I have a choice of:
    1) Getting on the elevator with that jackass from the second floor who pretend he doesn’t see me while he hammers at the door close button…
    2) Visiting the laundry room with that annoying old lady who open my washer as it stops…
    3) Walking down my block with the serial mugger…
    4) Heading out to walk my pet with the lovely kids who run up and down the hall…
    with a wolf or a mammal that’s can’t walk, is just glorified sushi with a blowhole, and needs a wading pool that probably weighs 380 pounds filled.
    Wolf please…
    BTW, if anyone is missing out on the Rippetoe quote of the day, today’s is very funny.

  • juan g.

    Didn’t really read the whole article but i really hate that term “skinny fat” feel like its some lame term made up by women’s magazines to drive women crazy. Just not cool.

  • JoeR
  • Chris O

    RX’d 16:45
    PR by 3 minutes
    (43, 28)

  • Jim – I might be into that biathlon, but I cannot commit!
    I posted my JT experience on yesterday’s thread.
    oy vey.

  • Max

    I would be in for the biathlon, and the challenge that allison was talking about sounds pretty sweet.

  • Gerrit

    Alison- good to finally meet you~ Wolves Only!
    My first visit to the new-to-me Box, good room- thanks for the tips and encouragement guys.
    Made up Five rounds for time of:
    95 pound Hang squat clean, 9 reps
    Towel pullups, 21 reps.
    26:43 suck city. Hands a mess from that damned dishrag.