As per Sunday’s post, we’re now not only offering make-ups of previous WODs from the cycle on Rest Days such as today, we’re also offering original Black Box programming.
Today’s Black Box WOD is the following:

Thursday 090312
For time:
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 reps of the following three movements:

  • barbell deadlift
  • dumbbell hang power clean
  • dumbbell thruster

Use a 10-rep-max deadlift weight for the deadlifts
Use two dumbbells that add up to 1/3 of your bodyweight for the cleans and thrusters

6, 7, 8am: Black Box WOD & Instructor’s Choice on Make-up Options
12:30pm: Black Box WOD & Instructor’s Choice on Make-up Options
6pm: Black Box WOD or either of the 2 AMRAPs
6:30pm: Black Box WOD or 7×1 deadlifts
7pm: Black Box WOD or either of the 2 AMRAPs
8pm: Black Box WOD or 7×1 deadlifts

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Why doctors go to work sick

Can the poor afford real food?

What can evolution teach us about the human diet?

Sara, one of our Elements students in our first-ever 10am Elements Workshop that started on Monday, practices her kettlebell swing. (Photo courtesy of Keith.)


  • Glad to see original Black Box workouts!
    Deadlifts at 200lbs, thrusters and cleans at 30lbs per hand, 16:05.

  • Court

    Hey Chadron,
    Nice to see you digging in with us. Wish we could claim
    this one as an original but this is a Coach Rut DB Bear variant devised by Coach Dave Werner of CF Seattle; glad you enjoyed it.

  • juan

    5k run

  • Allison Bojarski

    Days like today when there are hardly any comments on the blog make me a sad blogger.
    Let’s discuss something: “Animal face-off! Who would win in a fight between a bear and a shark?” (question via Plinky.com)

  • Chris O

    I would go with a shark. Seeing the footage on Planet Earth of the great white taking down a sea lion is proof enough of its impressive power and speed.
    Of course, the fight would have to take place in the water. Otherwise the bear wins by default. Stupid gills.

  • Jon S.

    It depends. Is the fight on land or sea? Are the shark/bear armed? If we’re talking knife fight I’d go with the bear.

  • Zach Singer

    What kind of bear and shark are we talking? Great White and Grizzly? Hammerhead and Panda? Nurse and Sun? This is an important distinction…
    Assuming we’re talking epic battle royale with Great White and Grizzly, I’m going with the Bear. It has arms dude–three weapons to the shark’s one…and the fight would have to be in shallow water, thus disabling the shark a bit.
    Now give the bear gills or the shark lungs and leg and we could have a different story. But as is, the Bear has to take it…

  • jacinto

    have anybody seen today’s post there’s a story and pictures of a man fighting a shark and winning the battle.

  • Avery

    5 mile fun run to the Box trying to practice POSE pretty unsuccessfully.
    BB/DB Complex:
    135# deadlifts (just right)
    8 kg dumbbells(too easy)
    12:29 minutes
    I enjoyed this complex but it was rough on the backside.
    My vote is for the shark. They have extra teeth.

  • Mike

    Made up the CFT.
    Press – 170×1, 185f, 185f
    previous PR is 185, haven’t been able to get it again since
    Squat – 315×1, 345f, 345f
    need to fix some form issues here. I definitely should have been able to get that.
    Deadlift – 435×1, 445f – barely budged it, 445×1 (PR)
    If anything reinforced the importance of properly adressing the bar on a heavy lift, it was those last 2 deadlifts.
    Total 930
    Not 100% rxd since it was out of order, but everyone was working on presses when I came in so I just started there.
    Goal is 1000 by the end of the year.
    Thanks Dan and Court for the great feedback!
    I vote for the shark… the bear is probably stronger, but the shark would be more explosve & powerful… unless of course its in very shallow water.