Kettlebell cert this weekend–classes are cancelled.

Just a quick reminder that we’ve cancelled ALL classes this weekend (both free beginners and WOD classes) because we’re hosting the CrossFit Kettlebell with Jeff Martone on Saturday, February 28th and Sunday, March 1st.
See everybody on Monday bright and early–remember, additional weekday morning WOD classes at 6am & 8am start this coming Monday, March 2nd!

Brooklyn’s new culinary movement

Students stand when called upon, and when not

“Most of the recommendations backed by cardiologists aren’t supported by rigorous scientific testing”
Veggies don’t have to be colorful to be good for you

Tripp is head over heels for kettlebells:


  • D

    stand-up desk experiment = fantastic

  • Jon S.

    Is the Brooklyn box gonna be open this weekend?

  • torch

    Yes. Jack Bauer is there from 1pm to 3pm tomorrow

  • lelak

    The “cardiologists” link is broken 🙁

  • Nicole W.

    Did Helen today at BBB
    Used 30lb dumbbell for kettle bell swings.
    Running was horrible in this cold.
    Thanks Jeff and Good Sam for opening up BBB today.
    You guys Rock!

  • Chris O

    Tons of KB swings, cleans, snatches, Turkish Get-ups at the KB cert.
    (34, 20)
    (35, 21)

  • Hari

    For Helen:
    Sub Day 2 of CrossFit NYC Kettlebell Cert

  • Levi

    Helen rx’d at BBB
    Either 12:02 or 12:05, I can’t remember

  • Kevin P

    At BBB
    9:34 rx’d 55# db
    No fast running do to pulled muscle in calf.

  • BEE

    Thanks to Sam and Jeff for opening the box!
    Helen – 30#DB, Ring Rows for Pull-ups (f’ed up shoulder)
    11:20 (I think)

  • Rickke

    11:54 @ BBB
    subbed 55# SDHP
    pull-ups still slowing me down..