And by “push jerks,” I mean push jerks (no splitting!)

Wednesday 090225 (42)
Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.

Why do people take risks?
Interview with Robert LaValva of New Amsterdam Market

Another link between fructose, obesity and ill health
Bending from the hips is a learned skill
Hammering strength into the wrists

Founder of Niman Ranch won’t eat Niman Ranch
At 44, a running career in ascent
L.A. Times on fasting
Audrey front squats:


  • torch

    As promised in the rest day evening class, here is the link to Robb Wolf’s paleo challenge. Appropriately, it would fit pretty well into lent, for those who choose to partake. Works for everybody though.
    the file is entitle shopping-food. It’s straight foreword and worked well for me.

  • brad s

    thanks for the lenten encouragement/resource

  • Kurt

    From the Niman article:
    “[Niman] showed you can raise farm animals with commercial success, without resorting to exceedingly cruel practices,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States.
    6 paragraphs earlier-
    “But in nearly 30 years of existence, despite becoming the darling of high-end chefs and turning the brand into a household name, Niman Ranch never did turn a profit. In fact, it was broke. To save it from Bankruptcy Court, the East Bay company merged last month with its chief investor, Chicago’s Natural Food Holdings LLC, and Niman was officially out.”
    Mr. Pacelle’s handlers/PR people need to hire some fact checkers or, and I know this is a stretch, ask the journalist why he is calling for a quote. It might might have prevented him from sounding like an idiot.
    Of course, I doubt anything that someone says when they have an obvious agenda, but rarely is it so starkly biased against reality.

  • I just have to say, in response to the shopping article:
    Trader Joe’s is cheap, yes, but it doesn’t compare in terms of quality (and environmental/cultural/a litany of other benefits) to patronizing local farmers.
    Why buy frozen TJ’s veggies when you can buy fresh ones from the farmers?
    Yes, we all have budgets and we have to stick realistically within them, but the greenmarkets aren’t just for buying fancy pickles (though, that said, there is a pretty cool fancy pickle stand).
    there are farmer’s markets somewhere in NYC every day of the week
    Okay, so it’s early yet for salad greens at the farmer’s market, which means you’re still looking at $5 per quarter pound of lettuce/tatsoi/etc (except on Wednesdays in midtown – someone’s got lettuce for $2.50 a big ole head of really beautiful and tasty stuff); but kale and cabbages are about, there are always apples and pears, and, of course, you can buy the following, most of which are not abundantly available at chain supermarkets:
    various sea creatures
    non-CAFO, non-crap-fed, presumably non-tortured, etc
    I’m also gearing up for my first windowsill gardening experiment.
    It’s a great article, and I thought I’d add my enthusiasm for buying locally produced food.
    Also, I had to giggle when I read, “try buying non-traditional vegetables like Napa cabbage”. To anyone who eats a lot of East Asian/Southeast Asian food, that’s a bit like saying “try something non-traditional like a potato”.

  • Davi

    er, oops. Just saw the rest of your links – the Amsterdam Market one covers the greenmarket ground
    teach me to comment before I’ve read ’em all!

  • Allison Bojarski

    Davi–no need to apologize! I appreciate your thoughtful comments!

  • jim

    Big thanks to Brian H. for running last night’s CFE Running class! Thanks Brian! This variety is what makes CFNYC exciting.

  • Hey all
    I’ll be seeing much more of you. I will be assisting Jeff Martone at the Kettlebell Cert this weekend. And in addition to my 8am class, I am starting a 6am class.
    Hopefully, some of my old and new friends will come and visit in the mornings.

  • juan

    push jerk
    155- 165- 175 – 185F – 185 – 195F – 195F

  • Kirk

    Thanks for the extra training yesterday with Court.
    Drop me an e-mail:
    macleod AT un DOT org
    and we can make some plans.
    Currently “relaxing” in lovely Miami airport for the next four hours after leaving JFK late. I love air travel.
    I will dream of Push Jerks until I can get to a gym (man, does that sound wrong…)

  • Reagan

    Push Jerks
    Black Box (42,42)

  • Brett_nyc

    265 fail
    265 fail
    265 fail
    260 fail, so close on all of these at 265lbs. just couldn’t get under fast enough and lock out all the way
    225 to end with a solid lift
    Press 135×5
    OHS 135×5

  • Aram

    95-115-115-115-120-125-125 (33,13)
    Last night’s CFE workout was a lot of fun.
    I’m not saying anyone changed from street clothes to running clothes in the middle of Columbus Circle… But I did think it was funny that the Gear Junkie today covered something called a Squivvy which is a popup changing room tent that a trail runner invented because he was tired of changing in his car.

  • Mike

    Really close on 245, need to work on dropping down under the weight faster
    225 to end and 135×6 presses as well. No OHS for me today

  • george

    155, 175, 185, 185, 205, 205, 205
    i suck at these . i cannot get under the bar at all it just looks like a really shitty push press and most of them i had to press out anyway.
    5 x 3 front squats
    175, 205, 205, 225, 225

  • Levi

    135, 155, 165, 155, 145, 145, 155
    I’m terrible at these. I had to keep lowering the weight to make sure my form was ok, which it never was.

  • Max

    Thanks to tonights wod i now have a thorough understanding of push presses but not a clue about push jerks.

  • Hari

    135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160, 160(F)

  • Tripp

    205, 215, 220, 225, 225, 235(f), 235(PR) (37,37)
    It’s always amazing when proper form produces the expected result (paraphrasing Hari last week).

  • Tony T

    95, 115, 125, 135, 145(PR), 145(F), 145(F)
    (37, 18)

  • jim

    forgot a Nike running watch today, could somebody please hold it at the desk for me. thanks.

  • Kevin P

    Stayed with 185 to work form since my 2 successful lifts with 185 were still press outs at the very top. Didn’t get under the bar enough. Need more hip drive.

  • Aman

    Need to work on moving faster, using hip drive and getting under the bar.