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CONFIDENTIAL to all the lurkers out there reading this here blog who are thinking about trying CrossFit: we’ve got SIX (count ’em, six) different free beginners’ classes a week with 5 different instructors: Sun @ 10am (Justin), Tues/Thurs @ 10am (Jacinto), Tues @ 7:30pm with Allison (i.e., me), Thurs @ 7:30pm with Dan D., and Sat @ 10am with Josh. So click here to pre-register! And remember, there’s no limit on beginners’ classes. PLEASE NOTE, however, that there are no beginners’ classes this Saturday (Feb. 28) or Sunday (Mar. 1) here at our Manhattan location. (You can do beginners’ this weekend at our Brooklyn location, however [1pm, both Sat. and Sun.].)
Tuesday 090224
Rest Day Make-up Workouts
7:00 AM: Instructor’s Choice
12:30 PM: Instructor’s Choice
6:00 PM: Rows & Push Presses or DB Snatches & L-pull-ups
6:30 PM: Front Squats
7:00 PM: Rows & Push Presses or DB Snatches & L-pull-ups
8:00 PM: Front Squats

In addition, tonight we’ve got:
CFE-NYC @ 630pm (with Brian H.)
Central Park, meet at Columbus Circle entrance.
A run warm up, some running drills then a running WOD and a cooldown.
Approx. 1 hour total.
Stop thinking about stretching specific muscles. We are mobilizing restricted ranges.
NYC Greenmarket due for some green veggies finally!

Not Eating Out In New York interviews my favorite local pig farmer

Mark’s Daily Apple-approved primal bloggers on the net (including our very own Brynith!)
“We call this flexible strength”
Peanut allergy cured…with peanuts!
A new iPhone app to help you eat locally and seasonally, wherever you may be
We’re THIS excited about crossfit!


  • Kirk

    Rest Day my @$$…
    Back at the Box for a limited engagement – 1 day only.
    Fly out to Guatemala tomorrow.
    Exceedingly small crew for the Rest Day WOD this morning which presented me with an opportunity for PAIN.
    Jacinto took pity on an old guy for missing a couple WODs while away and let me make up FRAN (I love that guy).
    One of my first Crossfit goals for 2009 was to do a sub-6 minute Fran. Today was the day.
    As Rx’d:
    PR by 1:02…
    Now, if I could just stay in this bloody country for more than a day or two at a time, I might be able to improve that… Thanks to Jacinto and Anthony for being the cheering/ “get your ass moving” section.

  • Lee

    Hi Allison,
    I am a lurker but I live in Burlington, Ontario, CANADA and train at Crossfit Connection! I read your blog everyday as part of my morning ritual. I love your blog and love the links you post. Good stuff. My wife’s best friend lives and works in Manhattan and we are due for a trip there soon. I would love to drop by to see your box…wait…that sounded bad. I would love to drop by for a workout? hmmm, that could be taken the wrong way as well. My wife has started to Crossfit as well so we will both plan on maybe doing a class with the Black Box folks. Hell, if I bring my wife’s friend maybe we can get her to sign up!
    Take care,

  • Lindsay

    yay CANADA!!!

  • bad sam

    Regarding the CFE-NYC thing, is there any way to have an alternative meet-up time? Or maybe rotate the time? One week 6.30, the next week 7.30?
    I can never get up to central park by 6.30pm (since I usually finish work at 6.30-7ish and work around union square.

  • juan

    rest day swim
    bunch of attempts at 25m underwater
    finally got to about 20m.
    500m FS 13:13

  • Kurt

    I am going tonight, but probably won’t be able to make most of them. If you are just looking for a partner to run the CFE work out with, I would be willing to do so out in brooklyn at a later time. Give me a heads up on here or by email.


    made up the FS
    295×1 and dumped at the bottom of 2

  • Scott

    Made up the row/push press WOD
    16:45 RX’d

  • Jeff

    yesterday’s rowing WOD
    15:08 from the floor
    I thought that a few of my push presses may have been push jerks, but witnesses said they looked alright.
    WO: bar x 5, 135 x 3, 185 x 1, 205 x 1
    225 x 1, fail (still a PR for single)
    205 x 3
    215 x 3
    185 x 3
    185 x 3
    205 x 3
    underperformed a bit since I was doing this weight for quintuples a month and half ago