If you’re lucky, you’re actually resting today…

but if you have a WOD from the most recent 3-day cycle to make up, here are your options:
Friday 090220
Rest Day Make-up Workouts
7am: Instructor’s Choice
12:30pm: Instructor’s Choice
6pm: 7×1 cleans OR pull-up ladder
6:30pm: 7×1 cleans OR run/push met-con
7pm: 7×1 cleans OR pull-up ladder
8pm: 7×1 cleans OR run/push met-con
If you do one of these WODs today, post which you chose and how you did on it. If you’re taking a Rest Day today, please post to comments what you thought of this 3-day cycle.

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  • Jeff

    That’s clearly the ‘before’ picture.

  • brian

    I’m out of town this weekend, so I will not be scheduling a CFE class. I am thinking of tuesday night again if people are interested.

  • Kurt

    Brian- I should be in for Tuesday, unless work puts the screws to me to stay late.

  • Kirk

    Had some more gym fun this morning…fighting with the out-of-shape gym staff about my shoes (had to happen) and then about using a 50lb. dumbell to do swings. Apparently these are dangerous – and all the crazy things being done by everyone else in the place were not… like the 300lb. dude on the bosu ball with his trainer throwing the smallest med ball to him to catch…’cause that is going to help him lose weight… I was then told not to lift my legs so high on the KTEs and received a baffled look when I said that seemed odd considering they are called Knees-to-Elbows.
    I don’t know about my pulse, but my blood pressure was up.
    No rings…and no real wall space for HSPUs so I pulled an oldie from the Jacinto WOD vault:
    6 RFT:
    250m row
    15 swings (50lb dumbell)
    10 KTE
    10 Push ups
    Not my best time, but I call foul on the interruptions regarding my “dangerous swings” and my “wrong” KTEs.
    Did I mention that I hate gyms in foreign countries…? and just why are so many of the “staff” at gyms out of shape? Especially the ones who work behind the counter at the entrance? Isn’t that just bad advertising?

  • juan

    rest day swim
    2 x 25m underwater *
    500m swim 12:47
    4 x 25m underwater *
    500m swim 13:14
    2 x 25m underwater *
    * these were attempts (i’m at 13m)
    …rest day ice cream to follow

  • Ewen

    You know, Kirk, apart from CF gyms most gyms in the US are pretty much like you describe. Hang in there!

  • juan
  • Hari

    Wednesday’s Pull-up Ladder:
    14 Rounds + 13

  • juan

    No rest dinner tonight?
    I heard Joe might be working at that bar on 25th tonight
    las chicas locas.

  • juan

    its a high end mexican restaurant. No word on if joe will comp though. hah.

  • Rickke

    Last day at CF305 in Miami. If you’re ever visiting Miami, go visit Dan & Pete — http://www.garageworkout.blogspot.com.
    Rest day workout was tabata something else instead of 3-day cycle make up. This was my first time doing this fun workout.
    4 min each exercise — 20/10 x 8
    Pull ups
    Push ups
    Sit ups
    Score: 310
    Headed to New Orleans tomorrow. Is there a CF gym there anyone can suggest?

  • Mike

    Wow, that run/push metcon was harder than it looked.
    Was having issues with coming off the wall on the HSPUs and not getting up into good HS when I kicked up again, so I switched to doing them piked off a box instead.
    One more thing added to the list of stuff to work on.