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Thursday 090219 (38)
For time:
50 Ring Dips
Run 400 meters
50 Push-ups
Run 400 meters
50 Handstand push-ups
Run 400 meters
Push-ups are honest push-ups. Handstand push-ups are “nose to floor”.
Post time to comments.
Compare to 071028.

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Dress shoes and slacks are no impediment to Josh’s butterfly kip:


  • Jeff

    Don’t do nose to floor.
    If you’re going to increase your ROM, you’re better off elevating your hands to get more depth.
    Some would argue that a true HSPU is where you go deep enough that your hands touch your shoulders. Going head to floor would technically be a headstand push up.

  • Allison Bojarski

    I agree with Jeff’s comment.
    From the CrossFit Brand X forums, commentary and options for scaling this workout:
    Big Dawgs:
    We did a workout like this today and our standards were:
    Push ups:
    Three points of contact with the floor on every rep (chin, chest, and thighs) Full extension at the top. (Elbows fully locked and shoulders active)
    Ring Dips:
    Shoulders well below elbow in the bottom position, chest up. Press to top position with no kip or swing. Top position elbows locked, shoulders active.(shoulders pressing/pushing down)
    Handstand push ups
    Head touch to ground at bottom position. Elbows locked and shoulders active (Pushing towards the ground) in top position.
    Don’t fudge the reps each rep needs to meet the standard.
    For time:
    35 Ring Dips
    Run 400 meters
    35 Push-ups
    Run 400 meters
    35 Handstand push-ups
    Run 400 meters
    For time:
    25 Ring Dips
    Run 400 meters
    25 Push-ups
    Run 400 meters
    25 Handstand push-ups
    Run 400 meters
    For time:
    15 Ring Dips
    Run 200 meters
    15 Push-ups
    Run 200 meters
    15 Handstand push-ups
    Run 200 meters
    Acceptable subs for push ups:
    box push ups, wall push ups
    Acceptable subs for ring dips:
    bar dips, bench dips, jumping ring dips, jump to support
    Here are some variations:
    Acceptable subs for handstand push ups:
    Box HSPU, assisted HSPU or any of the other handstand push ups variations shown here:
    Poor but acceptable subs are modified ROM HSPU or pad/pillow HSPU and shoulder presses.

  • Jeff

    Actually, I should mention that if you do headstand push ups, nose to floor, freestanding, nobody should give you shit about ROM. Except maybe Gillian.

  • Jeff, IMO, freestanding HSPUs are easier than against the wall…for those that can do them.
    And re: oly shoes for Tripp and Carlo – oh sorry, I don’t think they’ll fit you guys then, unless you like a tight fit cuz they’re an 8.
    Tripp, I’ll be back next Friday – I’m coming home to surprise my parents.

  • Kirk

    BOOKS ???
    Allison posted as link with a short reading list the other day and it got me wondering…
    What books are people reading and recommending?
    You all know I travel a lot. You may not know that I do not watch television (which comes in handy when I am in countries without any). I read A LOT.
    What I am discovering is that all of a sudden I cannot bear to read “mainstream” fitness and nutrition books and magazines, etc. I’ve been reading Michael Pollan’s stuff on food for fun. I have Starting Strength (and refer to it often)and a subscription to both Crossfit Journal and Performance Menu.
    I have a lot of airport downtime and I am looking for good reads.
    What are some of the things that people are reading to augment/ compliment their training?

  • Chris O

    Kirk –
    I am just finishing Good Calories, Bad Calories, and would highly recommend it. Like you I have shifted my focus to less “mainstream” nutrition sources, and GCBC gives a great review of how mainstream became mainstream and why mainstream is missing the point.
    Next on my list is Control Theory by William Glasser. While not a fitness or nutrition book per se, the premise of the book should lead to a broad range of potential applications. I actually was pointed to the book by a blog article by Dr. Eades of the Protein Power books, who has some good book recommendations himself. (wfs)http://www.proteinpower.com/drmike/lipid-hypothesis/why-is-low-carb-is-harder-the-second-time-around-part-ii/

  • Kirk

    Thanks Chris!
    What is everyone else got going on?
    I am currently reading Why we Make Mistakes which also has some very interesting applications for life and fitness.
    Just back from the gym. Crazy. I believe I now hate “normal” gyms… Spent quite a long time wiuth most of the gym occupants looking at me like I was some sort of alien. Finally, after I was clearly done what I was doing, one guy walked up and asked what I was training for. WHen I asked why he was asking, he replied “no one but me does cleans in here…ever”. He wqas instantly my new best friend. Bless him, he timed me for the pull up WOD once I had rested. Of course, he is former military and works in corrections. We talked “shop” as it were…
    Squat Clean 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1
    165, 175 (old PR), 185, 195, 205 (PR), 195, 195
    after a short rest:
    Running clock pull-up WOD:
    14 minutes, plus 13 (PR by two pull ups!)
    Maybe one of these days I will do that pull up WOD on its own…
    Seriously, I need a job that does not involve foreign countries and their gyms.

  • Allison Bojarski

    Tomorrow’s Rest Day WOD Schedule:
    7am: Instructor’s Choice
    12:30pm: Instructor’s Choice
    6pm: 7×1 cleans OR pull-up ladder
    6:30pm: 7×1 cleans OR run/push met-con
    7pm: 7×1 cleans OR pull-up ladder
    8pm: 7×1 cleans OR run/push met-con

  • Chris O

    first 10 HSPUs to 25 lb plate. rest were to a 25 and a 10.
    (30, 17)

  • Brett_nyc

    34 minutes of suck
    the last 20 HSPU were negatives

  • Hari

    39:02 HSPU’s to 2.8 inch target (37,29)

  • Rickke

    Still @ Crossfit 305 in Miami
    jumping ring dips
    8 pike box HSPU
    42 bent knee pike HSPU

  • Luke N

    Did “Pack” version of this wod…
    hspu’s were not pretty

  • Tripp

    29:05 (34,34)
    I was very happy with ROM on ring dips and push-ups. Did the first 15 or so HSPU to my nose, then the next 15 or so to my head. The last ten or so I did in by counting halves.

  • juan

    last 40 hspu’s were done to 2 Abmats

  • Jeff

    runs were through the courtyard and then around the rest of the block
    HSPUs were done as 5 sets of
    5 HSPU on parallettes
    5 HSPU with hands elevated on 45# + 25# plates
    For HSPUs I counted every rep, including the sloppy ones where I was coming halfway off the wall. I didn’t touch my head to floor on all reps, but I made sure that the top of my head at least broke the plane of my hands.

  • Tony T

    Used plates for HSPU.

  • Levi

    30 minutes and change…don’t remember exactly.

  • Arthur B.

    – ring dips with feet on a box
    – 25 push ups + 25 knee push ups
    – HSP subbed with knees on a box

  • BEE

    -jumping ring dips
    -knee push ups
    -handstand pushups with knees on box