Get under the bar

Tuesday 090217 (36)
Squat clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
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Compare to 081028.

Why doesn’t CrossFit use the kettlebell snatch?
Salsa and chips? Nah–salsa and MEAT!

Fire breathers are one thing…crossfitting moms are another

K Star on simplicity, or how to be a coach, not just a trainer
“Non-habit forming”

Blood markers
CFE-NYC WOD: 630pm, meet at Columbus Circle entrance of Central Park
Members of CFNYC, CFBK, and CF Harlem came together yesterday as CFBK‘s first-ever Yearling Tournament. Photo courtesy of Justin, who teaches classes at both of our locations. For more of his pics of the event, click here. For Juan’s pics from the Tournament (and CFNYC/CFBK in general), click here.


  • Allison Bojarski

    From the CrossFit Brand X forums, in regards to today’s workout and how to approach it:
    Every ones a Big Dawg. If you are familiar with the movement then test your limits. If you are unfamiliar, please use today to work on the movement.
    Check out Annie cleaning:
    Squat Heights:

  • matt

    there is a cross fit harlem? really?

  • Zach Singer

    They are a group that all met up there and are doing CF out of a NYSC for now. They are looking to get a space and become an official Crossfit affiliate, I believe. They’re a good group of people, and are a lot of fun. First met them at the Hoboken winter challenge, and then this weekend again. I think Moon or Torch has more of their contact info, but that’s a quick answer.
    Also, really really excited about today — Torch and I were talking yesterday and really hoping for a heavy day — this was the only one I could think of that we hadn’t done in a while and that made sense to me. Glad it actually showed up!

  • Eddie

    what is the the deal with the CFE stuff? is there a place to sign-up or something?

  • Gabe K

    This is really picky, but which pads do you use in your Romaleos…seems a bit excessive that they come with two sets!
    They just came to my desk at work, ripped them out of the box and tried one on. I think calling it a “shoe” is sorta an understatement.

  • Brett_nyc

    Gabe K, I use the thinner, stiffer, “competition” pads.

  • Zach Singer

    The CFE stuff is being run by Brian H. Post on here and let him know you’re interested, he’ll fill you in on the rest I’m sure. Otherwise, just meet at the designated time / location and have fun with it.
    I, like Brett, use the thinner pad. And yeah, it’s something more than a shoe. They’re really fun to travel with too — they basically hit the weight limit on their own, massive beasts that they are. (Which also makes Brett look more double-dutch-hippo-like when double under-ing in them, per the 45 x 4 WOD with DU, Clean, Ring Dips, DUs). 🙂

  • matt

    moon? torch?
    these are names for people i dont know….i live in harlem and would love to connect up with harlem CFers…despite my profound love for crossfit virtuosity in the mornings at the black box (which i also love).
    if someone could tell me who i could email –
    i would be grateful

  • Allison Bojarski

    Matt–I’ve passed along your email address to Syncere Martinez, organizer of CF Harlem workouts.

  • juan

    145 155 165 175F 155 165 175
    thanks kev luke n’ court for the help getting that pr.

  • Levi

    145, 155, 165, 175F, 175F, 175F, 175F
    I know I can do 175#, I just need to get under it quicker. Maybe even start my work sets at 165.

  • juan

    forgot to mention levi as well.
    yeah those resting periods start playing a big factor.

  • Jeff

    Any update on the furniture moving tomorrow morning?

  • No idea on the furniture front, though I’ll investigate ASAP.

  • I fell famous.
    thanks guys

  • Luke Nathan

    155, 165, 185, 205F, 205 (PR!), 205, 185

  • Chris O

    145, 155, 165(PR), 170(f), 170 (PR), 175(f), 175(f), 135
    some great tips given by torch tonight. and the cash-out bar hang for max time was fun
    (28, 16)

  • Reagan

    Squat Cleans
    Black Box (36,36)

  • Scott

    135, 155, 185, 195 F, 195, 205 F, 200 F

  • Matt, kiddo – weren’t you there the day the Harlem folks all came to the Gibert and Sullivan gym (as I like to call it)? I guess not – it was madness! They’re a pretty spirited crew. 🙂
    Today I just worked the form of the squat clean for about 45 minutes at 45 lbs (thanks Jacinto!).
    I think I can now safely avoid:
    *tendency to curl the bar
    *broken collarbones
    *serious mammary tissue damage

  • Hari

    110, 115, 120, 125, 130(F), 130, 135

  • Tripp

    Thanks for a great WOD tonight Torch!
    Squat Cleans 1×7
    135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195(PR) (32,32)
    Took it slow and steady tonight to really hit form work after the last MetCon I did with squat cleans in it. I really got away from form that night and didn’t want to ingrain bad
    habits, as I’m still learning a lot when it comes to O-lifting. I’m noting 195 as my “squat clean” PR considering my previous 1-rep “squat” PR of 205 was a power clean.

  • Tony T

    75, 85, 95, 100, 105, 115 (PR)
    Thanks to Torch, Jeff and Zach for the pointers.
    I also did the CFE WOD this evening as well with Joel and George. 6 rounds of 200m sprints with a rest in between.

  • Brett_nyc

    255 Fail
    255 New PR by 30lbs
    265 Fail
    260 Fail

  • Max

    New PR 205 (20lbs)

  • Mike

    215 (terrible form)
    215 (better form)
    225 – I think this one felt the best of all of them
    first time really adding weight to full squat cleans, so the catch part is what I was working on most

  • Carlo

    The form wasn’t pretty!

  • Arthur B.