Technical Difficulties

While updating Movable Type – the software that powers our blog – I managed to blow the brains out of the site.  Fortunately, we regularly back up posts and comments, though not the design or code.  So, in short, I’ve spent most of today rebuilding from scratch.

So, forgive the mess while everything comes back together.  It should be back to normal (more or less) by late today.

And, in totally unrelatedly news, keep your eyes peeled for a ‘state of the union’ (with updates on the new space, programming, etc.) posted here shortly, too.

Update: While the site still looks ugly, it now works – even better than before the update. We’re working on the graphic design issues now, though the CSS of MT4.1’s new, exceedingly convoluted templates are still a bit above our head.  If anyone’s particularly savvy on that front, we’d love the help.


  • Moon

    Today’s WOD: Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3-3
    Made this up on Monday. Posting here for my archives.
    95-115 (2/3 F)-110-113-114

  • Hari

    Sunday: 105, 110, 115, 118, 120