No Rest for the Weary

Friday 080411
Rest day on the main site, mystery WOD at the Box. Come on down and get some!

Core strength: Deadlift…or use a Swiss ball?
Natural trans fats have health benefits, University of Alberta study shows
10 outrageous diet scams
“Kiss the snake”; Or, Why exactly you want to puke mid-Fran
On the question of sweeteners
Improv Everywhere’s Best Little League Game Ever
Box jump madness


  • AllisonNYC

    I’m off to the cert Ann Arbor in the morning to be a Demo Girl!!
    Wish Me Luck!
    See you there Mike

  • Moon

    So Sam and I busted out a frickin’ laser measuring device and determined that 200m away from the southern edge of the street door to the Box ends at the mailbox in front of Hyman Hendler & Sons (21 W 38th St). We were honestly curious – please do not thank us via “blanket party”.
    The Best Game Ever prank was fantastic. If there have been any that are worth repeating at random across the country, this one is it.
    Have fun, A2.

  • Hari

    Tonight at 7:30 PM (Or When You Finish at the BOX)
    Black Box Friday Rest Night Dinner
    Brazil Brazil
    330 West 46TH Street – Restaurant Row
    between 8TH and 9TH Avenues
    In so far (16): Adam, Ant, Brendan, Brian D, Dan R, Erica, Hari, Jacinto, Jeff, Juan, Justin, Leslie, Moon, Sam, Tiffany, Tyler
    Special Guest Appearances (2): Marisela, Michelle
    Anyone Else?

  • Adam

    Hari, I might not be able to make it tonight. I did not go to sleep last night and may be in bed by that time already.

  • Moon
  • Maura

    Hey all,
    Come watch Phaidra and me run all over a bunch of Canadian rugby players tomorrow…. okay maybe just Phaidra will run over them, but I’ll try to run through the gaps;-) Just wanted to post a reminder that we have a rugby game tomorrow against Quebec @ 11am at Kaiser Park ( If anyone is interested in making the trip, we would love to see you there! Also, we’ll be heading to 4th ave Pub in Park Slope around 2:30 for a few drinks after the games if you want to stop by for a few.

  • Staci

    And while you’re all toasting to Maura and Phaidra’s crushing conquest of the Canadians, spare a thought for my tired feet, as I will most likely be ~26 miles into my 50K race 🙂
    I hope to be drinking heavily shortly thereafter.

  • Dan R

    For the other geeks on this board who might appreciate it:

  • Good luck Maura, Phaidra, Staci (and all our other competitors)!

  • Robzilla

    Have fun kickin some Canadian booty Maura and Phaidra! I would go down and watch but I won’t be around.
    Good luck on the run Staci. I’m sure you’ll crush it.

  • Tom

    “Calling dinosaurs” has to be the greatest euphemism for vomiting I have ever heard. Kudos to CFSF.

  • sam

    AllisonNYC: Good luck and have fun. And err stay away from the pullup bar..
    Maura, Phaidra: Good luck with the match 🙂
    Good luck with the run staci, 50k wow!

  • Brett_nyc

    what’s the Box wod today?

  • michelle

    HPC 5, 5, 5
    then 5 rounds for time
    5 split jerks each arm
    10 jumping pullups
    15 squats.

  • Brett_nyc


  • Dan R

    Doesn’t look good for tonight — will catch everyone for dinner another night.

  • juan g.

    5 rounds for time
    5 split jerks each arm (did 10 right arm) 16k kb
    10 jumping pullups
    15 squats