Formerly known as: “The Health Lift”

Thursday 080410
Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.
Compare to 080210.

Grains gone wild
CrossFit pulls a c*ck block
“Whenever I feel like starving myself, I look at ‘1 cup of oatmeal with brown sugar.doc'”
Turns out the Smith machine is actually good for a few things
End: nigh
Another review article: “Low-carbohydrate nutrition and metabolism” (or just read the highlights)
The flutter over heart rate
Coach Justin makes sure that all chests hit the deck:


  • Moon

    CrossFittaz! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… For tonight, we lift heavy!

  • Staci

    As if Doug needs to be any taller! Look at how much air he’s got!

  • juan g.

    my black socks rock.

  • Kurt

    Hey guys, I want to come by the Box tonight, but the Dr. gave me some depressing news this morning in the form of “No more heavy lifting using your legs or pelvis area, until your sprain heals.” Apparently I have a sprain, who knew?
    Anyway, I figure singles of deads probably fit into this category. Would it be possible for me to come by and either get beaten up with some metcon or just do lots of form work?

  • If you get through today’s links, here’s another one to make you scratch your head:

  • Kurt

    Damn, Keith, now I am going to have to buy a heart rate monitor to find out if I am working hard enough during Fran! Good thing the Times is on forefront of effective exercise techniques, equipment and form, or I would have no way of knowing that I have been shorting myself in intensity.

  • sam

    Kurt, what exactly did you sprain?

  • Hari

    Yesterday, we learned that evil Monsanto is responsible for a “harvest of fear,” because it enforces its contractual rights with poor confused farmers. Today, we learn that the price these farmers get for corn has more than doubled recently. (So why don’t they pay their migrant workers more?) Finally, consider this: Greedy farmers (who knew?) are now starting give up subsidies in order to actually farm land that heretofore they left untouched:

  • Justin

    I wanted to read that Times article but then I saw who it was written by and decided I would learn more if I just banged my head against the wall.

  • dan def

    Hey Justin. Nice T-Shirt. PS– BOSTON SUCKS.
    I can’t make dinner Friday.

  • marisela

    this was my first time doing one rep max’s. my proir record for 3’s was 177
    thanx for the coaching court.

  • 135-145(PR)-155(F)-135-135-137-139

  • Burpee Grandmaster

    Now THAT’s how you do a burpee!

  • michelle

    awesome Marisela!

  • AllisonNYC

    CrossFit South Brooklyn . com
    Ethan NYC
    Deadlift from the other day:
    stopped. my back went to crap. I just wasn’t feeling it. 250 at least next time

  • marisela

    hey jon, i think u mean 200. All ur #’s were 135 140 etc. U were pullin up 235 😉

  • george

    285, 295, 305, 315, 325(f), 325(f), 320

  • Hari

    285, 295, 297(f), 295, 295, 295(f), 290

  • Brett_nyc

    415×1, Tie PR

  • sam

    305 pr

  • Juan G.

    health lifts

  • Hari – You’ll have to scratch me off the list for tomorrow night’s dinner. Thanks!

  • Moon

    365, 385 (PR), 405 (F – but I think I got it off the floor a little), 315, 395 (F), 385 (F – fatigue in da haus), 315
    Numbers are all over the place because I wanted to try a different approach to being a PR Whore. Instead of trying for it in the 5-7 range after a long run-up, I wanted to try to go there within 3-5. Then after a fail (and I was challenging myself to find a “fail weight”, not a max success weight), I would wedge a “groove greaser” in there. Experimentation has never been so exhausting.

  • Joseph_B

    Height 5’7 .5
    Dl 135×5 Wu, Crossfit WUx3
    225,275,275,275,275,300,310 New PR( I haven’t hit 300 in a while , I’ve been eating in zone parameters maybe that’s helping) ,310 (New PR By 10#’s)