“Motivated People Only”

Wednesday 080409
Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 Box jump, 24 inch box
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
Post time to comments.
Compare to 061101.

Monsanto’s harvest of fear
Sneaker Freaker peeps the new Nike O-lifting shoes
Keeping priorities straight, even at the end
Review article: “Dietary carbohydrate restriction in type 2 diabetes mellitus and metabolic
syndrome: time for a critical appraisal”

Photo courtesy of DChap and Hyperfit USA
Hyperfit USA, Ann Arbor's CF Affiliate
Adja (of Tues/Thurs Elements) and Chantal (our week-long visitor from the Netherlands)

All your Sotts presses belong to us:


  • Dan R

    Can’t wait, this looks like fun.
    On a side note, does anyone have workout music recommendations?

  • Brendan

    say what?

  • Hari

    April 11 (This Friday)
    7:30 PM (Or When You Finish at the BOX)
    Black Box Friday Rest Night Dinner
    Brazil Brazil
    330 West 46TH Street – Restaurant Row
    between 8TH and 9TH Avenues
    In so far (18): Adam, Ant, Avery, Brendan, Brian D, Dan Def, Dan R, Erica, Hari, Jacinto, Jeff, Juan, Justin, Leslie, Moon, Sam, Tiffany, Tyler
    Special Guest Appearances (2): Marisela, Michelle
    Who else is in?

  • Kevin

    5 rounds for time:
    400m run
    30 24″ box jumps
    30 wall balls with 20lb
    30:43 as rx’d
    400m runs with stairs. Misery NYC style! If you’ve never done 24″ box jumps, be prepared for a shock. You’ve been warned.

  • Evolution? I don’t know…some of us are still swinging from the trees:

  • Kurt

    Can’t make it to the workout today, but I will be by to pick up the 4 broken down boxes that I left taped up in the changing room. Please don’t throw them out as I forgot to take them with me last night. I need them to start packing for my move in a couple of weeks. Thanks!

  • Hari

    I expect this to be one of the most brutal WOD’s ever.
    150 Wall Ball shots is the same work as 3 sets of 50.
    (It is also “Karen,” a complete WOD in and of itself. ” See Black Box Archive for 071217).
    150 Box Jumps (24 inch!) is the same work as 3 sets of 50.
    Each run plus stairs is worse than a typical 50 reps of something from the “Filthy Fifties”
    So, in total, it’s worse than the equivalent of 11 sets of 50, especially since it’s all legs (and lungs).
    At 2 minutes per run (about the equivalent of 90 seconds on a flat track, without pedestrians or stairs), 1 Box Jump every 5 seconds, and 1 Wall Ball every 5 seconds, it comes to 35 minutes.
    Kevin, I’m amazed at your time! I’ll be happy with anything under 45 minutes.

  • Moon

    “Yeah man, but it’s a dry heat!” – Pvt. Hudson, USCM.

  • Dan R

    For those who haven’t heard Randy Pausch’s lectures, they’re well worth the time. The one mentioned by the Times is about achieving your childhood dreams, but he has another one on time management that is equally entertaining and effective.

  • AllisonNYC

    OH Great. Thanks Keith.
    Yes that’s what I do when I get drunk.
    I think I remember doing pull-ups at the Box at the Xmas party after tabata squats and some V2 drinks.. but that time I got 15 which is a little better than 9! 🙁
    They want to interview me to talk about CrossFit on the show… they also want me to send in a video of me actually doing the 25 pull-ups I claimed I could do. So I may need to use your pull-up bar
    Seems like every time there’s a camera around I get caught NOT doing what I say I can. rrrg

  • No worries, Allison. At least you were working out in this video and not hanging around inside some scary hotel room. I’ve seen you do 25 pullups… and even 1/2 a muscle up. 🙂 Shad shouldn’t be saying S#%@!

  • sam

    Thanks Hari for really summarizing how much of an arse this workout is going to be.
    Amusingly enough, when I first looked at it, my original thought was: “this looks kind of easy”.

  • paul

    subbed concept2 rowing 400m for running, and scaled it back to 20 box jumps, 20 wall balls, time was 20:13. felt like I could have gone faster or done it unscaled.

  • Moon

    Came in with the cool “Nooners” today again as I have another class tonight (http://www.nycresistor.com/ – I have levels of geekness the likes of which you dare not imagine.) Did the WOD as RXed with Odette, Jon and Charles – a firebreather visiting from Philly. Thanks to each and Keith for pushing me at various times.
    Had hoped to keep a sub-6 min pace but my runs and stairs kept degrading from round to round. Looking forward to learning of this efficient way to run. Managed the box jumps (well, steps – business hours) very slowly but steady. Leg lifting timed with breathing meant breaks were not required there. Wallball was mostly partitioned into 15-15, 3x(10-10-10) and 15-8-7, with breath-breaks of 3-6 deep inhales in between. Saved my usual time-sucking “water breaks” for when it was done.

  • sam

    I really hope this restaurant “Brazil Brazil” is of adequate size. 18 people really is a lot. And of course smallville (aka Brian D) counts for two people since he eats so damn much.

  • Hari

    I have observed a distinct change in your approach, particularly obvious during the Filthy Fifties, Fran, and now Kelly. Somehow you have come to accept the reality that there really is no point in trying to catch your breath. Whether you pause 5 seconds or 30 seconds, it just doesn’t get any better. I understand this cognitively, but somehow my desire to breath continually over rules my better judgment.

  • marisela

    so yesterday i came back to the box to do presses. i realize now that no other gym will do. except maybe on the weekends when i can’t get to the gym until 3 or later. love you all!!
    presses X1: 65-70-75-80-82F (pr from 75)
    push presses X3: 75-77-80-85-87 (pr from 80)
    push jerks X: 80-90-95-100-105 (pr from 100)
    i gotta say it was a good day.
    then tyler had me do a metcon
    3 rds 4t:
    500m row
    35 squats
    15 push ups
    today i didn’t do the madness, i worked out with holly and tyler had us do othe madness
    5 rds 4t:
    12k oh kb presses
    5 push ups
    5 ring holds with L holds 2 seconds
    (i don’t know how else to name that one)
    glad to be back

  • Brendan

    Kelly 22:28

  • michelle

    brendan-that time is sick. it took me that long to read the wod.

  • Moon

    Hari – This is correct. “The Suck” really doesn’t get any better with breaks. That (and the cake) is a lie. Breaks taken with the idea of to alleviating it just stretch the whole process out longer. “The Suck” only truly ends when the WOD ends.
    It only took me a year to grok this while under intensity after thinking about it and witnessing it a bazillion times so my seat on the CrossFit Short Bus is assured.
    Sam – I am concerned that Smallville’s food consumption rate might get us ejected from Brazil Brazil.
    Michelle – We were told that if we jump, we’d likely reap a whirlwind of drama from the floor below. *shrug* Because of recent, unknown-to-me issues? Because the boxes were higher? Because it was Wednesday? I know not the ways of the Nooners. And I probably would have had to step to keep my pace anyway as I noticed my legs through most of it.

  • sam

    Inspired by Moon I am so not going to take any of those stupid water breaks during todays wod. I will decide on a partition of wall balls box jumps (example: 15 wall balls, 5 deep breaths) and stick to it.
    Im scared.

  • Marisela, it’s great to have you back.
    Did 3 rounds of this on my own because I just was not up for a long-ass WOD today. 20″ box, 10# medball, subbing rowing: 23:47. ugh. (was able to maintain jumping instead of stepping up, though, which i doubt would’ve been possible with 24″.)

  • michelle

    it all sounds awful. kudos to all of u who did it-or any portion of it.
    i had remedial training in pressing the kb overhead. lots of grunting to get it to move in my left hand. tyler even patched my arm up with a filthy rag and tape to pad it. verdict: I am still a “righty”
    did lots of BS (5 sets of 5) of 115lb.
    had not done them in a long time. forgot how to breathe efficiently.
    was instructed to “hold my breath and bear down” (Moon- no worries about the floors below me at that hour of the day)
    I did not want to tell Tyler that this is precicely what the obgyn tells you when you are delivering a baby. although they add “push” at the end of the phrase.
    in any event, it helped.
    thanks Dr. Durden.

  • justin

    In my haste to get out of there tonight, I left my laptop at the box… So if someone could just put it off to the side or in the cubby with Leslie and my shoes in it, I would appreciate it. Thanks!!!
    34:25 w/500 meter row… Feeling ill right now for some reason.

  • michelle

    Justin-tell Leslie to get out of the cubby! 🙂
    nice time! did u go running yesterday?

  • sam

    that workout was a freaking train wreck.
    31.40 with box jumps, 400m run + stairs and 20lb ball.

  • alex

    Box jumps and wall balls; two things that scare me the most. Not because of the leg work but because of crewing up the $24k worth of dental work that kept me out of class for the last three months.
    All day I was stressing about falling on the box or having a ball hit me in the face.
    But I did the modified beginners workout and came through without issue.
    Great job everyone!

  • george

    kelly – 29:58

  • erica

    subbed 6# med-ball thrusters for wall ball

  • juan g.

    one handed wall balls.

  • Justin

    Sometimes I let the her out of the cubby… When she’s good. No running yesterday. Did the lunchtime WOD and had every intention of going, but then I started feeling the workout and well, decided not to.

  • Hari


  • michelle

    Alex- I almost went to the beginner class to do the modified wod-bummer wish I had-would love to c u already! And those pearly whites!

  • Staci

    Alex – I think screwing up dental work is my biggest fear with CF and trail running. The first time I fell on the trails, I purposefully twisted to land on my left shoulder and hip – must protect the toofies!
    I missed class terribly, it felt bizarre not to be there tonight. Ah well, aside from the mountain of work here in the office, I’m saving all (i.e. what little) I have for Saturday’s 50K trail race at Bear Mountain.
    Yes, I am well aware that I am a certified nut-case 🙂
    Many thanks to P.T. Durden for working on my wonky legs!

  • Jack Bauer

    This WOD looks so damn ugly! Miss you guys alot. Been working off the crossfit extreme home Wods and did walking lunges for 200 m (2x) with 50 pushups and situps. Not pleasant.
    Funny note-a girl on set asked me how I stay in shape because she wanted to “tone’ up! (eyes rolling0. She said she didn’t want to get bulky! (eyes continue rolling) I told her that she had to eat more meals-just balanced ones-she looked at me like I had two heads. Thanks Crossfit for making it difficult for me to make new friends!
    Guess I’ll just have to keep you all then…and yes you too Keith-someone has to open my limo doors!

  • Dan R

    My first time with Kelly: 37:00
    The wall balls really hurt my time, that damn ball spent more time on the floor than in the air — anyone have some advice on improving (e.g.: just do more of them a Rx’d, do heavy thrusters, perfect the form)?
    Jeff – thanks for all the good advice on doing a muscle-up, Allison will have to bake an extra cupcake fo’sure.
    Staci – kick ass on Saturday!

  • Dan R

    My first time with Kelly: 37:00
    The wall balls really hurt my time, that damn ball spent more time on the floor than in the air — anyone have some advice on improving (e.g.: just do more of them a Rx’d, do heavy thrusters, perfect the form)?
    Jeff – thanks for all the good advice on doing a muscle-up, Allison will have to bake an extra cupcake fo’sure.
    Staci – kick ass on Saturday!

  • sam

    to Dan R:
    Just keep doing crossfit. I’m assuming you were using the 20lb ball. I remember when I first started using that ball it felt like complete ass. Now wallballs feel about 50X times better than they did back then.
    You could do some wallballs as part of your warmup. But just keep coming and they’ll get easier and easier…

  • chantal suve

    Hi there, i am Chantal from Holland, back in holland after two weeks new york. I already miss crossfit a lot and really want to come back for the elements class! Maybe somebody can help me find a place to stay for a month, maybe for some money or visit to holland? I would love to do the elements class with you! Pls email me at chantalsuve@hotmail.com. And again everybody overthere thank you! Jarno and i had a great time! big kiss