What’s it gonna be?

Rest day on the main site. Come on down to the Box to find out what the WOD is gonna be.
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  • Hari

    April 11 at 7:30 PM (This Friday)
    Black Box Friday Rest Night Dinner
    Brazil Brazil
    330 West 46TH Street – Restaurant Row
    between 8TH and 9TH Avenues
    In so far (15): Adam, Ant, Avery, Brendan, Brian D, Dan Def, Dan R, Hari, Jacinto, Juan, Justin, Leslie, Moon, Sam, Tiffany
    Who else is in?

  • Allan E

    Mornin’ black box— been a while (since I defected down South). I’ve been following the chat here for the most part (is it just me or is Moon getting smuttier in his dotage?), but it’s just not the same as seeing you all in the sweaty, bleeding flesh so I’m planning to come back and, how-you-say, ‘get some’
    But could someone check my online account first? Can’t seem to sign up for classes (my no is 347 277 3456 if there’s a problem, or if anyone just wants a gossip)
    Looking forward to seeing everyone SOON 🙂

  • Staci

    I wish I could join for dinner, but I will hopefully be home resting up for my 50k race Saturday morning. That is, of course, if my knee cooperates.
    I stopped during a short TM run yesterday to make an adjustment, and when I started back up again I couldn’t run – walked for a bit, and tried to resume, but it was a no go. The walk to the locker room was excruciating, and the walk back to my office was slow and labored. Iced, took an ibuprofen, and it seems better now.
    Knee still hurts when I straighten it, and occasionally pain radiates all over my leg, nothing like yesterday though. But I have a weird popping in my back when I bend my knee, lift to hip level and then lower again. Yesterday the pop was accompanied by knee pain, today it’s just noisy.
    Fingers crossed that it’s just a matter of some good stretching (this is what I get for joking with Josh about ITBS and being bio-mechanically sound). I just can’t figure out what caused it – can’t be overuse from running, since I’ve been tapering for the race and barely running at all. It was such a sudden thing, no warning, no trauma – but definitely acute. Oy.
    Bet you it’s those tabata squats 😉

  • Hari
    I’ll swing by on Friday night for some picanha or caipirinhas….probably around 8:15-8:30.

  • Allan
    Don’t take it personally but the computer doesn’t recognize you because you haven’t paid. Just come in and we’ll take care of it. Glad to have you back.
    Sorry to hear that.
    Actually, those Tabata squats can do a number on your IT bands and complicate things for your knees. Give me a call or email me tylerATcrossfitnycDOTcom and let’s discuss some rehabbing options.

  • Maura

    Hey all,
    Phaidra and I have a rugby game this weekend at Kaiser Park (BK). We are playing against Quebec at @11am. I realize the time conflicts with the WOD, but if you are hurting from the night before or feel like doing it later in the day, we would love for you to come watch/support if interested.
    For directions please see the link below and scroll down to KAISER PARK:
    We’ll be wearing these orange and blue jerseys/shorts/socks – you can’t miss us (trust me).
    p.s. There is a nice track around the rugby field.

  • michelle

    Hari-how late do the dinners run-i have dinner with a friend at 7 which should be done by 9ish-i would swing by for a drink-do u think you guys will still be there?

  • Maura – is it on Saturday or Sunday?

  • Moon

    Allan E – Welcome back! And yes, I probably am getting a little dirtier. But this is to be expected as over time everything in the Black Box slowly darkens – from the walls to the humor and even the white Underarmor t’s. I would wager that after another year there, Wesley Snipes would take one look at me and go “DAMN!”

  • Hari

    We probably wont get seated much before 8:00. People continue to arrive after that, particularly if they’re coming from the Box. I’m pretty sure most of us will be there until at least 9:30 or 10:00.

  • Allan E

    *wistful sigh* how many more years before Wesley says that of me?

  • Jeff

    I’m in

  • Maura

    My bad – It’s on Saturday.

  • marisela

    ill probablly stop by the dinner to say hello, but briefly.

  • Juan

    saturday womens rugby?? nice…
    im in…whos goin

  • Coach P

    Thank you all who came down for the grip seminar yesterday. Hope everyone had fun and are now familiar enough with the equipment to work some grip training before or after your workouts. We will begin the grip WOD tomorrow with the regular WOD.
    For those of you that could not make it, please let us know if we should have it again, and indicate a day/time.

  • Tom

    So what did the morning and afternoon classes do today?

  • Kevin

    We did a WOD created by the estimable Brian H
    Rest Day WOD
    3 rounds for time
    10 Knees to Elbows
    10 Box Jumps
    10 Handstand Push ups
    10 Double unders
    10 KB Swings 24k men, 16k women (scalable)
    10 Wall balls
    10 L Pull ups
    10 Turkish getups 5 per arm 24k men, 16k women (scalable)
    10 push ups
    10 squats
    26:11 as rx’d
    I was gassed from the getups and that affected my HSPU’s and pushups big time.

  • Brett_nyc

    Coach P, Friday evening (next rest day) would be good for me to do a grip cert. Sat and Sundays not good.

  • michelle

    used 8kg for TGU,
    used one abmat for first round of hspu and blue yoga box for last two rounds,
    used 10lb wall ball
    and subbed ring L-pulls for the L sits.
    man that was tiring.
    It was especially poignant when I said I didnt want to do round three and Allison said “wait-you are only fisnishing round 2???”
    good class guys. thx allison.

  • Jeff

    Coach P
    I was out of town during the grip workshop. Will it be necessary to contact you via email or will you be setting up another class soon?

  • S2

    Moon (and anyone else who might be interested) — you can get mini clip-on metronomes to use for keeping your running cadence up. I found a couple on Amazon — this one looks like the best bet:
    Or, you might be able to get one at a music store.

  • Kurt

    31:10 on the WoD.
    I would also be interested in the grip workshop. Weekends are bad for me this month, but most weekdays are fine.

  • Moon

    2 pads under head for HSPU
    16 kg bell on TGs.
    Really need more 20kgs in the box. That single one is getting lonely.