You down with CFT?

Yeah you know me!
Saturday 080405
“CrossFit Total”
Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep
Post total to comments.
Compare to 080127.

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Peers for fears
All creatures, great and overrated
Adja, Staci, and Mackenzie–3 members of Keith’s Tues/Thurs Elements Workshop.


  • Brett_nyc

    Hari, Others, the video on the main site today offers a good explanation of the Pushpress. Seems I’ve been telling you bad info. Knees should go forward, hips should stay in line with the torso, not go back. I stand corrected.

  • Hari

    642 (225, 122, 295) BW = 150

  • S2
  • Dan R

    I like that — think we can pull off a few hand stand pushups on a slack line!?

  • sam

    Squat 195 (equal pr)
    Press 105 (not pr)
    DL 300 (pr)
    Total – 600 (pr) (up from 495)
    BW – 170

  • Chris Gaskin

    Squat 225
    Press 120
    DL 250
    Total – 595
    BW – 170

  • george

    bs – 285 (pr)
    sp – 160 (pr)
    dl – 315 (pr)
    CFT – 760
    up 55# from last cft, which was my first cft
    thanks for the shoes coach p.

  • Justin

    BS- 315
    P- 155 (failed at 170)
    DL-DNF due to fucking back up on the back squat. Don’t know what happened but tweaked the back on the way up.

  • Moon

    An f-ing CFT on a Saturday…and I’m out of town…
    In the distance, if you listen closely, you can hear my anguish.

  • Leslie

    Moon, just finished the movie. It was great!

  • michelle

    I think my husband may just have gotten “shamed” into coming to crossfit. He wore my cert Crossfit shirt when he took our son to Chelsea Piers for a private gymnastics lesson with the team’s coach today. Two gymnastics coaches-both in mighty fine physical condition-said wow-crossfit-that is supposed to be brutal (the quote was”brutal shit” from one of them)-do u do that?
    To which my husband both times was forced to respond:
    “NO, but my wife does.”
    The head coach said, “your wife does crossfit, your son is on the gymnastics team, so what do you do?”

  • Michelle, that is awesome!

  • sam

    That’s amazing Michelle!