Friday 080404
Clean & Jerk 15-12- and 9 reps
Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No dumping. Use same load for each set. Rest as needed between sets.
Post loads to comments.
Compare to 041129.

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NYT Op-Ed: Tighten your belt, strengthen your mind
Diet secrets of the CFNYC trainers (full disclosure: I ate my burger 5 minutes before this photo was taken):

Wednesday beginners’ class: Kettlebell madness:


  • MikeG_CFATL

    Keith, I hope there is Bacon on that burger!

  • Hari

    April 11 (Next Friday)
    Black Box Friday Rest Night Dinner
    Brazil Brazil
    330 West 46TH Street – Restaurant Row
    between 8TH and 9TH Avenues
    In so far (8): Avery, Brian D, Hari, Justin, Leslie, Moon, Sam, Tiffany
    Who else is in?

  • Adam

    Hari, count me in. I’ll have just finished an exam that day and will be in the mood to get out.

  • dan def

    Count me in for dinner.

  • Dan R

    Question from the newbie here: what time does the black box dinner take place?

  • Kurt

    Good luck on the exam, Adam.
    Hope to see you guys in the box soon. I have been beaten down by a chest/head cold the last few days. It’s what I get for believing that one day with a high in the 60’s means it’s officially Spring and warm.

  • Juan

    im in for brazil brazil
    so I have rotator cuff tendonitis. I can still do the cleans right?
    they also want me to do 3 weeks of Physical therapy… can I still go ahead and do light overhead stuff or should I stay away from that movement altogether? any subs for the jerk?

  • Ewen

    Off for a week of rest, hopefully sunshine, and maybe some ring work.
    Enjoy the rest day dinner next Friday, but remember to train hard to deserve it! 😉

  • Brett_nyc

    “All you burgers are belong to Kieth!”
    This wod is very curious to me. Anyone done it yet?

  • Hari

    Dan R,
    Sorry, forgot to post the hour:
    7:30 PM or when you finish at the Box.

  • Juan – I am suffering from some rotator cuff weakness (sort of like a precursor to tendonitis if I don’t strengthen it) and bicep tendonitis in my left arm.
    My pt told me no overhead stuff until it gets better, but things like regular pushups were okay as long as it isn’t high volume and isn’t causing any pain. Basically, if anything hurts or causes more pain the next day, don’t do it.
    The big no-nos are pull ups, handstand pushups, and presses. I’m not sure about cleans, but if you did them, I’d think you’d want to do very light weight. Why aggravate it anymore?
    Hari – I may be running late for dinner, but definitely want to come since I have an unexpected photo shoot in Bedford that day.

  • Brendan

    i’m in, hari.

  • sam

    Juan –
    I also seem to constantly suffer from some sort of rotator cuff issue with my left shoulder. Recently i’ve been just working on a lot of stability work with kettlebells. Basically, TGU’s, lying on the floor holding a KB in the air for time. Exercises to strengthen the joint without too much movement.
    I still have some pain but not as bad as it was.
    Depending on your level of pain Juan it might just better to do nothing.

  • Michele_CFSBK

    keith—thanks for pushing me through that workout yesterday! great workout, even though my burpess were nasty! thanks again.

  • juan g.

    thanks for the info avery and sam.
    no pullups?? damn.

  • Hari: Count me in for dinner.
    Juan / Avery / Sam / Etc.: A few general thoughts on tendonitis, rehab, etc.
    1. The term tendonitis is largely a misnomer – you probably don’t have swelling at the tendon (the definition of tendonitis). Instead, it’s likely tendonosis, a term which simply means pain at the tendon, and is therefore vague enough to be essentially meaningless, diagnostically.
    2. Tendonosis, in CrossFitters, is almost universally caused by overuse (repetitive stress over a period of time) as opposed to by acute tendon trauma during a specific incident.
    3. Such overuse tendonosis, is also by far the most common CrossFit ailment, and odds are good you’ll face bouts of it (most commonly in the elbow, though also frequently in the shoulder or outer knee) at multiple points along your years of training.
    4. During such bouts of tendonosis, a good rule of thumb is: if it hurts, don’t do it. Thus, Juan, try a few light cleans this evening. You’ll know pretty quickly whether they’re a good or bad idea.
    5. For a period of about two weeks, stop whatever movement caused the tendonosis (pullups, overhead presses, running, etc.) completely.
    6. After two weeks, start the movement again. Slowly. If it’s pullup related, say, try two or three slow pullups, two or three times a day. Up the volume each week, but bit by bit. It should take you at least six weeks to get back to full out. This is, by far, the most important solution to overuse trauma: stop doing what hurts, then start it again, but gradually build it back up.
    7. Beyond that, targeted stretching helps. This is the main focus of PT. PT stretches aren’t top secret, however, so you can do the same stuff on your own, in less time and for free. Most people don’t actually stick with the exercises, or push themselves through parts of the exercises that are uncomfortable, without outside supervision, which is why appointments make sense. As a CrossFitter, that likely isn’t a problem for you.
    For elbow / bicep pain, the useful exercises are:
    For shoulder pain, the useful exercises are:
    For knee pain, the useful exercises are:
    Do them regularly on your own. Outside of that, simply focus on slowly (slowly!) building up volume on the causative movements.
    8. While that alone should fix you, you might also consider checking out Z Health and the Egoscue Method. Poor body mechanics – often in body parts seemingly unrelated to pain – can be a significant contributing factor. (Caveat emptor: this last bit is a newer area for me, and one about which I’m still devouring as much research as possible, so I can speak less authoratatively to the benefits of this one. Nonetheless, in my own case, I’m increasingly convinced that my ankle fracture last October was the inevitable outcome of serious hip flexor activation issues that translated to knee mobility issues that translated to everted feet.)
    Hope that all helps.

  • Dave

    We should look into get this piece of equipment at the new Box

  • sam

    Ant – Thanks to my exertions on the GHD the other day, I can no longer walk upright today because my abs are incredibly tight and sore.
    Again my statement of “this workout looks like cake” has been rubbed in my face..

  • George

    pretty much what ant said. and although i have been slipping i found significant relief of my lower back pain using the egoscue method.
    also, ice and anti-inflammatories (advil/aleve) coupled with resting will speed your recovering.

  • Brett_nyc

    Sam, I too am moving around with a GHD induced cro-magnon stoop. remarkably though, the BEs did not cause any soreness.

  • michelle

    hey guys i think i may have left my keys at the box after the wod today in the afternoon. not good. if anyone finds keys attached to a bright yellow key chain that says “Chabad early learning center” can u email me at please? or post here? thx
    moon-i told u there was an open bar at the kids’ party. u didnt have to take my keys!
    Samantha-thx for partnering up with me and Titus thanks for fixing my form onthos jerks. used 42# next time will try with 52#. But that will likely be in 3 or 4 years when the wod comes up again.

  • Moon

    Josh – Great piece there. You should Wiki that stuff!
    Michele – Maybe I took your keys *because* it was an open bar and a Friday. That’s just a recipe for getting a mugshot picture.
    Did the WOD with the lunchtime folks.
    Took it to 80# because my clean/jerk technique (tardnique?) still seems so convoluted to me. Coulda done more weight but when I do not feel comfortable with what I am doing, adding more weight does not make things better. I think I need some video-reviewed practice time with this.

  • michelle

    aww. thx moon. they spiked the fruit punch.

  • sam

    Completely unrelated, but I made calculations using google maps and I believe the distance around our block to be nowhere near 800m.
    In fact it appears to be more like 580m. If you measure out the distance on paper, using google maps and then compare using the provided scale. The long sides appear to be 240m each and the ends of the block 50m each. Add it up to get 580m total.
    So all those times we did Michael we were doing 580m plus the stairs. So our times might actually be fairly accurate..

  • jacinto

    Hari,count me in.

  • Staci

    Sam – if you use you’ll get a pretty accurate calculation (it just doesn’t take into account changes in elevation – moot point in midtown).

  • Dan R

    Hari – I hope to make it to my first Black Box dinner next Friday.
    Sam – My results don’t agree with your computations. I’m looking at the 50m scale and the block width and length measure 90m and 300m, respectively. The total is 780m.

  • sam

    Dan R – Moon showed me a different tool that automatically calculates distance using google maps and it came up with 620m.
    So i’m going with that value. Either way, it’s fairly clear that the run is not 800m. Which is glad i’ve done all my recent runs at a track.

  • Dan R

    Hey Sam — I’m curious which tool you guys were using. Also, is there a track you’d recommend for the rest of us?

  • sam

    I go to a track at 6th street by the east river. (
    Basically walk east along 6th street until you get to the river and there’s a real 400m tartan track. Which is where I do all the running wods.
    In fact, if anyone’s interested I would totally be up for going with a few people, I think our times would be much better with someone to cheer us on!

  • Doesn’t tendonitis mean inflammation of the tendon? (“-itis” denoting inflammation which is both pain and swelling) I agree that tendonosis is chronic degeneration (overuse) of the tendon (often anti-inflammitories do not work to relieve the pain). I think just saying you either have pain or you have swelling doesn’t make the self-diagnosis any clearer.
    Having suffered from both -itis and -osis in my lifetime, you’ve got pain either way. Unfortunately, I do have swelling, a wonderful popping and snapping sound in my shoulder and elbow, and a localized site of pain you can pinpoint with a finger, all causes for my orthopedist to be concerned.
    For tendonitis, there is a definite period of rest needed for the tendon to heal along with therapy, ice, massage, etc. But I think with tendonosis you can theoretically keep working out as long as it doesn’t cause you pain and you are icing/stretching/strengthening. But because it’s so hard to diagnose between the two, the most common protocol to follow is the one prescribed for tendonitis.
    However, I am not a doctor, so I can only offer my personal experience. Everything else Ant said seems to be right on the money.

  • Dan R

    Sam – I’m all for a run on a 400m track — certainly beats the treadmill, and it would be nice to quit dodging people and cars.
    Who’s brining the kettle-bells?

  • sam

    From the 10 minutes of research I just did, it’s fairly clear I have tendonosis and not tendonitis.
    Luckily it seems (as Avery said) that the best method of clearing myself of it is by strengthening my shoulder and not resting.
    Resting can apparently make it worse by weakening the joint..

  • sam

    Hari – The Sam you have down for the dinner is me right? Just making sure as there appears to be a plethora of Sams coming to the box at the moment..

  • I’m still here. Apparently the powers that be do not want me to go to the running cert so here I sit broken hearted…
    C’est la vie.

  • michelle

    maybe u can run to the cert instead of fly? 🙂

  • Brett_nyc

    135lbs with power cleans throughout,
    Rested at 5’s, 4’s and 3’s respectively with the bar in my hip crease

  • chris gaskin


  • Hari

    75 lbs

  • alex

    First day back and we did a half a Cindy and a round of Tabata squats.
    I could hardly walk down the stairs. But I am so happy! 🙂

  • sam

    did last round at 85lbs
    Also, just like to say it was great to meet all the new elements guys, welcome to the box! From what I saw you did some strong work.

  • Justin

    105 lbs doing full squat cleans… Apparently Im the only idiot that did this.

  • Chris Gaskin

    You were not the only idiot…I did full squat cleans as well