Core Work

Wednesday 080402
Five rounds for time of:
30 Glute-ham sit-ups
25 Back extensions
Post time to comments.
Compare to 070902.

Cool Whip: A delicious blend of sugar, wax, and condom lube.
Racing pioneer Grete Waitz returns to marathon, post cancer treatment and at 54 years old
Too much protein a bad thing?
Why don’t people train hard?
Carlos vs. Fran:

Jeff catches his breath mid-Fran:

See entire evening WOD-class “Fran” photo series here.
It was a very “Fran”tic week at the Black Box, as Keith’s Tues/Thurs Elements Workshop also tackled “Fran.”
Here some of the ladies show us how it’s done (left to right: Staci, Mackenzie, Lisa):
Tuesday Thursday Elements Class does Fran
Adja really grits it out:
Tuesday Thursday Elements Class does Fran
See all the photos of Elements tackling Fran here. (Thanks again, Dan R.)


  • Jeff

    Once again, great photos.
    Lots of pics of me making “Fran” face.

  • Moon

    Yeah, we definitely need one of these with a “man canyon”. – Moon, from 3 April 2008.

  • Robzilla

    RE: Why don’t people train hard?
    I can tell you that the results would be the same with me if you stuck me on a treadmill for more than 5 minutes. Maybe it’s not that when it gets hard they stop enjoying it but rather when it gets boring.

  • George

    Cool Whip: A delicious blend of sugar, wax, and condom lube.
    if its good enough for my d!*k, its good enough to eat!
    sorry, couldn’t resist

  • Moon

    I motion that George not be allowed to pick “Rest Day Dinner” locations…

  • sam

    Are we subbing abmat supermans and good mornings for Back Extensions?
    As Moon pointed out, we need a GHD with a man canyon. Doing BE’s on our GHD is seriously painful.

  • Justin

    And here I thought people didnt train hard because it was, well, hard??

  • George

    2:27, 2:37, 2:40, 2:44
    3 minutes rest, 4 on the last lap.
    Thanks coach p for keeping the time and the log.

  • marisela

    my legs didnt feel that sore until i started this wk out. Then…woo-hoo! Glutes and hammy’s!
    situps and superman’s

  • michelle

    had 20 minutes to do a workout. sucked.
    250m row
    R hand-12kg kb rack 10 squats,
    overhead press-5x,
    press with 5 lunges each leg,
    10 kb swing right arm
    250m row with same fun with left hand
    my left arm is so week comparatively I proposed to keith that I do all my exercses with my left hand a la Erica and leave my right hand out of it for a while.
    total of four rounds
    good considering keith said it should take me about 15 or 16 minutes.

  • Ewen

    Nice pics, Dan R.

  • Dan R

    Thanks Ewen — but credit for yesterday’s batch goes to Allison who snapped a few while Fran kicked our asses. As an aside, look forward to joining you and Rob next year at the rowing challenge.

  • alex

    Great Nova show on channel 15 rcn right now.

  • chris gaskin

    Good morning
    Leg raises

  • Brett_nyc

    15:06 all ghd
    flexibility reaching back on the situps was not great

  • Staci

    Thanks to all for a great workout (even though I f**k’d up my overhead lunges). My apologies to Justin for assaulting his gentle ears with my trucker vocabulary 😉

  • Robzilla

    First, welcome back Alex!
    16:26 all GHD. Hit the ground and my toes on (most of) my reps.
    Good job tonight Brett, Erica, and Sam. The GHD is an unforgiving mistress. Also props to everyone else who did the sub workout, it didn’t look any less agonizing.
    Staci – I couldn’t imagine anything but the most elegant words being a part of your vernacular.
    Now it’s time for some Sweet, Smooth, Cool Whip!

  • Staci

    I’m really quite polished and classy IRL. There’s just something about CF that brings out the worst in me (i.e. the potty mouth, Rob’s “snatch” outfit, and the Jewish guilt tone of voice that slipped out in a moment of weakness).
    I blame the burpees 😉
    Promise to be on my best behavior tomorrow, scout’s honor.

  • 17 minutes
    Used decline bench (totally declined so I was practically hanging off the thing) and the 45 degree back extension bench. Decline bench was horrible while the back extension bench was much easier. Curious to see how the decline bench compares to the GHD. My assumption is that both are terrible.

  • Moon

    19:05. Using 45# good mornings and L-raises. Felt like I didn’t put enough in it today. Will have to make that up on Friday.
    Impressive work with the strict feet-to-toes sub, Paul.

  • sam

    13.25 ghd sit ups and 45lb good mornings.
    Have to say, Erica, your music kicked ass. Although not sure I could handle it too often..

  • michelle

    Moon-you DO however look like ur putting in your max effort in that fran photo on top. way to go. staying nice and toasty.

  • erica

    15:35 all on GHD
    that was much worse than i thought it would be!

  • Juan G.

    30 leg raises sub
    25 good mornings sub
    using the smallest box

  • michelle

    whats on tap for 12;30 class??? what dod 7 am do?