Curl & Kick

Happy April Fool’s Day, everybody. Obviously by now everyone knows the WOD below is fake, but I do have a real announcement for those of you enrolled in the Running Clinic that meets tonight:Please bring umbrellas, garbage bags, and extra clothes for class given tonight’s forecast for rain. Thank you.
Wednesday 080401
Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound barbell curl
16 kg tricep kickbacks with kettlebells
Post time to comments.

We’ll follow this WOD with some lat raises on the Bosu for balance/stability work.


  • Moon

    Oh yes! Finally I WOD where I will feel comfortable wearing my spandex outfit with the t-back!

  • michelle

    are we running or r we subbing something? other than the bosu ball 🙂

  • heh!

  • Brett_nyc

    Guys! When is the knee extension machine coming? I really want to blast my quads so I look good in spinning class tomorrow! Also, is there any cardio in today’s wod?

  • Kevin

    Lets not forget the hamstring curl machine.

  • Dan Def

    Is it OK if I sub 400 Suzanne Summers Thighmaster squeezes for time instead?

  • Kevin

    Had a blast today in the morning class. We got a visit from some great folks from Crossfit up in Canada(OPT’s place). Did a team workout.
    Todays WOD as per Keith:
    2500m row
    50 HSPU
    100 pullups
    150 burpees
    200 squats
    Each team member had to go once on each exercise til the team completed the total reps. Much more fun than running 800m for time.

  • Brett_nyc

    Dan Def, there’s no TV to watch at the Box while doing the Thighmaster, so you’ll probably have to sub Dorito eating.

  • Juan

    Allison I want some spicy chocolate cupcakes

  • Hey Keith,
    I thought you might like this site…

  • Thanks, Mike! I’m going hogwild on bacon products!

  • Juan–get a muscle-up and I’ll make you some… 🙂

  • Moon

    Jon S. and I did the lunchtime run.
    Block Lap x 4. I did 3 min rests.
    3:02 3:09 3:12 3:10.
    Moving and stationary obstacles abounded (apologies to the USPS cart I clipped) but overall, wasn’t that bad. Next running workshop can’t come soon enough for me, it would seem.

  • AllisonNYC

    Mike aka Special Mat: Who’s side are you on here? You’re in big trouble the next time I see you. I told you not to encourage him!
    Clean & Jerk:
    95 x 10
    100 x 8
    105 x 6
    115 x 3
    120 x 3 no jerk
    127 x 2
    135 F
    about 15 # off my PR. Just not feelin it today
    10:15 with 16# med ball
    eh. I don’t need to do that one again
    I’m STILL exhausted and sore as hell from the weekend. How are you feeling Keith?

  • michelle

    Coach P- whats on tap for tonite -is it the run?

  • Everything hurts from this weekend. So much pain. As soon as I start feeling better it will be time to go to the running cert in Ann Arbor.
    The only thing that can make the pain go away is bacon…sweet, sweet bacon.

  • dan def

    Bacon you say? Here you go Tyler. You’re welcome:
    “Eating one sausage or three rashers of bacon a day can increase the risk of bowel cancer by a fifth, a medical expert has said.”

  • marisela

    i decided to go to rbp and do the 400m walking lunges around an actual track. When i got halfway around i realized that i still had half the track and i had only/already counted to 220. My legs had kinda stopped wanting to work, but i continued on and finished in 23:19. I got to 400 (as we have done it at the box) and my time was 22 min on the nose. My final count was 430.
    Then i was walking home and never had i noticed the steep uphill climb between riverside and broadway like i noticed it today. I had to stop and shake my legs out before continuing home.
    cripes. Thats a hard wk out.

  • Dan R

    Yes, apply a side of bacon to any wound and it’s sure to heal up nicely — at least when they’re sterile bacon bandages! Available now without sodium or cholesterol.
    Contains no nutritional value, not intended for internal injuries, ineffective if consumed.
    Oh, and Allison I’ll take that Muscle-Up CupCake Challenge (provided it’s open to all competitors).

  • Jeff

    As you know, that’s not even the real workout. The real workout begins tomorrow morning when you try to walk around for the next 3 days.

  • marisela

    true dat, homie. True dat 🙁

  • Ah, yes, the 400m outdoor lunge workout.
    The day after I first tried that one, I was so sore I missed my stop on the subway, as I was literally unable to stand up from my seat.
    I had to wait for the woman next to me to get off, so I could slide over to the rail and pull myself up with my arms.
    Enjoy, Marisela, enjoy.

  • juan

    Crossfit Article in Muscle & Fitness
    Wod and photoshoot

  • michelle

    marisela- jacinto loaned me his walker from FGB-feel free to hobble over and borrow it. I am not going outdoors anyway until the mortification known as “fran kicked my ass” has passed.
    I can’t look at a clock without seeing that 13:49. I may get rid of all digital clocks in my apartment soon. Better for my kids anyway.
    I think its time for me to create a version of FRAN for the Wii.

  • Moon

    Michelle – Your game platform has arrived.

  • New Guy

    We weren’t supposed to do that WOD?? oops! I’m not going to be able to move my arms for a week now!

  • michelle

    Great Moon-thanks- Nothing like opening that link up at my OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan R

    Nice work to everyone in the T/R elements class who did Fran for the first time! Get ready for Fight Gone Bad on Thursday.
    So I can look back in a month and see how far I’ve come with my training: Time was 5:07 with 65# thrusters.
    Break down was:
    Round 1: Thrusters: 21 Pullups: 21
    Round 2: Thrusters: 8-7 Pullups: 8-7
    Round 3: Thrusters: 5-4 Pullups: 2-2-1-1-1-1-1
    Grip failed, couldn’t sustain the kip for the pullups in the last round. Mike, will definitely see you at that Sunday grip workshop.

  • Staci

    Dan, I am neither ready nor able, but I’m certainly Willing.
    Time for my Virginal Fran: 6:43 with 42# thrusters and subbing with jumping pullups (42,30,18).
    Thrusters were a mess halfway through (I’m relying on my arms too much, thanks Rob for coaching me through them), and I could swear that bar was getting higher and higher as the reps on the pullups added up 🙂
    Thanks again for all the great cheerleading, guys.

  • michelle

    so it figures the one running class i dont go to its a balmy 60 degrees with NO RAIN!
    feeling like a tool
    rob-thanks for the help on the overhead squats.
    i got 10 hspus on one abmat-first time getting that low!
    awesome job elements class on Fran!
    Moon ask Rob to show u his new trick

  • alex

    ok people I’m back, but I’m sending myself back to the elements class. I am severely out of shape and basically a weakling so be gentle.
    See y’all on friday night

  • sam

    On the track by the East River
    1st 800 – 2.45
    2nd 800 – 2.50
    3rd 800 – 2.50
    4th 800 – 2.49

  • michelle

    Alex-so psyched you are back! did Daniel Stamler tell u we know each other?

  • Welcome again to CFNYC Alex!

  • alex

    Michelle, thats my boss!

  • Welcome back, Alex!
    I subbed with Marisela’s WOD and did the 400 meter walking lunges at the Chelsea Piers track.
    I probably wasted a lot of energy cursing under my breath at all the tricep kickbacking and bicep curling people, gawking at me during their five minute rests between sets, while my legs were quivering uncontrollably.
    13:52 (PR – Two minutes faster than last time)

  • michelle

    Alex-didnt he tell u how we figured out that I knew you?He dropped me off at Crossfit once and asked where I was goimg and I told him about it and he said that this woman at work named Alex did this similar type of workout and had lost a lot of weight and i said I bet its crossfit and I bet its the same Alex and I described you and sure enough-
    his twins are 6 weeks older than mind-we lived down the hall from them right after our twins were born and now our kids go to school together.
    i am trying to get his wife to come.

  • alex

    That is too funny! 🙂

  • Chris Gaskin

    1 – 2:26
    2 – 2:35
    3 – 2:37
    4 – DNF (hamstring pull)

  • Jack Bauer

    Welcome back Alex
    For my April Fools WOD-eat everything at the craft services tables between breaks that consisted of chocolate chips, glazed donuts, gatorade, croissants, fries, and of course Nestle Quik.
    And for Keith I did have sweet sweet bacon because I am conscious of what I eat. 🙂
    It was hard but I got through it (burp)

  • Hari

    12:54 (2:59, 3:10, 3:17, 3:28)
    5 minutes rest between runs.

  • We missed you, Alex. Welcome back.

  • Alex, I was just about to email you to find out what had ever become of you. SOOOOOO glad you are back!

  • Moon

    Alex – Welcome back! You’re one of the original icons of The Box!
    Now – just to get the Dans, Avery, Alex and Dammit together for a group picture…

  • sam

    Awesome times Chris!

  • George

    2:27, 2:37, 2:40, 2:44
    3 minutes rest.
    Thanks for keeping the log and clock coach p.