Monday 080331
Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster
Post time to comments.
Compare to 080214.

Lyle McDonald on protein requirements for athletes


  • Roxanne

    Hey alison! Uhm… I can’t do 95lb thrusters, what weight would you suggest that I do?

  • 5:09 (PR by 30 s compared to 080214)
    Partitioned 11-10, 8-7, 5-4 instead of 7-7-7, 5-5-5, 5-4. Apparently, if I do longer sets and rest less, I go faster.
    In other news, the sky is blue.

  • Roxanne, the Rx’d weight for women is 65lbs if I’m not mistaken.

  • Roxanne

    Ok! Thanks Brian!:) Congrats on your acceptance to college!

  • Coach P

    Ewen, sub 5 is yours!
    Sunday crew: Jackie will never be the same, good work. Now that we have 2 rowers, the importance of mastering the skill will pay off in workouts like Jackie, Christine, our baseline test, and whenever we sub rowing for running.
    Use the rower in your warmup for 500-1000 meters, and pull Robzilla, Ewen, or one of the trainers to watch and comment.

  • I’m back from the Gymnastics Cert…that means more handstands for you!!!!

  • W00t! Handstands!
    Thanks, Roxanne! Really excited about my college choices; now I have to choose.

  • michelle

    wow ewan-awesome. my lower back is still not functioning after fgb i may just be stuck at the bottom of each thruster. i dont think however it will make me go faster.

  • Claire B

    i had to modify due to equipment availabilty (again)and also wasn’t sure about thruster weight….ended up doing bodyweight rows (with feet up) and 45lb thrusters…will do more weight and use gravitron if poss next time… time 6.37

  • Dan R

    Whooo hooo – better handstands and handstand pushups, bring it on!
    Am totally stoked about completing my first Fran and FGB this week in the elements class.

  • michelle

    awesome lunch time class guys-kevin/titus i blinked and u were done. thx for cheering me on and not falling alseep. it was a nice mix -sub 5 group and me in the sub 15 group. aim high! oh boy, first time doing fran with kipping pullups. 13:49. with 52#. i have to humiliate myself and post it so next time this comes i will remember and know that i can only do better. i think 85% of the time was spent on the pullups.
    have fun tonight guys-by the way leslie-75 lbs in under 8 minutes?? cripes!

  • Kevin

    Fran as rx’d
    The board says 4:48 but since I timed myself with the stopwatch and was cleaning the bar off the floor it took ~3 seconds to do this.
    Happy to finally break the sub 5 barrier after the last 3 or 4 attempts!
    Thanks to the 1230 crew for the push, and michelle it was great watching you do Fran . Those pullups were so graceful. On your way to rx’d sub 10 Fran in no time. Congrats on the pr Ewen. We got some serious fire breathers in our BB crew!

  • Staci

    Oooh! Are we doing Fran and FGB this week?? Dan, you’d better not be teasing me!

  • Dan R

    Provided that the CrossfitNYC FAQ is up-to-date, then this week is MetCon. The FAQ has been accurate for the past two weeks though. Check it out for yourself at the URL below if you think I’m teasing.

  • Brett_nyc

    I’m runnng really late. Can’t rmember which class time I signed upfor but I’ll be there eventually.

  • 10:40 as RX’d. Struggled through the thrusters, blazed through the pullups. Gonna shoot for a sub 10 next time.
    Now for my daily contribution of internet awesomeness.

  • Hari

    8:36 (PR)

  • justin

    5:42 as R’xd… 20 seconds slower than last time. It was weird. The Thrusters felt much easier as did the pull-ups (of course thats all relative) but for some reason I was just a bit slower. I was really trying my best to make sure that my chin cleared the bar, so that probably was the biggest factor.

  • Juan


  • Brett_nyc

    4 min flat.
    pr stands at 3:40. Pre wod quesadilla burger and fries didn’t help.

  • Erica ‘my right arm is better than both of yours’ Webster


  • Jack Bauer

    Sorry I missed it. Won’t be at the box for awhile but I did do that Crossfit Xtreme “Out of town Workout” ( was ever so helpful in making sure I stayed on course with you guys)
    The Franish Workout was 21-15-9
    Handstand Pushups
    24:59. First set of HSPU to the rug, last two were to the 2 inch pillow…Saying ” This is some bullshit!” doesn’t sound quite as cool with your parents in the other room.
    Good work to Moon with the 6:50 PR. Hari-great work! Kevin- for the sub five was a matter of time.
    Brett how the hell do you get a sub 5 with a burger in fries in you? You disgust me! 🙂
    Michelle congrats on your first fran as rx’d! You go kipping mom!

  • Moon

    6:50. PR by ~1:40 over the time I had at the cert.
    I think I’m getting better at the mental/physical “staying out at the border” longer and recovering quicker. Zone eating may also be helping here.
    Erica – I do not contest your claim. Your one-armed jumping pullups were fantastic.
    Jon – thanks for the contribution. Very inspiring.

  • Chris Gaskin

    8:38(sub 75# thrusters)

  • 7:34, 65# thrusters & kipping pullups.
    Thanks to everyone who cheered me on, especially Brendan and Court. I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

  • michelle

    moon-awesome! wow!
    hari-that is great-you shaved somuch off your time!
    do i need to get in the zone? ugh.

  • sam

    Did Fran at home (because of work commitments) using kettle bells (45lb) first doing right arm thrusters, then left arm thrusters. Had to use door pull up bar so strict pull ups.

  • george