Coach P’s Choice

It’s a Rest Day on the main site, so you know the drill: teacher’s choice. And when the teacher is Coach P, I’d suggest you expect the unexpected…
Coach P.
Yes, running can make you high
Little Chocolate Donuts: The Donuts of Champions!


  • AllisonNYC_23/5’2/125

    I did front handsprings!!
    The gymnastics cert rocks

  • Jeff

    Way to go! Hope you’re having fun out there. I will be grilling you for information when you get back.
    Dan Def
    Great pics!
    I got ~50 reps more in FGB than last time. Didn’t feel the need to do Fran afterwards.

  • Jeff
  • Lieutenant Gabriel Sganga

    Graduated, commissioned, and reporting for resumption of CrossFit training. Hope to be back at the box sometime in the next two weeks.
    Hope everyone is well.

  • Hari

    Congratulations, Lieutenant Sganga!

  • Court

    Alright, L T!

  • michelle

    do cf members get any discounts at wheelcahir rental stores after fbg-there should be a special bases on how poorly u do ur sdhps-bc that seems directly related to how much pain i have in my lower back. sitting-fine. walking-not so fine.

  • Juan G.

    yut yut,

  • Hari
  • jacinto

    michelle you borrow my walker

  • Brian D.
  • Jeff

    Maybe I’ll do that Fran after all.