Split the Difference

PLEASE NOTE! The next Monday/Friday Elements Class (April 2008) with Court Wing had been mislabeled as a morning class (7:30am-8:15am), when it should have been labeled as an evening class (7:30pm-8:15pm). This has now been corrected on MINDBODY Online. Thank you.
Friday 080328
Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.

Kwasniewski: Polish for “Praise the lard and pass the butter.”
Unhealthy dogma means unhealthy food
Did you hear the story about the guy who died doing CrossFit? It’s true. He didn’t go hard enough on “Helen” so his trainer killed him.
Fun Friday Video: Top 10 Jackie Chan Stunts
CFNYC takes it to the streets. Can you pick out all of the Black Boxers from the regular midtown pedestrians?
3, 2, 1 -- GO!
Supermen (and superwoman) prepare for take-off:
Reviewing the W.O.D.


  • Coach P

    Thank you for all your hard work. Your wit, smile, and caring attitude has had a positive effect on me as much as I may have on you(sniff).
    Happy BoxBirthday!
    Paulie, my pleasure, keep it coming!
    Awesome job last night, crew! NYC-Helen gets faster every time.

  • jacinto

    Happy birthday Moon,you look great keep it up.

  • Kevin

    Happy Birthday Moon.

  • Ewen

    Worked up to 175 with crappy form, then brought the weight back down. Ethan and Justin were putting up some nice numbers. Good job everyone this morning!

  • George

    i read this on againfaster this morning.
    ” We‚Äôre bringing personal responsibility back. You can‚Äôt do what we do while shirking your load, depending on other people, or otherwise passing the buck. Your WOD time is yours and yours alone. You cannot turn in a fifty-minute ‚ÄúFran‚Äù and then scold your classmates for the result. Blame is not cast in the gym.
    Conversely, I can’t count the number to times I’ve seen an athlete turn in an epic time and then thank everyone in the room for making it happen. Adulation is shared.
    I view the gym as a microcosm of the moral world, one in which control of success and failure ultimately lie with the individual. There is no fatalism in the gym. Your maximum pull-up number is not preordained by some higher power. It is determined by speed, strength, coordination, accuracy, agility, and mental fortitude, all qualities that are within your domain and solely within your control. Others can give to the effort through correction, encouragement, and support, but they cannot make your chin clear the bar.
    For some reason, this extraordinarily clear relationship between effort and success, responsibility and result, fails to make it through the gym doors into the wider world. Fingers are pointed freely, horizontally as well as vertically. Misfortune becomes the byproduct of an unknowable cosmic soup. Accidents are happenstance, determined by coincidence. Crime is not a choice, but the unfortunate result of socio-economic divergence. Individual awareness and control fall by the wayside in favor of widespread blame, the ridicule passed ever higher, until personal responsibility lies with no one.
    Success is hoarded like so much gold, rarely shared outside of the occasional Academy Awards speech. Encouragement, support, and contribution are forgotten in favor of glory, fame, and reputation, and suddenly the locus of control returns squarely to the individual.
    Imagine the day when my substandard split jerk becomes your fault. After missing out front, I get in your face, screaming about too much load, lack of support, and my astronomically bad childhood. I start in with the if-onlys and why-God-whys, sure that if things had been different, I would have nailed the lockout. Reduced to tears, I put an asterisk in my workout journal next to the repetition, noting that the miss was your fault.
    In the gym, the irrationality of my actions would be obvious. Why is it that a similar thought process, applied to my career, significant other, or a simple traffic jam becomes acceptable?
    It’s time to take the lessons of the gym outside. Burdens, whether iron or pure metaphor, do not move themselves. Successes are rarely the result of individual action. Looking to the sky for help or harm is an exercise in futility.
    Take stock in yourself, and those nearest you. Accept responsibility, and share your triumphs. Ours will become a much greater world.”
    “Do You.” Through personal accountability a stronger collective is soon to follow.

  • Moon

    Thanks all!
    (Looks at WOD) FINALLY – something heavy to pick up! Moon like heavy.
    Coach P – we should be ready to hand out stickers to folks like those impromptu cheerleaders who formed outside on the street to push on the Helen runners. It was weird for us to run out of the door in the second round into a small gauntlet of applause. I think I heard at least one say to a friend “Oh – those are the CrossFitters, I’ve heard about them…” Great job for those who wore their branded shirts. We’ve gotta go outside more!

  • Justin

    Yeah, I heard the same thing… Of course it made me run faster, not sure if it helped me much because well, I was alot more tired after that. Funny how that works.
    Worked with the morning crew today… Wow, thats a breath of fresh air. Anyways, worked up to 225 lbs which was ugly form wise, which at least lets me know that if I could get my pathetic form better, I could lift more. Like Ewen said, Great job everyone this morning!

  • Hari

    Black Box Rest Day Friday Dinner
    Friday April 11 (two weeks from today)
    Trying for Reservations at one of these two restaurants:
    Brazil Brazil 330 West 46TH Street
    Brazil Grill 787 8th Avenue
    Who is in?
    Anyone suggest one over the other?

  • Moon

    I’m in. Hopefully Tiffany too. I don’t think we have a preference.
    I wonder if knocking off a block each day until then will let me have enough blocks “in reserve” by the 11th to go nuts at the BBQ…:)

  • http://department.xavierhs.org/athletics/xaviertrack/schedule4.htm Brian D.

    Hari, you know I’m in.

  • Kurt

    That was an interesting article and lack of personal responsibility is a growing issue in our culture, but I don’t think I see this changing in either direction. One of the reasons I like working out is the beautifully simple causal chain between effort and success (or failure). Sure some other factors play in (outside stress, lack of time, distraction, support), but in the end, my effort is the largest variable in what I can accomplish. That is simply not true in the rest of my life, where effort is often trumped by a myriad of other factors. This is especially true in the corporate world. The gym is my escape from that BS and for better or worse, I don’t see either world influencing the other in a noticable way.
    The Watertown article is right, although my most common motivator is my inside voice that sounds a lot like a the drill instructor from Full Metal Jacket. It usually sounds something like “Are you f’ing kinding me, that wasn’t a push-up, you’re just humping my floor. Did you see that guy over there, yeah the one you outweigh by 40 pounds, he just did 30 thrusters in the time it took you to do 10, what are you going to do about if fat boy, cry? Faster, Faster, FASTER! Finish the workout or die, but whatever you choose, get it done.”

  • sam

    Im in Hari

  • http://www.runningdownadream-avery.blogspot.com/ avery

    Granted my work schedule doesn’t change, I’m in for dinner.

  • Brett_nyc

    Pre: Pullup practice with Hari.
    225 old pr
    230, PR, got it with a slight press out at the top.
    Post: Pullup practice with Hari.

  • Hari

    135, 135, 140, 145, 150, 150, 150 (PR)
    Brett, thanks for the pull-up help.
    Allison, thanks for the coaching.

  • martin

    Kurt, the voice in your head sounds *remarkably* like the voice in mine.
    Split Jerks:

  • michelle

    Hari u r going to have a sub 3 fran time once u actually stop doing a mixed kip/dead hang pullup. i cannot believe how much harder u have been working than you needed to. u r going to be flying through those pullup workouts even more than you already do which seems virtually impossible considering u r salready so fast at them. awesome
    and i know the main thing was your breaking/slowing down but at the cert they kept reminding me to open up my hips at the top bc it would give me that extra momentum to contstantly get my head over the bar. i find that when i remember to do it and dont keep my lower half locked its much easier. that guy adrian i think did a really good video ont he hip part of the kip recently on the main site.
    then again i have been doing this all of 20 minutes so what do i know
    great lunch class everyone. i would post my pr but its its about 1/2 of what everyone started with .
    ladies-amazing job!

  • Moon

    Congratz on the PR trifecta!
    We have several actors and producers as members and trainers. So when will The Box start producing commercials?

  • chris gaskin

    125(work on form)
    125(work on form)

  • Justin

    Leslie and I are in for dinner for next Friday rest day Hari…
    Breakdowns for today:
    215(f-just couldnt get me arms locked out)
    Dropped back down to 135 afterwards to work on sets of 5 for practice.

  • Moon

    185 (F)
    Bar isn’t so much heavy – this motion is all complimacated. Thanks much to Court “‘Court’ your ass!” Wing, Robzilla, Greg, Paul, Adam, and others for all the tips.