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Wednesday 080326
Rest Day on main site. WOD at instructor’s discretion.
Post time/score to comments.

SEND ME YOUR HEADSHOTS! To help with tracking membership through MINDBODY Online, I am requesting that all current members (and Elements students) send me a headshot photo of themselves to my email (allison AT crossfitnyc DOT com) so that I may upload it to our system. Please keep the photo size relatively small and a clear closeup of your face. If you don’t have one, just ask me to take your photo the next time you see me at the gym.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: While we have been strongly encouraging everyone to sign up in advance on MINDBODY Online before coming to any of the WOD classes (and we appreciate those of you who have been doing so!), from here forward we are enforcing a strict policy with regard to pre-class online sign-up. You must sign up with MINDBODY Online before coming to class in order to have a guaranteed spot in that class. If you arrive without having signed up and the class is full, you will have to attend another class that day instead. Evening classes tend to fill up more than morning or lunchtime do, but no matter which class it is, if it’s full and you haven’t pre-registered online, we’ll have to turn you away for that class. If you sign up online and do not show, your punishment will be burpees. To avoid burpee hell, just cancel your planned visit through MINDBODY Online once you realize you cannot make it to any class you’ve signed up for. If you have questions about how to use MINDBODY Online, please voice them in the comments.
To further facilitate check-in on arrival to class, please be sure to sign in to the sign-in book on the front desk with first and last name upon arrival to the gym. Your instructor needs to know who has arrived of those who are signed up online and your physical sign-in makes it easier for him/her to keep track. Thank you!
BuzzFeed picks up on the CrossFit/religion meme
Gawker sez: “I have met some people who do CrossFit, and they are scarily in shape and also not at all fun to be around.” (Obviously they’ve never been to a free intro class.)
Own a cat, live forever
Food-borne illnesses from leafy greens on rise in U.S.
All creatures, great and over-rated
Coach Josh teaches us why it’s not good to fast for 24 hours before doing Fight Gone Bad:
CrossFit NYC
Ethan shows us why “Barbara” is tough on firebreathers such as himself:
CrossFitNYC The Black Box
Phaidra powers through the 40-situp portion of “Barbara”:
crossfitnyc the black box
Erica is a bad-ass. That’s all you need to know:
CrossFit NYC


  • Moon

    Hmm…maybe the slogan “CrossFit puts the ‘F-U’ in ‘fun’!” isn’t winning over the hearts of the general population.

  • Robzilla

    Nice Moon. I almost sprayed water over my monitors after reading that.

  • you are doing something right when Nick Denton and his pen wielding zany party crashing minions say stupid things about you. its not as if I hear enough about Julia Allison.

  • Hari

    My favorite comment from the Gawker post:
    “The reason that I’m fat and out of shape is that I’ve been neglecting to do “L Pull-Ups” in between those 64 Hand-stand push-ups I do everyday?”

  • george

    Barbara worked me last night.
    finished in 40:23 with the rests, so i guess it was about 28 minutes total. trying to not finish 10 minutes behind brendan and gillian (?) caused me to hit the wall hard after round 4.
    I puked all over sixth ave before i made it to the subway, but alls good.

  • Justa

    The Gawker article is kinda funny, no? Oh yeah, and kinda pathetic….because that is the way the rank and file thinks and lives. We all know the reason most people aren’t in shape is because they don’t want it bad enough to earn it. Then they make fun of us to make themselves feel better. Okay, I can laugh at myself too. But when I’m done, I’m going to workout and get into even better shape, while the laughers fall further into the abyss. Good times, huh?
    Moon…That line is priceless!

  • Moon

    Not CrossFit-focused, but here are some more lines of inspiration:

  • Jack Bauer

    I just read that article from the Gawker and that’s a pretty self-deprecating piece of shit he wrote. As long as you got your health, everything else you can deal with. Anyone who ever had the flu or a bad injury will tell you how much they would pay to be healthy.
    This is why I find it irritating how out of shape people seem hell-bent on making us fit, and aspiring fit-individuals out to be evil for wanting to be able to do pushups and situps and run without having a coronary. But then they spend countless of hours and money on magazines or watching TV shows about celebrities and how they stay in shape. 300 made thousands of people want to get into shape.
    Cult/religious references aside- Whether you do crossfit or not, just be active. No one like being fat-it’s not good for your self-esteem, your internal organs, or life span-period.
    Crossfit never promises to make you a supermodel-Keith is proof of that. 🙂 We just promise that as long as YOU DO the work, we will show you a new way to get in the best shape of your life. Crossfit is cool because for 15 minutes a day, you can change your life (I do sound like an infomercial).
    I’ve never seen anyone laugh when they were receiving an insulin injection or breathing through a respirator.

  • Jeff

    From Gawker:
    Seriously, just forget CrossFit. It will make you insane.
    This pretty much condenses everything written by Virginia Heffernan and all of the commenters.
    Btw, the woman pictured is Beth Horn, aka Venom, from her pre-American Gladiator days.

  • Kurt

    Guess it is good thing that I was insane before I showed up or Crossfit might have had some negative side effects in exchange for all those positive ones.
    On the plus side, the guy actually went to the site and read a few workouts to find the best recent example of a tough WOD.
    I guess it is kind of selfish, but I am glad that CF scares most people. I don’t want to workout out with most people; that’s why I left the old gym. I want to work out with people who will sweat, bleed, puke, still beat me and then come back to cheer me on. That is definitely not “most people.”

  • Brett_nyc

    Sorry, I no-showed last night. i couldn’t find the cancel appointment button.
    What’s on the menu for tonight?

  • Justin

    So wait, you mean to tell me the people up stairs have one of those wooden machines and Ive been wasting my time doing back squats and pull-ups this whole time??

  • juan g.

    maybe we can ask to borrow the contraption so we can do our bench workouts.

  • Anyone wanna get their groove on tonight? I’m djing at club Midway: Ave B btwn 2nd & 3rd street, no cover.

  • michelle

    great lunchtime class. little brian gave us a muscle up tutorial. then we had 2 team race -1500m row, 75 kb swings, 2 min handstand, 100 walking lunges-each person had to do some portion of each exercise-was really fun. and thanks to my team for rowing 1200m and leaving me with only 300 to do.
    got a pr today and hit one of my 2008 goals-to front squat body weight
    fs- 116 single rep 3x yay!

  • Nice work Michelle!!

  • Moon

    Congratz Michelle! At this rate, you’d better start thinking up a new, higher set of goals for July-December 2008!

  • Kevin W

    Regarding the recent Crossfit-bashing articles and responses, Gen. Tommy Franks said this around the time of the Iraq invasion:
    “When you men get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she’s dating a pussy.”
    I think we can apply the same general principal to fat-boy newspaper reporters.

  • marisela

    kw, that was f****** hi-larious!
    i renewed my membership at my local state park gym today and did my first crossfit style workout in a “globo” gym.
    1 mile run warm up
    10, 20# tgu’s
    30, 55# cleans
    the dominican men that were doing half rom pull ups and spotting eachother during dumb bell incline bench press were in shock and awe of me.
    nice dominican clerk: you’re really strong
    me: not really, you’ve just never seen a real woman lift before.
    ahhh, globo, how i’ve missed you!
    congrats michelle!

  • Jack Bauer

    KW that was amazing. We should all plan to do a lot of winking this summer when we see someone come out of Crunch or doing curls. 🙂
    Justin how dare you not freeze with the rest of us! Zombies must be able to brave all types of weather man!

  • sam

    What’s “pussy” about being anti-war?
    The latest estimates are that 4000 American soldiers have died in the Iraq war. So, i’m a pussy for saying it’s a senseless waste of life? Especially considering the governments of both the UK and USA lied to the citizens in order to justify the war.
    However, if I said, “fuck yeah, war is great, 4000 mothers don’t have a son anymore!” that would make me a tough guy?
    For me, being pussy would be, for example, refusing to fight if you had signed up to fight. Just because someone says it’s wrong (which it is) it has no bearing on themselves.

  • michelle

    moon-i will need to add the bft workout to my new set of goals. with the “men’s” tire.
    roadtrip? mudslide?

  • Jeff

    My answer for everything is war. That’s how everybody knows I’m totally not a pussy.

  • Ewen

    Jeff, don’t forget kipping pull-ups. A war without kipping pull-ups is like a day without sunshine.

  • Brett_nyc

    3 rounds of
    500m row
    10 each side, 24kg overhead lunge
    10 each side, 24kg push press
    20 Supermans
    20 DU
    balance was better on the lunges with right hand.

  • 18:38.
    First round with 20kg ‘bell, next two with 16kg, though didn’t realize as much until half-way through the third round. Wish I had stuck with the 20.
    Also, time to start practicing double-unders, as my arms look like I’ve been spending time at S&M clubs.

  • george

    like i said earlier; much of the “whoahh”/elitist attitude that infects the main site may be intimidating to an outsider:
    “Regarding the recent Crossfit-bashing articles and responses, Gen. Tommy Franks said this around the time of the Iraq invasion:
    “When you men get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she’s dating a pussy.”
    I think we can apply the same general principal to fat-boy newspaper reporters.”
    “do you” and stop worrying about everybody else and their girlfriend. what do you have to prove & who do you have to prove it to? Crossfit is about personal gain. Gain that can transcend the physical if you use this community/support group to its fullest potential. Negative thoughts, childish judgments, and an elitist attitude will lead you to a physical and emotional glass ceiling; quickly.

  • george

    or…crossfit is just a workout – so who f-ing cares. work out, get on with your day & get on with your life.