Muscle This

Monday 080324
30 Muscle-ups for time
Post time to comments.
If you cannot do the muscle-ups do 120 pull-ups and 120 dips.
Compare to 080103.

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What is Mr. Durden thinking/saying to himself in this moment of post-Fight Gone Bad pain and agony?
Fight Gone Bad at the Black Box, 080319


  • k

    “Last time I was in this position I was in a warm, happy place, and floating…The way that I feel right now, if I go back into th foetal position..Maybe…I can get back there”

  • michelle

    “well on the bright side at least i didnt wear khakis for THIS photo op”

  • Fat Boy

    Mr. Durden is thinking, “Mama, mama, mama.” As tears are rolling down his cheeks!

  • dan def

    “Dude…. I haven’t felt like this since the Box Christmas party…”

  • Uurguha… PR! Yes… Aaurguha…

  • dan def
  • WOD 6:05
    Then to finish up did
    burpees 20x
    front squats @135 lb 15x
    swings 24kg 10x
    bear complex 95 lb 5x
    (bear comples conisted of clean, thruster, behind the back lunges, snatch balence, repeat)
    3 rounds time 18:05 of 18:35 can’t remember
    good workout try it, post times!

  • Moon

    Avoid Bad Form
    What good are all those swinging and swaying motions during your barbell curls if you‚Äôre not intending to audition for “So You Think You Can Dance?” ***Using hip thrust momentum to get that weight up does not impress the judges. Those out-of-control, spastic gyrations only invite injury.***
    Dang…just when I thought I had this lifting thing down…

  • WOD 6:05
    Then finished up with
    burpees 20x
    front squat 135 lb 15x
    swings 24 kg 10x
    bear complex 95 lb 5x
    (bear complex was;Clean, thruster, behind trhe back lunges, repeat)
    3 rounds 18;05 or 1835 can’t remember
    good wrokout try it!
    greg you missed out.

  • Jack Bauer

    No Titus I did not miss out- I just remembered I need to use my arms to brush my teeth this week!

  • marisela

    i did subs:
    60 ring dips
    60 pull ups w/ light band
    glad to be back after deciding that i was tired of getting fat. Hibernation blues are a bitch!

  • michelle

    marisela-that was fun (?) having u swinging right behind me. at one point keith asked-why are u facing her ?I assure u it is much better to get kicked in the back than in the face.
    for me i like to know when its coming-
    subbed 60 jumping ring dips
    60 kipping pullups
    titus- are u even human?

  • Hari

    080324 16:27 As RX’d
    080103 32:51 As RX’d
    071122 31:30 24 Rounds (5 pull-ups, 5 dips) 40 Second Intervals
    070923 79:55 3 MU’s (30 min) + 54 Jumping MU’s (49:55, bottom or the rings head level)
    070701 34:08 Sub 2:1 Jumping Muscle Ups (bottom of the rings head level.)
    070604 31:30 Sub 2:1 Jumping Muscle Ups (bottom of the rings head level.)
    070426 35:30 Sub 1:1 Jumping Muscle Ups (bottom of the rings head level.)
    070205 50:00 Sub Muscle-up Practice with Keith

  • juan g.

    60 jmu

  • chris gaskin

    120 pullups
    120 ring dips(last 20 negatives)
    31 something

  • Kurt

    Great work, Hari, that is quite an improvement!
    I did the 60 muscle ups with legs on the box. Probably finished around 25 mins, but wasn’t really paying attention. I focused everything on learning the movement and definitely learned a heck of a lot. Also learned that my wrists are not hard enough for that many MU’s, even the sub’d version I was doing.
    Thanks for the advice Greg.
    Lastly, big congrats to Rob, punching out not only his first Muscle up, but then busting out three more just to show that he wasn’t kidding around. Way to go man!

  • Hari, that is so freaking awesome!!!

  • Justin

    Another big Congrats to Rob for the first MU (and 2nd and 3rd, etc)!!! Great work.
    Did the 60 MU on the box in 18:28 I think… Began the C&J ME WOD from yesterday before and worked up to 175 lbs. before doing the MUs. Tried to go back and finish afterwards but had nothing left. Come to find out even when subbing, its pretty tiresome.

  • Robzilla

    First MU! Woot woot
    “How’d I get the beans above the frank?”

  • Joseph_B

    Done at home :
    10 Mini Prison Burpee routine for warm-up (so 55)
    Then 30 MU’s as Rxed on the rings time 18 minutes on the dot. Finished with some L-sit attempts on the rings and Skin the cats to stretch out the shoulders. This is one of the very few WOD’s I can do as Rxed and I’m damn proud of it.

  • Paul S

    Excellent work Hari — great progress!

  • Robzilla – Congratulations!! That is awesome.
    Hari – This means sub ten next time, right??
    Turned my right hand into hamburger helper, but really excited about doing all kipping pull ups.
    60 kipping pull ups
    60 jumping ring dips

  • Erica

    30 one arm band muscle up pulldowns

  • Joseph_B

    Nicely done on getting your first Muscle-UP Robzilla.

  • michelle

    congrats rob!
    awesome time avery!
    Hari-that is really inspiring

  • Rob, Hari, Avery, everyone – good job.
    As for me, I had to scale this workout to my level of skill and focus.
    Fail, for time.
    As Rx’d, 26:00.

  • Brett_nyc

    did 1RM Clean and Jerks
    135,155,175,195,205,215,225lbs. rushed and failed at 235lbs, next time. Did split jerks for the first time ever.
    The 30 MU wod was a disaster after that. 5 mu then 25 jumping in 12 min something.

  • Jack Bauer

    8:40 JMUs. All those pushups paid off.
    Kurt-no problem. I progressed at CF by doing the same thing I did for you. Plenty of PRs to go around.
    Congrats to Robzilla on getting his first of many muscle-ups! And nice work Hari!

  • Hari

    Congratulations, Robzilla!

  • Moon

    26:50, doing the strictest 60 jumping MU’s I think I’ve done so far.
    Hari – fantastic work! You’re going to have to write a book about your techniques for WODs one day.
    Robzilla – Congratz!