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Sunday 080323
Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
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C2 Crash B Competition featuring Ewen and Rob of CFNYC and EC of CF Boston – [wmv] [mov]
Why weightlifting shoes? (via Hyperfit USA)
It’s official: men like meat (via CFSBK)
Flexible vs. rigid dieting
Dan R., who is one of the members of the Tuesday/Thursdays Elements Workshop, was kind enough to take some great shots with his digital SLR at both the Thursday evening and Saturday morning classes. Enjoy:
CrossFitNYC The Black Box
CrossFitNYC The Black Box
CrossFitNYC The Black Box
CrossFitNYC The Black Box
Coach P makes Kayla and Evan from CrossFit Coronado feel welcome at the Box
CrossFitNYC The Black Box
See all the photos here.


  • kasia

    It’s reassuring to see a variety of body types and (assumed) fitness levels here. I may get up the courage to join you for a beginner class!

  • Rob, Ewen and EC (Boston) on affiliates page today!

  • xuan mai
  • Would this help you control your waistine? food for thought…

  • Coach P

    Kasia, come on
    down, wecwould love to show you what we are all about.
    Thanks for stopping in Kayla and Evan.

  • Hari

    One of the best classes ever! Thanks, Keith.
    7 x 115

  • Kevin

    Keith, great class today! Definitely need more of those. Thanks!!

  • One hour of much needed PVC clean practice, followed by some weighted C+J. Did a couple at 175 lbs (BW). Still a long way to go form-wise.
    Thanks for all the pointers, Keith.

  • Dan

    Rob et al – Nice work at C.R.A.S.H B! Looks like fun, I’ll add to the Crossfit showings for 2009.
    And Mike, I redid the Tabata push-up routine from Saturday’s beginner class. Stuck with a more modest pace of 10 reps each sequence and maintained it for each of the 8 rounds. In hindsight, 15 reps a round was a bit unreasonable for a first attempt…
    See everyone on Tuesday!

  • michelle

    great class today.
    i want the fairy dust in kevin’s shoes.

  • Kasia, just to reiterate what was said above, yes! please do come down and give us a try! While CrossFitters may be known to do some amazing things, most of us got amazing by doing CrossFit, we weren’t born that way. CF is infinitely scaleable, which means we can create a difficult (but doable) workout for anyone, no matter what their current strength and conditioning levels.
    If you have any more questions, just email me at allison AT crossfitnyc DOT com.

  • Interesting article about American soldiers choosing to be war deserters rather than serve in Iraq:

  • Hari

    The article would have been even more interesting if it explained why conscientious objectors would volunteer choose to serve in the military in the first place.

  • Jack Bauer

    Awesome Class today-got great coaching! Thanks Keith!

  • Moon

    Great class – really got a lot out of it.
    Makes me wonder if with our expanding numbers, if it is now time to bring back the Sunday Oly Lifting classes…:)

  • JUAN G

    it was very informative..

  • Since the Affiliate Blog page is more multi-link friendly, you can check out my post there for some links to more videos, results, etc.
    I really encourage everyone to work on their rowing (or not) and do one of these some day. No pressure but still a fun challenge!