Monday 080317
Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:
2 Muscle-ups
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 2-Pood Kettlebell swings
Post rounds completed to comments.
Compare to 080212.

Watch Eva T. do this WOD at CF HQ. [wmv] [mov]
PLEASE NOTE UPCOMING Keith Wittenstein teaching. This workshop is sold out.
The first-ever Sunday Elements Workshop, taught by Michael Pommerening, will begin on April 6th and will meet from 9:30am-11am. Unlike the twice-weekly Mon/Fri and Tues/Thurs Elements Workshops, this Sunday-only Elements will condense the relevant material into just 4 classes. We recommend this Sunday Elements for anyone who has trouble doing weekday evenings. The workshop is capped at 8 people and is already half full, so if you want in, act fast before the workshop sells out.
The next Monday/Friday Elements Workshop with Court Wing (7:30-8:15pm) will run for the month of April. Sign-up is not yet available on MindBody Online, but as soon as it is, we’ll post that info here on the blog.
If you have any questions regarding Elements, email us at info AT crossfitnyc DOT com.


  • michelle

    Quick report from the Cert:
    1. we had a blast.
    2. nicole was not there. nor was annie. so i was a little bummed.
    3. allisonnyc- we met jenni the squat girl from sonz at the cert-i have a nice shot of the two of us squatting-though obviously she is squating better than i am. she basically was squatting for two days straight. sam and moon didn’t notice at all. i had to keep reminding them to pay attention.
    4. greg- we have some a nice shot of coach and us doing a cocktail arm pose for you-
    5. Greg i also picked up your level one certificate. Let me know when I can get that for you. (for real) Your fran time was so fast no one saw u do it.
    6. just a shout out to all our trainers at the box-we all felt like we really were super prepared at the cert and it made out time that much more enjoyable. we had a blast and everyone was very excited to meet more people from the box so they were super friendly to us. Lots of people said they were going to come by-including two guys from Austrailia who should be in on wed at lunchtime.
    7. You will be happy to know that Sam was an “a” student and knew all the zone block answers in the lectures.
    8. We also got to flip tires. awesome.
    9. Anyone panning to visit the Mathews, NC area soon can speak to us about the dining options when you don’t have a car bc we visitied every strip mall by foot and crossed several highways by foot as well in search for quality eats. Our “Dining Crossfit Style while at a cert far far away from home” guide will be out in a few months. There is a cheat day section in there as well. Look for it online on our site.
    Some teaser quotes:
    “I can’t eat in there-its so ghetto”
    “Lool look! there’s a micky d’s not too far from here!”
    Under the special section on vetoed hot spots:
    “Asian buffet” (Michelle) anything with the word “sub” in it (sam), “chick o lick” (Moon)
    “look a krispy kreme and a dunkin donuts flanking a Hooters!”
    We have also included a section on tips on traveling to and from the strip malls in the one hour alloted lunch hour when you have no mode of transportation other than your tired feet:
    bad idea number 31:
    Moon: “we should be able to hitch a ride back from chipolte if we walk there for lunch and just loiter a bit because for sure someone from the cert will be eating there a second day in a row (because it was so great the first day) and will see us and feel sorry for us that we had to walk 20 minutes to eat there and will drive us back to the cert. so lets just troll Chipolte for people who look like they might be at the cert”.
    tip: always have a back up plan. Ours involved saving the cell phone number of the guy who drove us to chipolte’s the day before for lunch and begged hm to come from the cert to pick us up at chipoltes once we saw that not one single person fromthe cert other than the three of us were dumb enough to eat at chipoltes two days in a row.
    oh and did i mention they pay 5$ a square foor thre for their CF facility. funny right?

  • It really does sound like u guys had an awesome time! Go NY 🙂

  • Outstanding report. I can’t believe the three of you had such a hard time hitchhiking in the south. go figure.

  • xuan mai

    Michelle – Can’t wait to see the pictures!
    Speaking of Certs…
    There’s an O-Lifting seminar with Greg Everett in Boston. Anybody interested?

  • I would definitely recommend anyone andeveryone to go Xuan Mai. Greg and Aimee are awesome teachers!!

  • Josh talked about skills training workouts on the rest day, instead of workouts. (i.e. oly lifting, jump roping, others). Is this happening?

  • michelle

    xuan mai-am signed up.

  • Definitely interested in the Oly seminar. Maybe if we get enough people we can get a group rate.

  • sam

    Just like to say a big “you rock” to Moon and Michelle who totally showed everyone at the cert how we do things in New York.
    I think we really made the most of the facilities at Crossfit Charlotte, being the only cert attendees to flip the BFT (big f***ing tire), do slamball with a 50lb ball. Learning the official Charlotte crazy rope climbing technique was a particular favorite moment.
    Big thanks to Moon for kicking me out of bed at 6.30am to walk 3 miles along the highway to get to the cert (no car), only then to spend one and half hours at a special “rope cert”. And no, I dont mean jump ropes. I mean ropes 50ft long, approaching arm thickness and laid along the ground. Let me say this, until you’ve tried performing the “raging rope cascade” or the “rope tsunami” you don’t understand the pain that your arms can be in after only 30 seconds.

  • Justin

    Well on the Perf. Menu site it does say a group discount is available. Leslie and I are definitely interested.

  • Robzilla

    I’m interested. This would be better for me to go to rather than the Crossfit East Coast Challenge. Who’s going to email about a group rate?

  • xuan mai

    Tyler has taken it upon himself to find out about the group rate.

  • I’d be very interested in attending too if we have a group going.

  • The smart move would be to put down a deposit to save your space. These always sell out fast.
    Then everybody that wants to go should send me an email at tyler@crossfitnyc.com. Include whether or not you have paid (paid in full or deposit) in the email so I can tell Greg exactly how many we have confirmed and how many are thinking about coming.
    I’ll keep the master list and try to negotiate a group rate.

  • Regarding the Boston Oly Lifting Cert:
    We get a break at 5 people and another break at 10 people. I have seven people confirmed so far. If we get 3 more then we’ll get a good discount.
    Please put down a deposit and let me know ASAP. I’ll tell them and get us that discount.
    Thanks ya’ll. Boston here we come!

  • marisela

    5 rds
    8pull ups w band
    8 pushups
    4, 2 mats hspu
    16k swings
    my legs a little funky, but better.
    im in for the oly cert. Ill register asap

  • Shane

    Rooooad Trip!
    Just registered for the O-lifting Cert. Looking forward to a field trip with a bunch of you. Especially after hearing the (mis)adventures of the folks at the cert this weekend. Glad you guys enjoyed it and hope my fellow North Carolinians showed you that good ol’ Southern Hospitality. Thanks for the rundown of the weekends events.

  • Justin

    Well, Leslie and I are both signed up and good to go… Not sure how many that makes official but we should be fairly close to the magic number.

  • It looks like we’ve hit 10 people so I think we’ll be getting a nice discount. If you put in a deposit, I’ll get you a code that you can punch in when you pay the balance and get your discount. If you paid in full, I’ll put your name in for a refund of the discounted amount.
    This is going to be a blast!

  • Hari

    I’m in. I’ll sign up tonight.

  • Brett_nyc

    Kieth, how much is the discount? I might consider going?

  • AllisonNYC

    If it a crossfit cert?

  • Keep in mind this not a CrossFit Certification. This is brought to you by Catalyst Athletics, home of The Performance Menu. Greg Everett and Aimee Anaya Are running it. They are awesome! They train with Coach Burgener as well as run their own facility.

  • Brett_nyc

    I’m registered. I’m stoked.

  • Justin

    Wow, NYC vs. Boston Round 2!!! Ding-Ding-Ding!

  • It’s filling up fast!!! I just signed Marisela up as well.

  • xuan mai

    I just registered Edgar! Sorry Michelle – looks like I have a roomie already!

  • michelle

    hari-I am leaving it to u to find me a good hotel. 🙂

  • michelle

    Xuan Mai-I am telling you I way more fun as a roomie!

  • Since we are going as a gaggle of crossfitters we should look into chartering a bus for the weekend and getting a big hotel discount. Anybody that has any experience with this please email me and give me some tips or if someone wants to step up and help book a bus and hotel for 15 or more people, let’s talk.
    Boston here we come!

  • sam

    So I just registered too, this could be amusing 🙂

  • I’m signed up too. The Box is relocating to Boston for the weekend.

  • michelle

    how about chartering a jet?
    actually sam and i would like to walk. or hitchhike.

  • Moon

    Back from the cert. Here’s my summary:
    I could not help but notice that I have been pretty well trained in the principles and motions of CrossFit by our instructors and fellow members. I believe that we were all considered to be at least competent in pretty much all that we did. Personally I was never called out by my instructors for the dreaded “Now what is he doing wrong?” group evaluation.
    Three people sitting next to each other on the same flight will have three different boarding zones. This is why I prefer Paleo.
    CrossFit Charlotte = CrossFit Disneyland. The space was fantastic – they had pretty much every tool/workout device I’ve ever seen and a few I hadn’t seen. And a gorgeous tire that I knew I would have to flip before I left. There was plenty of space to do anything short of a 400m run, although if they cleaned up perimeter and had people run against the walls… Also, not enough can be said about the people. Both instructors and local members were particularly gracious hosts. They seemed to be literally overjoyed to be hosting our group and all were made to feel very welcome.
    Sam won the hearts of the crowd when during some casual downtime at the end of the first day while people were milling around and socializing, he decided to knock out a complete G.I. Jane – and set a PR doing it! Backing it up the next day with his encyclopedic knowledge of Zone dieting cemented his position in the crowd’s eyes. This is good, because with his relative hair length, I was worried people might write him off as some hippie.
    Keep the legs straight when kipping. And push your head through your arms at the bottom.
    The Comfort Inn celebrates the U.S. grain industry by featuring all of their breakfast products every day from 6 am to 10 am.
    John Brookfield – of Battling Ropes (battlingropes.com) – is a pretty neat guy. The acquisition of one of his ~40-50′ ropes should be on the list of things for the gym to get. And yes, there are ways we could use it without compromise even in our small Box.
    None of us will ever look at “Rockslide Brownies” the same way again.
    I have been slacking in the quality of my burpees. Out of the pushup, it’s jump to a lower squat position , effectively landing on your whole foot/heels (not toes) with no hands-on-ground involvement. Then stand up through to the jump. Learning this has not made me like burpees any more than I have in the past.
    “No Cats”
    Coach G broke just a little of the hearts of Sam and I when he ridiculed the Floor Wipers in the 300 workout as being an exercise without any real-world functional translation. I can’t argue with him but I do remain committed to knocking that out one day soon.
    CrossFit Charlotte’s shirts come in two colors: black and GREEN.
    Sam and I woke up at 6:00am on a Sunday after a long day of CrossFit to walk 3 miles to a rope class. There is either something so wrong with that or something so right with that.
    Michelle proved our group had heart by being one of the few women who even attempted to do her pullups as RXed for Fran.
    Our next GHD machine(s) must have a “Man Canyon”. Ladies, I will explain this to you when you are older.
    I ask all to forgive Michelle’s retelling of the Sunday Lunch March story. Her being tired and hungry may have led her to give you all the idea that it was my idea to hold off departing for lunch until everyone had left the cert, leaving just 45 minutes to walk to the nearest place – ~3 km away and then get a ride back. This is not exactly true. While I was hungry, I had food in my pack (I “grabbed my nuts” frequenly during the cert.) but others in our party demanded more. Given the food quality level bar set by the NYC crew, chowing down at the nearby CVS was considered unacceptable. Thus, the idea of securing transportation by finding other CrossFitters also on lunch break was simply my offered solution to the challenging problem of how to get back.
    Some do not consider the panoramic display of an overflowing dumpster and an abandoned trailer as seen from a hotel window to be a “view”.
    Brandon rocks – thanks for all the rides. Shoutout to CrossFit Spokane!
    For those of you who have not done a lot of work outside of the confines of The Box or the rules of a Globo Gym, you might be interested in knowing that the following activities are actually a lot of fun:
    Flipping a big-ass tire.
    Watching people flip a big-ass tire.
    Watching Michelle flip a large-ass tire.
    “Slamball” with a 50lb ball.
    Rope climbing. (I can climb a thick rope fairly easily [Where did THAT come from???] I’m looking at our towel pullups/rope climb sub ratio policy in a whole new and suspicious way…)
    Stopping after doing 7 rounds of 10 medball cleans/10 burpees…for time.
    Dropping the bar after completing each thruster stage of Fran. (This is actually even more fun that you might think)
    CiCi’s pizza is just a wee bit on the ghetto side.
    I had a fantastic time meeting knew people, am glad I got to know the people I went with better. And so I and proudly join the ranks of the Level 1 Certards.

  • JuanG

    this sounds fun, can I tag along sans cert?

  • Brett_nyc

    7 rounds as rx’d.
    Lots of failed MU attempts. Felt weak all around today. ..Hockey at 11:30pm last night probably had something to do with that. The 2 pood bellwas moving pretty nicely though.
    Great summary Moon.

  • Hari

    10 Rounds + 1 MU. HSPU’s 3.2 inches less than full ROM (head to 25 lb + 15 lb plates)

  • Moon
    Great recap. Welcome to the ranks of Level 1 Certard. You make us all proud.

  • michelle

    Thank you Moon for correctly pointing out that the tire i flipped was not a “big” ass tire but was in fact
    a “large” ass tire
    indeed i flipped the “ladies’ tire”
    who knew there were ladies’ tires and men’s tires?
    Moon did fail to mention that the ladies’ tire was sitting outside after a full day of flash flooding so it was nice and muddy and full of water when i got to flip it while the men’s tire instead was indoors and sparkly clean.
    Moon also has a strange talent for bartering. I think he wound up trading 3 crossfitnyc tshirts for about 47 CF charlotte t shirts.
    I would like to add that Moon and Sam’s cocktail arms should be looking extra buff bc both of them were nice enough to carry my big ass bag through the airports.
    Two superstars. Both in the gym and out.
    Next time Moon I will treat you to a meal at the local CVS.

  • 7 rounds + 8 pull ups/8 dips
    Subs: thin green band kipping pull ups, jumping ring dips, 2 ab mat HPSU, 20 kg bell

  • Moon

    “Thank you Moon for correctly pointing out that the tire i flipped was not a ‘big’ ass tire but was in fact a ‘large’ ass tire.”
    Michelle, you will appreciate that distinction when you finally lift the big ass tire.

  • Jack Bauer

    Wow. Sorry I missed it! Glad you represented in typical Black Box fashion! You are guys are definitely a bunch of Certards!
    Michelle-see how fast I am!

  • Kurt

    Nice cert report. Sounds like you had a blast.
    Nate, on the other hand, was not a blast.
    Subbed 8 ring pullups and 8 ring dips for 2 muscle ups. head to 3 abmat on HSPU and 24 Kg kettlebell.
    Dips are a bitch. The HSPU’s were not as hard as expected, but I need to get more aggressive when I am training handstands and worry less about falling. Per Court, my form on swings is pretty bad, but considering I haven’t worked on those at all, I can’t be too unhappy.
    See you all tomorrow.

  • dont you all look awesome, smiling away down in Charlotte!! Sam, Moon and Michelle!! Yeah!

  • michelle

    Moon- thats why you have the BIG ASS cocktail arms!

  • Joseph_B

    Done at home, I have a Pull-up/Dip tower and rings,I have no DB’s or KB’s so I did 25 squats per round as a sub.
    2 MU’s
    4 HSPU’s
    25 squats
    7 rounds at 19:30

  • Nate: 9 rounds + 2 MU
    2 HSPU, 8 KB swings and 2 MU more than last time. Can’t complain, but I will say that HSPU’s are still the weakest link.

  • Michelle and Moon, I saw some awesome pics of you two in here mid burpee!! And I think there was one of you passed out on the floor too Moon!! Not sure I saw you at all Sam 🙂

  • Moon

    Charlotte Cert Pics. They are not mine, but show the place well.

  • sam

    There are pics of me that I found but I posted the links and my post got moderated here and no one made it live yet 🙁

  • What Sam, you dont look as trashed as Moon did? Where you working at your max? 🙂