Work Day

Thursday 080306
Warmup: Burgener Warmup 3x with PVC
Heavy Lifting:
Power Snatch + Overhead Squat + Snatch Balance
3, 3, 3, 3, 3
5 rounds for time:
15 Kettlebell Swings
15 Medball Cleans
Post loads and times to comments.

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The new science of happiness
Interview with a 500-pound deadlifter (who’s also a woman)
Squat with a loved one


  • AllisonNYC

    I like this one Keith. Looks like fun!
    Is this a 3×5 max? And what weights for the cleans swings? Thx

  • I would like to see good form on the Snatch complex so I would like to see something like 75-80% of your max.
    For the swings: 16kg women and 24kg men. For the medball cleans: 10lb women and 20lb men.

  • Jeff

    I reached a PR last night in freestanding handstand. By this time next week, I’m busting through the 2 second barrier
    I also got a PR in Mary rounds. Last time I did Mary, I suspected that I could have finished another round had my hands not torn. Thank you, drawer liners!

  • However, this would be a great opportunity to practice 32kg KB Swings just in case the 2pood trend continues….

  • Justin

    Great, looks like its a 2 pood then…
    And um, that bacon-donut burger proves that there is indeed a God!!!

  • AllisonNYC

    wait a second. are we doing the heavy lifting OR the met con or BOTH?

  • Kurt

    @aNYC- I know which one my money is on.
    Guess it’s time for warmup+lifting+metcon. See you guys at the box.

  • AllisonNYC

    Kurt: mmm I hope so. I wouldn’t be able to decide.

  • Everybody should look at the affiliate blog today and get some ideas for journaling their workouts and their nutrition!

  • Jeff

    Is anybody planning on going to visit the new Montclair place?

  • AllisonNYC

    I want to go Jeff but I don’t drive. If anyone with a car wants to go let me know and I’m in.

  • As an add-on to Tyler’s journaling suggestion, if a handful of you wouldn’t mind signing up for, we’d love to hear your thoughts on whether it might be worth integrating into our site.

  • Dave

    anybody heading to the Level I cert in Ann Arbor (Hyperfit) in April?

  • AllisonNYC

    NEXT CERT: Dry run of the gymnastics cert at the end of the month.
    🙂 Can’t wait. I love CrossFit!

  • Joseph_B

    Here’s an article about a 6’4 210# sprinter that quit his $100,000 a year job,to train to get into the Olympics.
    There’s a pic of this guy using a smith machine for squats, someone needs to tell this guy about Crossfit.

  • I’m going to Ann Arbor for the Running & Endurance Cert. I might go to Cali for the gymnastics cert.

  • AllisonNYC

    Aww Keith we can be Roomies!

  • chris

    I use fitday for nutrition and basic exercise tracking
    I also post results to the main site, and use a google calendar I created to enter in results and notes for each day(then I can view the month and see how consistent I am). I tried the message board on the main site, but I got board with that. I have used LogsItall and I think the intent is good, but it does not have every WOD pre-loaded, and can be frustrating as it basically only sorts by each exercise. The site though has gone through major changes in just a few months, and was created by the guy who created the Concept 2 Rowing rankings site. If your goals are to see how you stack up against other crossfitters and progression through the WOD’s, is a very good option.

  • Margie

    Jeff – congrats on the PRs. Maybe you should use the drawer liners on your feet for handstands.
    I really like Anyone with an account can post nutrition info for recipes, packaged food, info from, whatever and all have access to that database. So it has a much broader, more contemporary and ever growing database of foods. The design is a bit more user friendly than fitday, which I used to use. You can enter text into a journal and track exercise from a dropdown.

  • Margie

    re: drawer lined feet – missed “freestanding” she sheepishly admits.

  • Jeff

    Drawer liners are so useful for working out that I don’t even know why people use them to line their drawers in the first place.
    For weeks I’d been wearing them on the insides of my underpants and, well, let’s just say it leaves much to be desired.

  • marisela

    another upper body modified wod for me today.
    angie style
    50 pull ups
    50 presses 45lb
    50 ghd sit ups
    50 ghd back extensions
    all my muscles were hurting after this. i told tyler i was going to beat him as soon as i could stand.

  • Couldn’t make it into the Box today so I decided to do some sprints. 0.4 miles to go around the block, which I did 4 times with a 1 minute rest between sprints. It took me 3 minutes (give or take 5 seconds) each of the 4 times and that works out to a 7 1/2 minute-per-mile pace. I was very happy with that pace (which I calculated after finishing the running). It certainly felt fast. And a girl asked me if I was ok afterward because of the way I was huffing and puffing in the street.
    I ran the sprints in my Timberland boots because I didn’t have sneakers handy. Felt like an honorary Boot Camp Boy. 🙂

  • Whoever wrote my weights for the night was wrong on the lift and met con. Uncool.
    Snatch complex:
    45, 55, 65 got one rep then failed
    Met Con:
    16kg KB
    14# Med Ball
    My back tightened up again early in the workout. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I felt it during the swings but the med ball cleans were worse. I think it was having to keep my back tight to stay up.
    I felt good today but I’m back where I was after the 50. I’m crossing my fingers for something without any midline stabilization hahhaha

  • Kevin W

    Snatch complex – got up to 75#
    Met Con: 9:05 32kg bell, 20lb med ball

  • Kevin

    Nice job Kev W!