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“Tosh Does Grace” – video [wmv] [mov]
How to become an athlete without a weakness.
One-Forty Four Over Ninety by Jon Gilson
My love for the medical establishment continues. I went to my annual physical last Wednesday, looking for a clean bill of health and a referral. Instead, I got orders to check my blood pressure five times a day and an uninformed dismissal of my referral request.
I have no doubt that my doctor is a well-intentioned man. He’d have to be, considering the way he dresses himself. Picture this: thirty-something, 5’11″, one hundred and fifty pounds, night-vision pale, dressed in a ratty blue oxford, a two-sizes-too-big checkered jacket, and olive slacks hemmed for an impending flood.
Clearly, this is a man more concerned with the practice of medicine than making the cover of GQ, a fact that I found reassuring—for approximately five minutes.
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  • Jeff

    I tried to look up the people on the main site who did over 200 for Lynne yesterday. This is what I saw (I may have missed some):
    bp pu
    30 35
    20 24
    17 21
    12 16
    12 13
    bp: 91, pull up: 109
    total 200
    Total – 201
    BP 21/16/14/11/9 = 71
    PU 34/30/25/24/20 = 133
    Total = 204
    *** 3 minutes rest b/w sets!
    Ben S.
    *** Ring push-ups, feet elevated 24″.
    Push; 27-22-19-15-14 = 97
    Pull; 28-25-21-19-18 = 111
    total 208
    *** Subbed ring dips for BP, kipping overhand pullups
    Total: 89/122=211 PR
    Brent Colson
    *** “Upsidedown Lynne”
    *** max hspu/max pull-ups
    11/21 total 211
    74/144 =218
    Beau “Riddler” Rogers
    BP / PU
    21 30
    18 30
    16 30
    15 28
    14 28
    84 + 144 = 228 (PR)
    Anthony Bainbridge
    Bench: 20-15-16-16-13 (80)
    Chinup: 30-30-30-30-29 (149)
    Total: 229 (33 rep PR)
    BP PU
    23 38
    18 30
    15 30
    15 25
    13 25
    Total=232 41/M/147lb
    =71/192 = 263 total
    273 total reps – bwt-163
    bench – 20,18,16,16,13 – 83
    chins – 48,39,40,34,29 – 190
    Kelly Moore
    115# bench press: 15, 15, 12, 12, 8 = 62
    Kipping pullups: 43, 43, 43, 43, 40 = 212
    274 total
    *** only 3 minutes rest between rounds!
    *** WOD: Subbed push ups for BP (no bench). Did them out of order:
    1) Pull up:29, Push up: 80
    2) Pull up:19, Push up: 64
    3) Pull up:14, Push up: 39
    4) Pull up:10, Push up: 39
    5) Pull up: 9, Push up: 26
    Total: 299
    BP – 35/20/15/12/10 = 92
    PU – 67/51/42/36/34 = 230
    total – 322
    Also notable:
    Rajun Cajun did
    225 BP: 17, 12, 9, 8, 8 (54 total)
    @ bw 185
    Bwt: 134
    Bench was 171 and Pull ups with a 33lb plate
    total 36 + 61 = 97

  • michelle

    you missed mine-but i posted under my pen name so as not to humiliate everyone at the box. am thoughtful that way. :)

  • Moon

    Michelle – He got yours. “Doodlebug” is the 5th one down.

  • Dan L

    35 BP…67 Pulls…
    Those numbers are unbelievable by AFT.

  • http://www.crossfitnyc.com Tyler Durden

    Maybe my problem is I get bored after 20 reps. 67? Wow!

  • Hari

    Here’s a profile the guy doing Grace in the video.
    (Hat tip to Main Site Comment #38 – Posted by: sean (crossfittulsa))

  • Coach P

    Cap’n Josh’s: Back On Board
    250 m row, Jump rope: time keeper
    KB Swings (1.5/1)
    Jumping Pull-up
    HSPU/45# Press
    Deadlift 135/95
    Weight Burpees 45/25 plate
    Time is kept by the rower-when the team rowing is done everyone rotates (jumprope does not factor in). Teams of two; each station, one person does one of the two levels of difficulty, and the other person does the other (except jumping pull-ups). Ex: One person does HSPU-the other presses, one does 95# deadlifts-the other 135#. Switch weights each round if that is the best tactic.
    Moon and I got 451 total reps.

  • Jeff

    I just spent ~$70 at TJMaxx in their women’s fitness section.
    $30 stowable incline/decline bench
    $10 each for a pair of those pink inflatable balance discs
    $8 pair of those squishy weighted balls (2# each)
    $8 weighted speed rope

  • Brett_nyc

    Jeff, you forgot the 10lbs sledge hammer from Home Depot to smash all that crap with.

  • Jeff

    That’s a pretty cool suggestion. Sledge hammer swings while standing on the balance discs would be fun. I’ve got to go to home depot to buy some furniture casters to place under those weighted balls anyway.

  • michelle

    Josh-Gideon wanted to know “why didn’t Josh do the workout?”
    I said if you make it up you don’t have to do it.

  • Gabe

    Greetings from the training areas of Quantico, Virginia. Its been a tough week, but nothing crazy to report. I’m doing well, holding up physically, and mentally doing fine. We had our intermediate physical fitness test today, and I smoked the run portion, lost one pullup (we’re not doing enough and I’m pretty broken down) only getting 18 deadhangs and aced the crunches. My runtime for a 3 mile course went down from 21:20 to 19:09!!!!!! I never thought I’d ever run that fast in my life.
    Its a lot of fun at times down here, and things are getting a little more relaxed, but I am really looking forward to getting back to NY and trying to beat Brendan’s 3:50 Fran time.
    Hope everyone’s doing well,

  • Hari

    Amazing! If I do the math right, that’s 283 out of a possible 300, right? 19:09 (6:23 per mile) is an insane pace. Good for you!

  • http://www.facebook.com Carlos

    That’s real moto.

  • marisela

    i think you missed the point of the sledge hammer.
    what is your email?

  • Gabe

    You do the math correctly Hari. I was actually trucking at a sub 6 min/mile pace but ran out of steam and took over a minute to complete the last 300m. I was rounding the turn and saw that the clock said 17:50 and I almost threw up. I’ve never run so fast in my entire life, and even though I lost a pullup, I’m down almost 15lbs (regrettably some muscle too) and am certainly more functional as a runner than ever before.
    This week I will be conducting some CrossFit workouts in the squadbay because our PT is just not enough to maintain our strength (I’m thinking that Fran and a modified version of Nate would be a good fit). Enough of my fellow candidates have expressed an interest in it, and one of our instructors actually consulted me for advice on getting a handstand pushup!

  • http://department.xavierhs.org/athletics/xaviertrack/schedule5.htm Brian D.

    Uhhhh…. I think “Helen” just took a shitload of ‘roids.

  • Gabe

    also, shoot me a text message so I have your #. Get mine from Brendan. I’m going to bed now, but I should have my phone on me tomorrow during the day.

  • Jeff