Max Out

Friday 080222
Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press
Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.
Compare to 080117.


Left-handers ‘better in fights’
Salty snacks mean more soda for kids
Make sure you have eggs in your low-carb diet!
Why people hate ‘fitness’


  • Hari

    Friday March 14
    (3 Weeks from today)
    Friday Rest Night Black Box Dinner
    Suggest Locations

  • Jeff

    some of what happened tonight:
    Brendan: best time of the Box (?) @ 9 min and change
    Margie: over the bar w/o assistance (I know it was already mentioned, but it doesn’t hurt to bring it up again)
    Erica: a little broken, but not beaten, was very inspiring during her one-armed WOD
    Much thanks to ‘Rio’ Brian D for introducing me to flags. It’s always a fun time when you’re at the box.

  • Dan L

    Lynn (180# BP/Dead Hang Pull)
    11/11; 7/11; 7/11; 6/13; 3/7
    Combo of my old favorite and new favorite workouts.
    11:15 on yesterday’s run WOD.
    Can anyone recommend any informative blogs? The links from Mark’s Daily Apple, etc… are good, just wanted to know what else is out there. Even if it’s not fitness related, feel free to share.

  • Dan L.
    I’m a little insulted. Allison and I have been posting links to dozens of (what we feel are informative blogs) for about a year now. Are you telling me that none of those blogs has been worthy of a bookmark or RSS feed?

  • Congrats, Margie! You’re a superstar!

  • Maura

    Hell yeah Margie!!
    Hari, count me in (unless we get a huge snow storm and I have a good excuse to up to VT again) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Dan L

    I’ve read alot of the posts, I’ve just recently discovered the beauty that is RSS feeds. I suppose I’m tardy to the Blogosphere party.
    I’ll go ahead and browse the archives to check out which titles pop up the most.

  • marisela

    congrats margie!
    very glad to say that i will be enjoying the snow (and this workout) from my bed today. Lynne has never been my favroite girl anyway, so not like i’m upset.
    first wod i could’ve actually done since my hip flexor problem.

  • xuan mai

    Margie, congratulations!!

  • Brendan

    i saw it, it’s true, margie did an unassisted pullup.
    looking forward to lynn. these are two exercises i’ve always really dug.

  • Jack Bauer

    Margie-You go guurl!
    FYI-I am left-handed…so Keith, better use your “inside voice” when you speak to me. What did the five fingers say to the face? v=wR2AeirpewE&feature=related

  • Kurt

    I enjoyed the fitness blog post and that ad is actually scary. The women are (of course) beautiful but why do they look like they are about to undergo plastic surgery? The blocking seems to be aimed at both genders with the man’s focus on one woman, but with multiple scantly dressed ladies standing around showing off while they wait their turn or just practice look like pre-op patients. The picture combined with the marketer drivel makes the whole thing absurd.
    On the other hand (bad pun) the lefties article is either incredibly simplified or just bad science. Comparing two societies, one with low homicide rates and few lefties and then one with high homicide rates (compartively) and many more lefties doesn’t prove that lefties are more dangerous in fights. It doesn’t really prove anything since correlation does not equal causation. It implies that there may be a link between being left handed and living in an area with high(er) homicide rates, but even that would need a separate study with better controls. Of course, it is possible that the study is much better and the journalist just doesn’t know how to translate it well.
    Congrats on the pull up, Margie.
    Glad to hear you are back at the Box, Erica.

  • Margie

    Hey thanks y’all!! I really appreciate being able to share that with you.

  • juan g.

    how about bull riding at a steak house on 50th street.

  • Kurt

    I have heard good things about that place, especially from people who get their co-workers drunk enough to ride the bull multiple times. One friend was limping around the next day after too much tequila helped the bull to buck him right off.

  • The running workshop is full. Those of you that were too slow to get in obviously would benefit from some more speed training. Therefore we will have to schedule another one in the future.

  • P$

    BW 165#, used 170#
    bench/pull ups
    13/15 10/10 8/10 6/8 5/6
    Total 91

  • Coach P

    Tough Chick: you are my hero.
    Margie: I knew it! Sandbagger! What else are you holding back on?
    Brendan: you smoked it!
    Did somebody say STEAK!
    My quads said hello to me this morning. Not during the POSE running though! Those of you who gave it a shot last night: not as easy as it looks, right? And more involved than the 5 minutes we spent on it? Good, more workshops to follow if you missed this first one with the Brians.

  • dan def

    I vote no on March 14. I missed the last one and already have another event on March 14. How about Sat March 15?

  • michelle

    thats the weekend of the cert as well-sam, me greg and moon will be gone ๐Ÿ™

  • Jeff

    Btw, according to Gmaps pedometer, the block that the night class ran is only ~400m if you run right along the curb. We ran on the sidewalk. So we cheated.

  • George

    speak for yourself, i was definitely running in the street as i rounded the corner onto 39th…
    plus bobbing and weaving through the scaffolding had to be worth some meters.

  • Moon

    Kurt – I am a heavy weapons fighter in the SCA (translation: “I am far dorkier than you can possibly imagine.”) and the conclusions of that article come as no surprise to me or any other fighter (“geek”). There is nothing intrinsically better about left-handed people. It simply boils down to the rareness of the…condition. Righties are accustomed to facing righties in squared-off fights because that is common. They are not used to facing lefties. On the other hand, lefties are used to squaring off against righties. All other elements being equal, when a right-hander faces a left hander this will give lefties an advantage that over enough time and a broad enough sample, should be measurable and may even affect a population balance.
    Really, the advantage is summed up early in the first line: “Opponents simply do not expect a left-hook.”
    Of course, if you want to really mess with a lefty, put him/her up against another lefty. Statisically that’s the rarest combo and is usually the scenario least practiced by either…

  • Margie

    Jeff – damn! I knew it. well, i think the 2 degree weather and NYC attitude absolves us of our cheating ways.
    Coach P – sandbagger wha?
    I meant to say earlier that Erica pretty much defines badass.

  • Maura

    bummer – i thought it felt a little short…. i was not running in the streets.

  • Kurt

    I hear you on the unexepected angle and I have experienced this in sparring with lefties. Intuitively, I would agree with the idea that it is better to be different from the norm when you guy up against a guy with training, no matter what the context. This could be height, weight, stance, style, whatever, as long as it forces your opponent out of the comfort zone. However, that report on the study sounded like a journalist read the abstract, came up with a hook line and 20 minutes later had his article for the day.
    I did notice from your bio that you do SCA and I have been meaning to ask you about that. I have been interested in trying that out for some time, as well as giving ARMA a shot, but I don’t know anyone in the community. Next time we are both at the box, would you mind giving me a primer as to what is needed to give it an honest try? I briefly tried practicing with friends in college, but I don’t think we practiced proper safety and I ended that with a trip to the hospital and a funny picture.

  • juan g.
  • Re: curb/sidewalk
    Is Jeff making a funny or did I miss something? Why were you rounding a corner to run 400m? Did you guys do the squats outside among the pedestrians as well? That I would pay to see.
    Re: lefties
    Rafael Nadal is an example of a natural righty trained to be a lefty in the hope of gaining an advantage in his sport. I don’t think it makes a difference in golf or lawn bowling, however.

  • Jack Bauer

    Hey to settle this dispute, I’ll fight you Moon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • marisela


  • Moon

    Keith – I believe your Quโˆšยฉbโˆšยฉcois equivalent has been found. Here he is being filmed for what I take as some sort membership drive for his gym. I think he is also promoting their bandanas.

  • S2

    I am definitely in for any evening that will involve bull riding.

  • Moon

    Kurt – would be happy to talk SCA with you. Although I don’t do much with the local scene (logistics), I am a big general fan of the sport. Don’t know much about ARMA but a quick glance shows they do live steel. You’ll probably get a lot more historical technique out of that experience but have some heavy (and necessary) restrictions.

  • Kurt

    Thanks Moon, looking forward to it.

  • Joseph_B

    12:30 class
    Keith had us do Turkish Get-ups to warm up.
    15,14/10,10/7,10/7,11/6.5 (couldn’t get full lockout),7

  • juan g.

    pushups, pullups
    40, 14
    25, 7
    20, 7
    16, 8
    20, 7

  • Brett_nyc

    Subbed ring dips again…
    17-11-7-9-7 = 51
    25-16-21-20-20 = 102
    pr’s for both

  • Brett_nyc

    Subbed ring dips again…
    17-11-7-9-7 = 51
    25-16-21-20-20 = 102
    pr’s for both

  • Hari

    (9,25), (8,23), (6,19), (5,17), (3,14) = (31,98) (PR,PR)

  • xuan mai

    Hari – Good work today! Congratulations on the PRs!

  • Robzilla

    Your BP has come a long way from a few months ago. Nice job!

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